Money is a Weapon: What Many Christians Do not Know

A devastating trend in the generation of Nigerian youths we breed today is the get rich syndrome

Heinous and obscene crimes are being perpetuated daily,  for just one major reason: Money

Money isn't evil, but the means of getting money by many this days is in itself evil

Money is a weapon..... of war, of healing, deliverance, transformation, and even Salvation etc

Cos of Poverty many dreams have been stalled, many sick people have died,  not because there is a witch behind the sickness, but lack of money. Many sinners would easily change their ways sometimes, if they are economically empowered.

Do you know that the earthly Centre of dominion on earth is the economy? Satan uses economy to keep people from God.
That is why the greatest attack in your life will come through your finances.
Infact, Satan prefers a church walking in signs and wonder than a church walking in abundance.... Cos if you are healed, you are healed for yourself, but if you have resources,  it can be spread to affect others, that is what Satan is against majorly

Therefore, it is expedient that you should  have resources that enables you to speak at the gate. Whoever owns d resources makes the rule. The borrower is always a servant to the lender
Resources and economic power gives you influence and can make you contribute and effect positive change in your community

Do you know that there are certain levels of Revelation you cannot have until you are prosperous?.... Out of everyone in Egypt, it was the king the Lord revealed the famine to come to, not because he was born again,  but because he was the one that has the capacity to create help....
God bypassed Joseph that has a gift(dreaming of dreams) and showed Pharaoh the dream,  not because he is born again, but because he has substance and can effect help

With the foregoing therefore, Seek to be empowered economically albeit through noble means, because it is a weapon and a tool for you to effect positive change.
Money shouldn't be a tool to victimize and oppress your fellow like the way many do.

Finally, if money is used rightly as a weapon for positive change as discussed above, our Nation wouldn't be where it is today. Dare to make a Difference!

God bless Nigeria!

Yours' inspirationally,