No one can Fix Nigeria in 8yrs

Over the few weeks, Atiku Abubakar, Bola Ahmed Tinubu and  Peter Obi, more than any 2023 Presidential Aspirant in Nigeria are names that has echoed loudly in the Nigerian 'political airspace'

Each of these individuals are undoubtedly experienced in the matters of politics and governance. Infact, in my opinion, any of them has the potential to lead Nigerians and Nigeria to her promise land, if all things are equal (which has never been)

No leader, wants doom for the country he swore an oath to protect, preserve and lead. So why does leadership becomes a problem especially in our country, you may ask?

The truth is, the electorate needs a shift from their mindset. The rapid Change we usually anticipate from just an administration can never happen in 8yrs. Neither Tinubu, nor Atiku or Peter Obi can transform this nation in 8yrs with the present level of decadence.

The best any of them can do, is to lay a solid foundation and strategy for national growth and development and pray subsequent administrations continue from where they stopped, and on and on like that, so that in the next 24yrs if every president sworn in, follows, hook line and sinker, the template of any of these three trios, Nigeria would undoubtedly stand tall among the emerging economies of the world.

The template and foundations to be laid by any of these trios are enormous, for instance, we need a high regard for the rule of law, equity, fairness and justice, we need a producing nation, power and energy must be prioritized, education must be well funded and accessible, security and safety of lives and property must be held in high esteem, the unity and harmonious living of all  mustn't be jeopardized, standard of living, per capita income, inflation and the value of our currency are all burning issues etc

All these and more are not easy pea to accomplish substantially within 8yrs for any one in power.

Talk is cheap, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. During campaign, interviews and manifestos, you would hear our aspirants making promises, with such oratory that can buy any hardened heart, but ask President Buhari and our past Presidents, you would be shocked at the complexity of governing a decadent nation as ours.

The key here is my timely advice to the electorate, let us not be over expectant. No one would ultimately fix Nigeria at once in 8yrs. No political party has the exclusive power to transform the nation. We are all stakeholders in this project. 

However, let's go out and pick the bravest of all the candidates irrespective of the party, religion and tribal affiliations, who will damn all consequences and set a standard for all of us to follow henceforth and for the coming generation, so that, in few years to come, we can lead Nigeria to the path of greatness again.

Yours' Truly,