Gulder Ultimate Show 2021: How to Participate


Gulder Ultimate Search Reality TV show 2021 is here again and with it comes excitement in the atmosphere as many youth have missed this suspense filled show on their TV screen

In order to participate in the Gulder Ultimate Search Reality TV show 2021, applicants must:

-Be between ages 18 to 30.

-Be free from any heart disease or condition.

-Not be asthmatic.

-Not be physically disabled or challenged.

How to Register for Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS):

To register for the GUS 2021, visit the official website: and follow the instructions.

You will be required to upload a current passport and fill in your home address, date of birth, gender and other personal information for the Gulder Ultimate Search 2021 Registration on the official Gulder Ultimate Search website and wait.

Within 24 hours, a qualification mail will be sent to the email address you provided which would contain the terms and conditions, a referee form and further instructions for the Gulder Ultimate Search.

The referee form is to be filled by parents of the applicants and a well-known member of the society. Applicant should not register more than once as this would lead to automatic disqualification.

The reality show which is expected to be shown 10pm daily, would be aired on DSTV channels and some local stations 

For more information visit:

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