VIDMINGO: An Efficient Video Hosting and Livestreaming Platform


Video Hosting and Livestreaming is a rapidly growing industry and it’s one professionals are taking to in order to create an impactful, creative, and interactive show for their audience.

There are two major types of video hosting: paid accounts and free accounts.

Paid accounts typically charge fees in exchange for a subscription to the service. For example, Netflix charges a monthly fee to its subscribers. Some popular paid websites are Google Drive, YouTube, and Dropbox and they allow customers to store files and videos that they upload or download on their computers. This is beneficial because it gives users a space to store files somewhere separate from their personal computer but still in their possession. YouTube allows users to upload videos that can be viewed for free for the first few minutes and then after this time the user must upgrade or “subscribe” to the service in order to view more than a ten minute clip. Google’s Drive offers a similar system; however, instead of waiting for access, subscribers have full access immediately. Dropbox offers its services as both a cloud sharing service and as an online file storage system . YouTube was the first of these websites, being created in 2005 and being purchased by Google in 2006.

Free accounts usually allow the user to create an account which they can use to upload videos or download videos which they can view on their computer. Examples of this are Vimeo and DailyMotion. These websites were created in 2004 and 2006 respectively. All of the websites that offer free accounts also offer paid subscriptions.

Audio and video technology has become more accessible in the last decade with many devices that now allow you to stream live events through your computer. With this new type of entertainment, you can share your voice, add call-ins from the audience or even broadcast your favorite TV show without any major hassle.

There’s the issue of bandwidth and content provision. Audio and video are still bandwidth intensive and can sometimes overwhelm the availability you have with your internet connection. Therefore, streaming live events online can be a challenge for those who want to create an environment that feels interactive.

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Although, in order to overcome these issues, many companies are forming partnerships with organizations who already have a reliable internet connection or servers in order to stream events online. This allows you to distribute live content without having the strain of trying to get a large amount of video streams up at once in a short period of time.

But, that’s only one part of the equation. In order to truly take advantage of the streaming phenomenon and build a successful business that can last, you need to also be able to provide other elements that will allow your viewers to connect and interact with each other while they’re watching. Making your stream interactive is a key way to create a stage where people can get involved and feel like they’re part of something relevant.