When would there be a fair representation of women in governance?

Would 2023 be different?

Of the 469 members both in the upper and lower house of Assembly, only 21 are women

In Nigeria, women are about 106.6M (49.4%) in population as against the men with a population of 109.3m (50.6%) of the total estimated population of 215m

This is a far cry in representation.

This makes Nigeria rank 146 out of 153 in Global Gender Gap Index

This Statistics can change if we deliberately campaign for fair representation of female gender inclusiveness in governance, and just like the #NotTooYoungtoRunBill  was assented to by President Buhari, there is also a need for a bill to encourage more women participation in politics.

We have hitherto cried religious and ethnic bias and marginalization, but we also need to attend to gender equity in governance conscientiously, so that no aspect of our differences suffer, thereby running an inclusive government that engenders peace and unity which is the bedrock of sustaining any meaningful development in a Nation.

Yours' Truly,

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