A lot of Nigerians are getting frustrated by the day. People are unnecessarily throwing tantrums at each other,  no thanks to the dwindling economy we find ourselves in. But to survive,  our destinies lies in our hands,  we'll need to develop and propagate the culture of helping one another however miniature way it may seem. 

For instance,  'let us Stop buying airtime from banks.
Buy from hawkers (those who sell on the road or around your home areas), because our brothers/sisters are becoming jobless.' 
Buy from people not machine,
So they can earn a living. This looks small,  but it can help someone stay in business and stay out of the street perpetuating crimes. 

Some times,  little little acts of kindness would keep your neighbors hope alive thus reducing the number of suicide being committed daily. 

Before the world would end as predicted by the Holy Books,  I doubt if this entity called Nigeria would ever get a Messiah to take us to the promise land. The promise land can only be imagined but not experienced by the citizens of this nation

Therefore,  helping one another would cushion some effects of frustration which many are undoubtedly passing through at this moment. Waiting for our leaders for a better life has recurrently become an exercise in futility 

The future as a whole seem bleak,  but there can be fragments of rays of hope for the select few that will heed my advice succinctly suggested above.  God Bless Nigeria. 

Yours' inspirationally,