There is an alarming increase of NGO's and Initiatives advocating for series of things in Africa with little or no visible results.

Who can explain the reason why over 50 years of aid, the impacts of poverty eradication strategies by a multitude of organisations and foundations in the African continent and possibly Latin America have not bore any fruits?

How would you explain the challenges in the area of agriculture where low productivity has been an ever-green subject despite the massive investment in research and development? How would you possibly explain the continuingly raising HIV/AIDs prevalence at the face of multibilion agencies receiving aid to help in that area?

Dare to ask a simple question to this foundations and initiatives : what problems have been solved in a particular community ever since the foundation began working? You would be shocked at the response you get

What they do is to give a slight massage to the problem with a deliberate intention not to cure it. They offer antidotes that are ineffective and they know that however much injections they offer, the wound won't be treated.

we are tactical and crafty on bow, we don't  address our problems since we love our problems. If we genuinely solved them all, what next will be there for us to do?
How will the many foundations formed on the basis of receiving aid continue to receive the aid?

The above foregoing is  why most countries in Africa especially, failed to achieve the Millennium Development  Goal (MDG) and based on antecedent, they will also fail to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal(SDG) by 2030, giving a repeat of wrong attitude towards this goals.

What is the hope of Africa? What is the hope of Nigeria?
Africa is bereft of people with right mentality and that is why she is at the background among the committees of continent.

We are generally a people consumed by self and personal gratification as opposed patriotism to our fatherland and the general good of our nation and continent.

The way forward I presume is a massive advocacy for mental shift and right behavior of selflessness because the impact of our selfishness would first be felt by we, ourselves

I am yet to see such Initiatives advocating for ethical behavior and right mentality in Africa. This in my opinion is foundational for other initiatives existing to become meaningfully sustained.

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