POETIC TRIBUTE : Desolation of National Security


Generations come, generations go, 

yet the fabrics of existence,

to health, safety and security is tied

Nations far, Kingdoms near,

In true value of human existence ,

Invest heavily in the safety of life  and property.

From the North, To the South,

Nigeria Leaders over the years, emerge,

Yet, none, the citizen's life can secure.

A child is born today, A king is made tomorrow,

Potentials in Nigeria are like seashore soil,

Painfully, this talent cannot be preserved.

In droves, Nigerians 'japa', daily,

to a Nation that is secure and working,

Still, this moves doesn't worry our leaders.

Many of our brothers transit to glory untimely,

A journey they werent prepared for,

But Nigeria happened to them including our dearest Franklin Chukwulobe,

Oh God of Creation, guide our leaders right,

To build a nation where peace and justice shall reign,

This is our Prayer, So help us God.

Composed by Tunde Jimoh, 2022 © All rights reserved