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Lagos State Government Recruitment for Neighbourhood Safety Corp Member

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Lagos State Government - The Board of the Neighbourhood Safety Agency hereby invites application from suitably qualified candidates for enlistment into the Neighbourhood Safety Corps as:

Job Title: Neighbourhood Safety Corp Member


Special Requirements:
  • Applicant must be a citizen of Nigeria
  • Applicant must be certified physically and mentally fit by a Medical Practitioner from a Government Health Institution
  • Applicant(s) must not have previous criminal record(s)
  • Applicants must not be less than 1.67meters in height for men or 1.63meters for women
  • Applicants must not be less than 86cm (34 inches) expanded chest measurement for men
  • Applicants must present two (2) verifiable references one of whom must be either a Traditional Ruler from that locality or a Top Government functionary.
General Requirements:
  • Applicants must not be below 18 years or above 40 years of age
  • Applicants must have a minimum of West African School Certificate or its equivalent with credits in at least five subjects including English Language
  • Any candidate who submits more than one application will be automatically disqualified
  • NB: The training may be strenuous, therefore, candidates must have not only passion and commitment for the job but also the physical and mental agility that it requires.
Application Closing Date
3rd February, 2017.

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should send their applications and CV's to: jobs@lagosstate.gov.ng

5 Blind Spot Preventing You From Finding a Career You Love

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If you’re like most people, you began attempting to figure out your ideal career direction by first reflecting on who you are and what you want in life. You considered past experiences, took self-assessments, and tried to imagine what new career would be right for you. This is a natural starting place, since any career path needs to relate to the person who is going to be walking it.
However, using this approach contains an inherent blind spot that will hinder your ability to find career clarity. That blind spot? Neglecting to lean on and utilize supportive people.

Yes, your career should revolve around you, but basing your career choice solely on your personal knowledge and thought processes limits your access to new perspectives and ideas that could just give you the breakthrough “Aha!” that you’ve been wanting. The access point to expanding your horizons is to include other people in your process.
Add these five interpersonal strategies to your wheelhouse, and you’ll move towards a great career fit with more speed and precision than you would on your own.

Interview for information

All the online research in the world can’t tell you what it’s really like to work in an industry. Informational interviews give you a chance to learn from people in the field, as they describe their day to day experiences and give you advice on industry pros and cons and what it takes to succeed. Stories from your interviewee’s work life or those of their colleagues can give you insights into whether an industry is or isn’t for you.

Find hidden gems

One-to-one interviews aren’t the only way that other people can help your career search. A second way people can help is by sharing information on industry resources. While it may seem like Google holds all the answers, there can be resources you don’t even know to search for. Industry-specific job boards, smaller local groups that relate to particular topics, and hidden Facebook groups are all resources that you’ll only discover if you connect with people in the industry and ask them for information.

Build your network

One real downfall of relying on internet research is that you’re only going to see the same information that everyone else sees. To go farther, you need to actually go out and talk to people. Not only can they give you information about resources and industry life, they can introduce you to others who can help you and connect the dots for you. Remember, opportunities always flow through people. The more people you talk to, the more opportunities you’ll find.

Get through the rough spots

Figuring out your career direction can be a challenge, and you can get stuck in parts of the process you didn’t expect and don’t know how to work through. At that point, it’s helpful to reach out to a career coach or a career counselor who specializes in helping people figure out their career direction. Working with this kind of person means that somebody else will be by your side, guiding you through the process, looking over your shoulder, and helping you move forward.

Boost your confidence

Other people can be fabulous resources for information, opportunities and connections, but a less-obvious way they can help your career search is by boosting your confidence. People you connect with will often be encouraging and supportive, giving you momentum into that new career direction you’re thinking about.
As you reach out and connect with people, it’s important to remember that not everyone will be helpful. Be wary of people who have an obvious agenda for your career, or who are perpetually down about everything, including your opportunities. Be careful, but don’t let a few bad apples keep you from enjoying the richness that is available when you get out of your house, away from your computer, and connected with other humans.
The resources are there waiting for you, but you need to be the one to step out and ask for the help you need. When you do that, you will move past the blind spot of isolation and get on your way to figuring out what you want to do with your career.                                                                                                   -(Credit: UnderCover Recruiter)

Graduate Recruitment At Boch Systems Company Limited

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Boch Systems Company Limited (BOCH)  - Our client, a leading Information Availability company in Nigeria, is currently recruiting suitably qualified candidates to fill the position below:

Job Title: Graduate Sales Executive
Slot: 2

Successful candidates must be/have:

  • HND/B.Sc in Information Technology/Information systems/Computer Science.
  • 2-3 years B2B sales experience
  • A good level of technical understanding with enthusiasm for new technology and its commercial uses
  • Self-motivation and a competitive, results-driven attitude
  • Articulate and confident presentation skills and professional telephone manner
How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should forward their CV's to: careers@bochsystems.net with “Graduate Sales Executive” as subject.

Application Deadline  31st January, 2017.

MXS Limited Recruits into 2 Positions for Nigerian Capital Development Fund

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Maurice Xandra Solutions is a management consulting company that renders quality services in Human Resource, Management and Process improvement. MXS Limited was set up to provide high quality, up to date training, team management and process improvement services for its clients.

1. Job Title: Accountant
Organizational Relationships
Directly reports to: Finance Manager
Supervises: none
Job Summary
The Accountant will support Executive Management by providing timely, accurate and up-to-date information about financial and accounting matters.
Specific Duties & Responsibilities

  • Summarize current financial status by collecting information; preparing financial statements including balance sheet, profit and loss statement, cash flow statements and other reports on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis.
  • Prepare asset, liability, and capital account entries by compiling and analyzing account information. Document financial transactions by entering account information.
  • Comply with federal, state, and local financial legal requirements by studying existing and new legislation, enforcing adherence to requirements, and advising management on needed actions.
  • Prepare special financial reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing account information and trends.
  • Maintain customer confidence and protect operations by keeping financial information confidential.
  • Develop, maintain, and analyze budgets, prepare periodic reports that compare budgeted costs to actual costs.
  • Maintain an up-to-date fixed assets register.
  • Substantiate financial transactions by auditing documents.
  • Maintain accounting controls by preparing and recommending policies and procedures.
  • Reconcile financial discrepancies by collecting and analyzing account information.
  • Secure financial information by completing data base backups.
  • Recommend financial actions by analyzing accounting options.
  • Maintain financial security by following internal controls.
  • Prepare payments by verifying documentation and requesting disbursements.
Qualification & Experience

  • Minimum of 4 years’ experience in the Accounting Profession
  • First degree in Accounting
  • Post graduate degree will be an added advantage
  • ACCA, ICAN or any other relevant certification will also be an added advantage
Required Skills

  • Accounting skills
  • Ability to use excel (advanced level)
  • Financial Reporting Skills
  • Risk Analysis skills
  • Ability to use accounting software
  • Financial modelling skills
  • Time management skills
  • Ability to pay attention to details
2. Job Title:  Chief of Staff

Organizational Relationships
Directly reports to: CEO

  • People, Projects and Performance
  • Finance
  • Admin Services
Job Summary
The Chief of Staff (COS) will plan and direct all administrative, financial, and operational activities for the organization and act as a point of contact between top management and employees. COS will oversee projects and direct employees’ tasks.
Specific Duties & Responsibilities

  • Assign responsibilities to employees according to their capabilities
  • Review all work done and ensure the work is taking place in the stipulated time
  • Devise creative ways to increase profits with the management
  • Management reporting
  • Design and lead corporate strategic change initiatives across the organization.
  • Lead the development and implementation of IT, People, Admin and Financial Services strategic and operational plans.
  • Develop and champion a performance measurement framework that promotes accountability and success.
  • Ensure the long-term financial sustainability of the Company through prudent financial management.
  • Keep the Executive Management Team and Board informed of the financial position of the organization.
  • Implement all the rules and ethics of the company
  • Provide high level administrative, strategic planning and operational support, research and advice to senior management on administrative matters such as staff management, financial planning, facility management and information services.
  • Develop and implement policies, rules and regulations for the administrative, Finance & Accounting, IT & HR functions.
  • Develop and manage administrative resources judiciously.
  • Lead the ongoing development of a professional and achievement focused workforce and culture.
Qualification & Experience

  • 8-11 years’ experience, five of which must have been in a management role
  • First degree in Business Administration or a related course
  • Post graduate degree (MBA preferable)
  • ACCA, ICAN or any other relevant certification will be an added advantage
Required Skills

  • Ability to maintain decorum under stressful situations.
  • Ability to mediate and negotiate with others.
  • Understanding of legalities involved with running a company.
  • Extensive experience in providing strategic leadership and influencing and leading change in medium to large organizations.
  • Strong business acumen and financial management skills
  • Project Management
  • Research and program development skills
  • Ability to prepare reports, proposals , policies and procedures
  • Firm strategic, financial & statistical analysis skill
  • Analytical thinking.
  • Excellent time management skills with an ability to multitask
  • Exemplary administrative and managerial skills.
  • Good communication skills (oral and visual presentations).
  • Logical thinking and decision making skills.

How to Apply
Applicants should email CV with job title as subject to hr@mauricexandra.com.

Please note that only qualified candidates will be contacted

Application Deadline: 31st January 2017

THE LADY BOSS | By Funke Egbemode

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She has come a long way. She started small, very small in fact but life has been kind to her. She has found favour with God and man. Today, the young awkward marketing executive is the Chief Operating Officer of a multi-million naira concern. She has men, her father’s age, calling her Madam and women, more beautiful than her, scrambling for her attention and approval. She is a force you can’t ignore in her industry. Though many women wish they were in her shoes but her life is not all the colors of the rainbow that we all see. She is married with children and the last line of her profile reads like that of most women in her shoes: she is happily married with children. Hmm, not totally true. Not totally false. Married with children yes but the happy part? Not always. But come to think of it, which marriage is happy all the time? Some days you are happy, others you just wish you’d married someone else. And there are those days you want to shoot him, even if it’s in the leg or with rubber bullets. Not a biggie. Nobody should go into marriage hoping to be happy every single second. Happily ever after I think is a concoction from Denise Robins’ romance kitchen. Oh, all those romance novels we read and believed! Yours sincerely read so many Mills and Boons I actually believed all the purple prose about tall rich, dark and handsome romantic man myth. If you are a fan of M&B, you’ll remember all the favourite authors now: Carole Mortimer, Anne Mather, Penny Jordan. Are you smiling? I am. The things those writers filled our heads with.
Come back to the present, into the life of the lady boss and the man she married. Welcome to the life of the successful career married woman. And the fine-boy-no-pimples guy she married.

Hear her husband...
‘These days I’m not sure if I’m married or not because my wife is married to her job. I virtually have to book appointments to see her. Sex is no longer spontaneous. It’s like there is a roster somewhere for making love to my own wife o. For instance, Mondays are totally not sex days. Fridays are not either. Saturday mornings, she wants to sleep in so I cannot check out my property. And the week before a board of directors meeting is worse. She falls asleep surrounded by laptop, I-pad, tons of files, her glasses still perched on the bridge of her nose. I can’t even sneak a touchy-feel. We have a full compliments of kitchen staff now complete with chef who spices every dish to high heavens. But nobody makes vegetable soup like my wife. I miss the aroma of her ‘akara’ waking me up on Saturday mornings. 

Now, if two of the reasons you married your wife is the great sex and her cooking prowess, what do you do when she becomes a big girl, with a nine-digit salary, who neither cooks nor satisfies you in bed? Is someone going to blame me if I start getting some on the side?’
Now, why do I get this strong feeling that bros is already doing full-scale extra-curricular activities? You see, when a man threatens to take a second wife, 60% of the time, he has already taken one. He’s just looking for an opportunity to bring her in. So, when the husband of the lady boss  reels out a long list of his reasons why he deserves a girlfriend, hmmn, I can bet my leave allowance that he is already getting thoroughly serviced by one impressionable undergraduate or even his secretary. All the same, let’s consider his complaint sheet without imagining him in a non-missionary position with his secretary. I truly sympathise with men married to career women especially the one who have risen to the top of the ladder. They are rare breeds and even bigger boys than their big-girl-wives. To marry a big babe doesn’t take much, which is why a lot of men marry them in the first place. It is glamorous and men these days consciously seek out the big babes. Check out the wedding invitation cards you currently have and the weddings you had attended in the last six months. You will find the brides are bankers, doctors, even entrepreneurs. Guys suddenly prefer the already made girls, not just the ones who come from old money or who are daughters of politicians. Many times, I must admit, the unemployed girls  don’t get as many proposals as the career girls.

But somehow, after marriage and as the years go by, the husband of the lady boss starts complaining and one wonders why. Could it be that he couldn’t see beyond his happy nose of long ago? I mean, a 29-year-old bride doing well in a bank will eventually grow into a General Manager and that post certainly won’t come with hours or responsibilities. As the perks increase, so will the meetings and official trips and dinners and meeting with clients. Most men just generally assume that if their fine wives have dinner with a rich client, the rich client will have their wives for dinner. And we all know what those kinds of thoughts do to men’s heads. Poor folks. They just aren’t ever prepared for the brighter years and that’s when the complaints start.
Men are not like women in any way, are they? When a woman marries a poor man and he becomes rich, we just slide smoothly, effortlessly into the role of the wife of a big boy. We move from buying second hand dresses to designer ones. We move from cheap costume jewellery to dainty gold and even diamonds. We learn the movements and adapt to new neighbourhoods. We even learn new ways to monitor our men’s movements. But a man is not really wired to tag along. Yet, since sh*t happens and this is a new world, the husband of the lady boss just must adapt. It’s just the way the cookies crumble. And the best way to adapt is to own both the assets and liabilities.

Now, the lady boss needs to do a lot of work to keep her man, her home and her marriage, Yes, she can’t do ‘efo riro’ and ‘akara’ as often as bros wants but she must make out time to cook her husband’s favourite dishes as often as she can. Dear is, just get the kitchen staff to lay out the ingredients. Next step: get into your hottest pants or shorts and make sure bros is around to watch you sweat it out making his vegetable soup. Roll all your assets as you move up and down. Let him gasp. Let him drool but you don’t have to give it all up that night. This is just the cooking phase.
The other department you must man with all your strength is the bedroom. You cannot allow those little girls outdo you in the territory where you have more cognate experience. Deploy those assets and give him the service of his life. If he’s one of those guys who likes to hang out with his friends on Fridays, Thursday night is your execution date. Show him undiluted service. Shake him up. Make him pant. Make him beg. Take him to the seventh heaven and let him ride back on your back, sweating. Even if he does not cancel his date with the boys, you are almost sure he can’t deliver the goods with girls. Right? Give him something to think about all day. Let him doze at his desk. Let him look forward to a next time.
Beg him to make out time to accompany you on official trips once in a while. Take him far from the madding crowd and give him the treat of his life. Swim at night together if you do and …well, I can’t say everything here. Even when you are tired, you know great sex is great exercise and you need to work out, don’t you? See? It’s a win-win situation.
No matter how hard you work at work, you must protect the territorial integrity of your marriage.

-(Credit: Sunnewsonline)

2017 HEINEKEN International Graduate Trainee Recruitment

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Are you a driven, internationally mobile graduate that is ready to be challenged in a high-pace environment at one of the world's most respected organisations? Are you ready to push yourself, both professionally and personally, to reach excellence in locations around the world? If so, HEINEKEN is looking for YOU!
The International Graduate Programme at HEINEKEN is a highly competitive programme with even higher expectations for those that make it through the selection process. Your past experiences have taken you this far but now it is up to you to take advantage of what HEINEKEN offers you to develop yourself into a Senior Manager within the HEINEKEN organisation. This requires you to be flexible, self-sufficient, open to feedback, gracious, and of course, always represent the HEINEKEN organisation appropriately by staying true to the values of HEINEKEN: Enjoyment, Respect, and Passion. We expect all three from our International Graduates and will not settle for less.

If you believe you can deliver on these expectations at HEINEKEN then you will have a world of opportunity at your door. HEINEKEN offers you a truly global experience, we have operating companies in over 70 countries around the world, which makes us the world's most international brewer. You will spend three years getting to know our operating companies by doing three one-year assignments in three different countries within a specific function.

Job Title: Graduate Trainee

Minimum Criteria for eligible applicants and the business areas:
  • * A degree or will graduate by September 2017 - preferably a Masters
    •   - If applying to Finance, your degree needs to be in Finance, Economics, Business or a similar degree
    •   - If applying for Marketing & Sales, your degree must be a MASTERS in business, economics, or commerce
    •   - If applying for Procurement, your degree needs to be in business, financial, commercial, economic, or technical discipline
    •   - If applying for Supply Chain, your degree needs to be in science or engineering
    •   - There is no specific degree requirement for Corporate Relations, GIS (IT), nor Human Resources
  • * No more than 2 years of professional work experience (voluntary and internships do not count)
  • * At least 6 months must be gained working, studying, or volunteering outside your home country
  • * To speak at least two (preferably three) languages in business fluency. One of which must be English
  • * A desire to live and work abroad
  • * To have proven leadership skills
  • * To have an affinity with your chosen specialisation
  • * To have a genuine interest in other countries and cultures
  • * To be able to demonstrate your drive and desire to succeed
  • * To have a drivers’ license (for Marketing & Sales applicants)
How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should Click Here to Apply
Application Deadline: 6th February 2017 

3 Vacancies At Pfizer Nigeria

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Pfizer - Good health is vital to all of us, and finding sustainable solutions to the most pressing health care challenges of our world cannot wait. That's why we at Pfizer are committed to applying science and our global resources to improve health and well-being at every stage of life. We strive to provide access to safe, effective and affordable medicines and related health care services to the people who need them.
Pfizer is recruiting to fill the positions of:

1. Job Title: Medical Representative
Job ID: 1045999
Location: Benin
Full-Time: Regular
Role Purpose:

  • Jobs at this level work with some support from manager/colleagues/field trainers. They are competent at planning and organising so as to meet business plan objectives. Some involvement in project work may be required.
Key Accountabilities
Performance Measures:
  • Promote products to designated customers in order to achieve territory plan objectives.
  • Product Promotion & Sales
  • Effective selling skills.
  • Achievement of territory plan objectives.
  • Call rate
  • Coverage and frequency.
  • Market Share cf National Average
  • Change in Market Share cf National Average.
  • % growth in Market Share cf National Average.
  • Special event’ meetings.
  • Build relationships with target customers to enhance territory knowledge to gain product endorsement to generate sales.
Customer Relations:
  • Customer rapport.
  • Coverage and frequency.
  • Up to date customer records.
  • Development of key opinion leaders.
  • Hospital referral patterns.
  • Distributor information and support
  • Coordination with distributor reps to ensure timely pick up and supplies of orders from customers.
  • Timely response to customer queries on product / medical information and other activities relating to company and own duties.
  • Diagnosis of situation of territory e.g. local politics, PCG’s, local initiatives leading to subsequent design and implementation of territory business plan to achieve business objectives.
Business Planning and Management:
  • Production of workable business plan with objectives.
  • Business plan implemented/updated as necessary.
  • Achievement of objectives outlined in plan.
  • Demonstration that territory knowledge has been acted on.
  • Feedback to Team and Head Office of relevant competitor activity or local issues to ensure appropriate action can be taken.
Market Intelligence:
  • Competitor knowledge/activities and products, campaigns - key issues identified and fed back.
  • Local situations are known e.g. political, formularies, budgets, PCG’s, new developments.
  • Parallel trade and fakes report in line with the agreed standards and time lines to the regulatory department.
  • Adverse event monitoring and reports.
  • Liaise with territory team members to share information, motivate and support team members and therefore contribute to the generation and delivery of the business plan.
  • Team rapport.
  • Achievement of shared business plan objectives.
  • Feedback - team members, trainer, manager (giving & receiving).
  • Effective communication.
  • Sharing of appropriate information.
  • Good territory management e.g. sharing/exchanging meetings and appointments.
  • Taking on territory team responsibility e.g. minutes at meetings.
  • Assistance of new reps to gain quick knowledge of processes and market dynamics as well as reports during the period of field training.
  • Proactively implement/update personal development plan in order to develop self further within current role or prepare for any future roles.
Self Development:
  • Development of skills, knowledge and competency.
  • Receiving and act on feedback from team members, trainer, managers.
  • Commit to improvement in It skills through active sharing and learning from other colleagues and supervisors to enhance timely responses to feedbacks and completion of online quizzes and training as required while minimizing inappropriate usage of company laptop and accessories.
  • Good driving skills and adherence to traffic rules to limit cases of vehicle accidents or incidents and maximize maintenance costs.
  • Ensure territory and administrative systems/processes are maintained and updated to ensure an accurate record of territory is available at all times.
Administrative Systems:
  • Accurate, timely reports.
  • Expenses submitted on time.
  • Weekly monthly itinerary and clinical meeting plans and preapproval forms.
  • Up to date territory records.
  • Computer literacy e.g. Power point, Excel, Word, outlook etc.
  • Maintain any company equipment in representatives care.
Company Equipment/Materials:
  • State of car.
  • Orderly boot stocked with correct items.
  • Security - computer/literature not on display in the car.
  • Equipment maintained in good working order.
  • Condition of returned equipment.
Skills, Knowledge, Qualifications and Experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences; preferably Pharmacy or Medicine.
  • Promoted product knowledge.
  • Knowledge of relevant therapeutic areas.
  • Basic Information Technology [I T] Knowledge.
  • Basic selling skills.
Key Competencies
  • Impact and Influence (3) - Takes actions to persuade.
  • Honesty and Consistency (3) - Takes actions which are consistent with Values and Beliefs.
  • Teamwork and Co-operation (3) - Solicits input from other teams.
  • Planning and Prioritising (3) - Makes monthly/quarterly plans.
  • Initiative (3) - Thinks and acts ahead.
  • Interpersonal sensitivity (2) - Listens to what people say.
  • Flexibility (2) - Changes tasks willingly.
  • Drive for results (2) - Takes action to achieve goals or targets.
2. Job Title: Brand Curriculum Development Manager
Job ID: 1039083
Location: Nigeria
Role Description

New York, NY and Collegeville, PA preferred:

  • Reports to Sr Director Brand Curriculum Development  in the GCO Training Center of Excellence. 
  • The Brand Curriculum Development Manager is accountable for the successful design and development of a high quality and valued global customer facing GCO brand training curriculum in line with current and future business requirements.
  • This position requires extensive instructional design, development and project management skills as well as the ability to work with stakeholders to establish development plans for key training and courses.
  • Prior experience with the design, development and implementation of quality global educational courses, advanced learning program management, technical and communication skills are required.  
  • Ensures development plans utilize diverse and innovative methodologies for delivery and are produced with high quality in support of Inspection Readiness. 
  • Strong ability to manage course development across multiple projects concurrently.
  • Lead and project manage the Analysis, Design, Development, Handover and  Evaluation of Brand curriculum development training programs for prioritized therapeutic areas and brands according to business requirements and design principles for CoE projects, or GCO projects. This includes:
    • Plans and executes assigned projects, associated budgets, timelines and other project specific deliverables within the scope of the initiative/project
    • Monitors, manages and communicates status to multi-disciplinary teams
    • Align closely and works collaboratively with other relevant colleagues within GCO Training CoE and learning agencies to support training initiatives.
    • Usage of Pfizer systems for document management, purchasing, elearning development and production
    • Demonstrate effective project and vendor management capabilities
  • Manage deliverables according to endorsed plans and timelines
  • Synthesize critical business and market drivers, medical practice patterns and regulatory situations in all major markets around the globe
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Global Innovative, Oncology, and Vaccines therapeutic areas and key products; critically assess product differentiators
  • Lead engagements with  external KOLs, external vendors and experts to develop global learning assets
  • Development of novel training methodologies to increase impact and efficiency
  • Capable of driving the overall Training Center of Excellence culture across business units
  • Develop processes, as needed, and monitor activities related to Reg 08 compliance of Training programs; ensure programs and projects are evaluated for effectiveness and customer satisfaction and that feedback is utilized as part of the continuous improvement process.
Functional, Business & Technical Competencies:

  • Project management expertise including initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing projects
  • Expertise in principles and application of instructional design across multiple delivery methodologies for a customer facing audience
  • Expertise in managing the end-to-end process of designing and developing curriculum
  • Advanced understanding of business processes and commercial experience in biopharmaceutical products
  • Consultative Partnering and Commercial Client management – strong communication and influencing skills at a senior management level
  • Ability to learn and master new therapeutic areas and market environments and Knowledge of:
    • Institutional account management and selling in community and institutional settings
    • Varied specialty therapeutic areas including solid organ and hematologic malignancies,  large molecule and small molecule drug products, administration of injectable drug products, and distribution and payment of specialty drug products and devices
  • Vendor Management experience
  • Thorough understanding of Pfizer Compliance Guidelines and Review Committee/Local Medical Approval processes
  • Project management expertise including initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing projects and  ability to use project management tools, presentation tools, elearning development and publishing tools
  • Budget management - financial acumen
  • Excellent organizational abilities and the capacity to manage multiple complex projects simultaneously
  • Outstanding presentation, writing, and communication skills
  • Required computer experiences: LMS (eg Sumtotal) administration and processing,; proficiency in Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, course development products (eg CLARO, Articulate, Lectora, Captivate) and survey tools
  • Experience working globally with organizations/teams/individuals
  • English written and spoken efficiency
Skills and Experience:
  • 7+ years experience in developing instructional materials for customer facing colleagues
  • Bachelor's degree, Masters degree preferred
  • Certification(s) in Instructional Design or Project Management preferred
  • Experience in a customer facing commercial function
  • Experience with elearning authoring tools and  learning technology
  • Experience in evaluating training programs and materials to ensure end-user needs are met
  • Training Design and Delivery experience in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously; has the ability to plan, meet deadlines, and manage competing priorities
  • Global/Regional understanding of the business
  • Cross-functional working  experience and collaboration

3. Job Title: Learning and Communications Manager
Job ID: 1045890
Location:  Nigeria
Full-Time: Regular
Role Descriptions
  • The Marketing Excellence Team (MET) is part of the Global Commercial Operations (GCO) Training team.
  • This team partners with the global Pfizer Marketing Leadership Council and Pan-BU global Marketing leaders to deliver learning and development programs that build marketing skills at the local/regional and global level.
  • This manager will lead global learning projects of varying complexity and scope, proactively lead and resolve maintenance and enhancements to online learning platforms/tools, lead data reporting used to make key team decisions, drive a monthly communications strategy, manage team operations and budget. This manager reports to the Director, Marketing Excellence Team.
Learning & Development:

  • Lead global and U.S. learning projects of varying complexity and scope - including, but not limited to:
  • (1) Commercial Community Onboarding Programs and (2) learning and recognition programs.
  • Responsible for business case, process, project execution, vendor management, budget planning and communication.
Intranet development and maintenance:
  • Lead online Infrastructure enhancement projects  for the Commercial Community Intranet site,  MET Dashboard and Marketing 180 Competency assessment platform
  • Gather and apply technical and user feedback to enhance on-demand learning strategy, make enhancements, & resolve user issues and conflicts
  • Lead off-shore teams, matrix functions in completing updates and enhancements.  Is accountable for the team’s milestones/deliverables
  • Responsible for business case, financial planning, work plan creation, managing and monitoring project completion, mitigating risks, design/develop communications to users
Data Analysis & Metrics Reporting:
  • Develop and lead process to analyze data and prepare reports to inform learning participation metrics by region/month
  • Investigate and propose additional metrics to conduct learning needs analysis, leadership reports
  • Lead Community communications strategy; including message plan, content development and distribution and management of  inquiries (answering questions, comments, concerns and follow-ups)
  • Proactively collaborate with authors and SMEs to ensure messages are relevant to diverse marketing audience
  • Aid in the creation of presentations  and status updates to our Marketing Leadership Council, GCO/SPCO leadership, and Operating Plan.
  • Lead MET budget and forecasting process.  Accountable for the team’s accuracy in spend.
  • Manage operations and contingency plans for live and virtual learning events.
  • Manage the process for all e-learning added to Community portal and track usage via the Pfizer Learning Management System (LMS
  • The successful candidate will have proficiency speaking and writing English.
  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • 3-5 years’ experience leading projects in communications, event planning, operations, human resources, training, or business technology preferred.
  • Enjoys working hard; is action oriented and full of energy for the things he/she sees as challenging; not fearful of acting with a minimum of planning; seizes more opportunities than others.
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a cross-functional and virtual team
  • Thrive in the excitement of a being part of a fast-paced environment and goal-oriented team that serves colleagues around the globe.
  • Independent, self-starter who likes keeping the operations of the community running at full speed and keeping the team informed.
  • Must be adaptable to adjust to changing demands, timelines, and deliverables.
  • Excellent project management, relationship building and consultative skills. Proven ability to work effectively with and influence all levels of the organization with a wide range of diverse constituencies
  • Expertise in SharePoint Administration  (2010/2013), Web site development, Tableau/Dashboard reporting
  • Proficiency in analyzing and reporting data with proven ability to demonstrate data interpretation capabilities
  • Excellent planning, organizational, writing, presentation, and facilitation skills.
  • Experience in managing budgets.
  • Acts with speed and urgency in executing the remit determined by the MET
  • Enjoys working hard; is action oriented and full of energy for the things he/she sees as challenging; not fearful of acting with a minimum of planning; seizes more opportunities than others.
  • Must be adaptable to adjust to changing demands, timelines, and deliverables.
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a cross-functional and virtual team
  • Thrive in the excitement of a being part of a fast-paced environment and goal-oriented team that serves colleagues around the globe.
  • Independent, self-starter who likes keeping the operations of the community running at full speed and keeping the team informed.
Non-Standard Work Schedule, Travel or Environment Requirements
  • Ability to connect with global colleagues occasionally on local time - early morning and late night teleconferences as required by projects.
  • Some travel may be required.
How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply

Note: When the page opens, select your preferred location from the drop down menu and click on Search e.g Select "Africa - Nigeria, then click Search"

Application Deadline  7th February, 2017.

INSPIRATION: Four Enduring Truths

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There are enduring truths about ourselves that we sometimes don’t see or remember. What are they? They are truths that were recognized thousands of years ago, and have stood the test of time. Here are a four of them, and some ideas about how to use this knowledge.

Enduring Truths About Self Interest

We are self interested. When we sacrifice for others, even this is motivated by our own desires. Those desires include good feelings and wanting to see or make the world the way we want it to be. Forget this, and we become bitter trying to “do the right thing.” In order to avoid this bitterness that comes with “duty”, we need to see how being a good person and doing the right thing is just self interest.

We can also point out the self-interest of others when we want to correct their behavior. Tell a man he’s wrong, and it isn’t usually enough to change his behavior. It’s better to show him his true interest – that behaving in a better way is better for HIM. Don’t forget the normal and healthy self-interest in dealing with others AND with yourself.

Enduring Truths About Mistakes

Salvador Dali said, “Have no fear of perfection. You’ll never reach it.” Maybe you see this as negativity, but recognizing the truth is never a negative act. We all make mistakes. The greatest man or woman alive – whoever he or she is – has done some stupid things.

This isn’t an attack on human greatness, but a recognition that it isn’t dependent on doing things perfectly. Perfectionists certainly suffer for their demands upon themselves, while others hesitate to act for fear of mistakes. Accept that making mistakes is normal, and don’t dwell on the the possibility or the reality of those mistakes. As Lao Tzu says, “Do your work, then step back – The only path to serenity.”

Enduring Truths About Learning

Our mistakes give us a chance to learn, and so avoid even bigger mistakes. Of course, we also can learn from our successes, and from the successes of others. Why not view mistakes and successes – both our own and others – as the great opportunities they are. Just seize that chance to learn more and so live better.

Enduring Truths About Change

Probably you have seen people that appear to learn nothing from their mistakes, right? Haven’t you also known and read about those who turned their lives around? A less important truth is that people often don’t change. The far more important truth to remember, and the most important of these enduring truths, is that we CAN change.

Copied with permission from: http://plrplr.com/11573/four-enduring-truths/