After wondering why there was so much religion in Nigeria, yet lacklustre governance, a mentor of mine,  @Subomiplumptre,  eventually quipped, 'Religion is not required for good governance'

The above statement may be startling for an average Nigerian and capable of generating debate,  but you see,  that will only reaffirm how much we as a Nation has held ideologies that has failed us hitherto.

Shockingly, there are many nations of the world that are not religious, yet display enviable governance. These nations probably understand that God has not called us to a mere 'religious' life having no effect, rather he desires of us to serve him in SPIRIT and in TRUTH.

If an European makes a promise to you and tells you,  I give you my word,  be assured of him fulfilling his promis; atleast 80% of them are bound by their words.
But come to Nigeria,  especially in Lagos,  where I write this from, no one trust the next door neighbor, verbal promises are never taken seriously,  but we are more religious than the Europeans. There are more church attendants in Nigeria than any where in the world,  there are more church buildings in Nigeria than most of this developed nations,  yet,  we are bereft of the impact that we gullibly expect from this church presence and religious activities.

To worsen the whole thing, the Church is yet to demonstrate good example of principles of good governance. The African Church leaders have often been told by secular leaders to clean the huge backlog of injustices, corruption, leadership struggles, poor succession plans, tribalism, mismanagement of resources etc, before they dare to speak against the issues in politics and governance.

Finally,  it is expedient to note that the dimension of good governance includes: spiritual, political, economical, environmental, cultural and social. The Church must ensure that the secular institution recognize the spiritual dimension of governance as without it, we labour in vain.

MY PRAYER STILL REMAIN: Oh God of Creation, guide our leaders right, Direct our noble cause.... so we all can build a nation where PEACE and JUSTICE Shall reign

Yours' inspirationally,
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