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Do you have your Pvc? Are you going to vote?

Barely 40hours before the 2019 Presidential election and many Nigerians are still indecisive of who to vote.

Some ask their friend who they are voting for and thus, use their friends choice as validation for their voting decision.

Are you also caught up in this web also?
Are u still sitting on the fence?

Perhaps you haven't followed this candidates enough to help you ascertain who your ideal president should be and you honestly want to perform your civic duty

Let me help you Dear.

I bring to you four Topical issues that four notable Presidential candidates have commented directly or indirectly about, courtesy of @Civicmonitor

This Topics are: Job Creation, Power/Electricity, Restructuring, NNPC & Refineries.
The Candidates are: Kingsley Moghalu of the YPP, Muhammadu Buhari of the APC, Omoyele Sowore of the AAC and Atiku Abubakar of the PDP

Worthy of mention is a reminder that at present we have more than four Presidential candidates gunning for the highly coveted Aso Rock Seat, but we have limited our discussion to this four, because of how their political activities and campaigns have heated up the polity and the overall response and comments so far made by Nigerians about this candidates.

Peradventure you aren't still satisfied with this four candidates, please by all means do a research on the others and see who is fit to earn your vote.

Attached herewith are the posters showing what this four candidates are saying...


Yours' inspirationally,

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