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Emmy Rhymes new single - Hungry Boy (Free Download)

It has really been a busy year for Emmy Rhymes. After the success of his last single '' Angels in my head'', his most talked about music concerts and tours, the prolific singer is back with another seaman produced tune called '' Hungry Boy'' you need to check this out!! 

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Building Healthy Environment for Self Esteem

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Healthy self esteem originates in the environment found in the: family, school, peer group, work place, and community. There are certain characteristics of your environment that need to be present in order for self esteem to be fostered and grow.

The main component of a healthy environment for self esteem is that it needs to be nurturing. It should provide unconditional warmth, love, and caring. It needs to provide the realization that other people are recognized as deserving to be nurtured, reinforced, rewarded, and bonded to.

Healthy environment for self esteem transmits messages of warmth, loving, and caring by physical touch, meeting the survival needs of food, clothing and shelter, and providing a sense of stability and order in life.

A healthy environment for self esteem should provide acceptance. It will recognize that other people see each other as worthy individuals who have a unique set of personality characteristics, skills, abilities, and competencies making them special. Acceptance enables people to develop relationships with others, yet maintain healthy boundaries of individuality within themselves.

In the healthy environment for self esteem should be good communication, everyone should be heard and responded to in a healthy way so that healthy problem solving is possible. Appropriate giving and receiving of feedback is encouraged and rewarded. Communicating at a “feelings” level is a mode of operation for these people, allowing them to be in touch with their emotions in a productive manner.

The healthy environment for self esteem must contain recognition and acceptance of people for who they are. That recognition and acceptance should not be based on the condition that they must first conform to a prescribed standard of behavior or conduct. This is unhealthy. Unconditional recognition and acceptance given in the form of support allows individuals to reach their ultimate potential.

The healthy environment for self esteem should be clearly defined and enforced limits known to individuals with no hidden tricks or manipulation. Limits set the structure for the lives of individuals, allowing clear benchmarks of appropriate and inappropriate behavior. Limits enable individuals to recognize their responsibilities and to chart their course of behavior in a rational way.

Respect and latitude for individual action within the defined limits of the healthy environment for self esteem should be present as well. This encourages individuals to use their creativity, ingenuity, and imagination to be productive within the established structure. Restrictions that suppress individuality can lead to a narrow focus, with people becoming stunted and handicapped in the use of their personal skills, abilities, and resources.

Finally, healthy environment for self esteem should be bonding, which is the physical/emotional phenomenon between individuals and the others in their environment. This is necessary for the development of healthy self esteem. Bonding is forming a mutual emotional attachment between an individual and a “significant other” (parent, child, friend, lover, etc.). This involves the significant other giving unconditional love and support as well as developing an emotional link between each other.

How to Match Your Skills With Job Vacancies

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Skills refer to the things you do well. The key to finding the most appropriate jobs in the industry is recognizing your own skills and communicating the significance written and verbally to a probable employer.

Majority of the most viable skills are those that are used in a variety of work settings. What are these skills? Would matching your skills to find the right job be successful?

* Determine your skills. This would help you in becoming the lead candidate of landing the job. A skill does not necessarily mean it was adapted in a work environment. If this would be your first job hunt and you have no job experience to date, you still have a chance in the industry.

Majority of skills, including knowledge-based and transferable, could be absorbed and developed as a volunteer, a student, a homemaker, or in your other personal activities. The skills you have used for these activities can still be applied to your desired jobs.

Organizing and listing your personal skills could help you easily fill out job applications, provide useful information for job interviews, and prepare quality resumes.

First, you should categorize the skills by separating your interests and aptitudes from your work experience.

1) Aptitudes and interest. These include all of your hobbies, activities you have been involved in the past, and all the things that interest you. By listing all of these down, you could examine the skills it takes to achieve each item.

Skills from aptitude and interest may be homemaking, playing basketball, fixing cars and many more. All of these items could determine if you are capable of working with a team, able to handle multiple tasks, have viable knowledge of human development, knowledge of electronics and ability to diagnose mechanical and numerical problems. The list goes on, but make sure to consider the skills that would be beneficial for a working environment.

2) Work history. This includes volunteer, part-time, freelance, summer and full time jobs. Once you have listed all your past employment, examine the skills you do work each work duty.

* Ask for help. As soon as you have your list ready, you could now go to job services that could help you acquire your desired job. You could also search job yourself. However, always remember to match your skills and abilities in your list to the needed skills and abilities of various jobs.

In most cases, people who seek jobs are threatened with job titles. This should not be the case. As long as your skills and abilities could meet the requirements of the workload and job title, your possibility of acquiring your desired job increases.

7 Fresh Vacancies At International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)

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IITA is an international non-profit agricultural research-for-development (R4D) organization established in 1967, governed by a Board of Trustees, and a member of the CGIAR Consortium. Our R4D approach is anchored on the development needs of the tropics. We work with partners to enhance crop quality and productivity, reduce producer and consumer risks, and generate wealth from agriculture. We have more than 100 internationally recruited scientists from about 35 countries and 900 nationally recruited staff based in various stations across Africa.

Applications are invited for the following positions below:

1.) Administrative Support Officer

Deadline: 9th November, 2016.

Click Here To View Details

Institutional Data Manager 

Deadline: 9th November, 2016.

Click Here To View Details

3.) Project Account Officer

Deadline: 2nd November, 2016.

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4.) Research Support Officer

Deadline: 2nd November, 2016.

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5.) Technical Field Supervisor

Deadline: 12th November, 2016.

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6.) Project Assistant I

Deadline: 12th November, 2016.

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7.) Project Assistant II

Deadline: 12th November, 2016.

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Graduate Recruitment At Thomson Reuters

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Thomson Reuters provides professionals with the intelligence, technology and human expertise they need to find trusted answers.
We enable professionals in the financial and risk, legal, tax and accounting, and media markets to make the decisions that matter most, all powered by the world's most trusted news organization.

Thomson Reuters shares are listed on the Toronto and New York Stock Exchanges (symbol: TRI).

Job Title: Contributions Graduate
Job Description:
Within the West Africa OTC Market Content team, the job holder will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Assist with all the admin tasks inherent to the on-boarding of new content (Create contribution codes, pages, spreadsheets and user permissioning)
  • Contribution retention (monitor existing contributions and proactively call the contributors to ensure regular contributions)
  • Align with the central Contribution Admin team and local Technical Account Manager team in order to be a point of reference in the troubleshooting of any contribution issues at client sites.
  • Manage contributed data quality/consistency and support Data Service Request and queries resolving
  • Perform manual updating of behalf of clients when necessary 

At Thomson Reuters, we believe what we do matters. We are passionate about our work, inspired by the impact it has on our business and our customers. As a team, we believe in winning as one – collaborating to reach shared goals, and developing through challenging and meaningful experiences. With over 50,000 employees in more than 100 countries, we work flexibly across boundaries and realize innovations that help shape industries around the world. Bring your ambition to make a difference. We’ll bring a world of opportunities.

As a global business we rely on diversity of culture and thought to deliver on our goals. To ensure we can do that, we seek talented, qualified employees in our operations around the world regardless of race, color, sex/gender, including pregnancy, gender identity and expression, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, age, marital status, citizen status, veteran status, or any other protected classification under country or local law. Thomson Reuters is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer providing a drug-free workplace.

Intrigued by a challenge as large and fascinating as the world itself? Come join us. 

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should Click Here to Apply 

What Your Profile Pictures Tell Your Recruiters

You may think that uploading silly photographs of yourself to your social media accounts is just a bit of fun and games, but with 90% of employers nowrecruiting through social media, you may be at risk of damaging your chances of being hired.
First impressions are crucial when it comes to hiring decisions and while your skills and experience are important factors, it’s often your photograph that the recruiter will notice first and on which initial judgements will be made.
This infographic by AvidCareerist outlines how to get a winning profile picture that will give off the best possible impression of you and which kinds of photos are best to avoid.


  • Employers spend an average of 6 seconds looking at a LinkedIn profile and 19% of that time is spent looking at the user’s profile picture. Research suggests that it only takes 1/10 of a second for someone to form an impression about you. So make sure it’s a good one!
  • To create a winning profile picture, select a photograph where you do not have anything obstructing your eyes, as research has found that factors such as the individual wearing sunglasses, having hair in the way, or glare/shadow covering part of their face can lower likability, perceived competence and influence.
  • Smiling with your teeth showing will also boost your chances and will give you twice the effect of smiling with your mouth closed.
  • Be sure to present yourself smartly and formally in your photograph, as people will perceive you to be 43% more competent and 58% more influential if you do so. You might also want to consider using a professional photographer, as they will know how to achieve the best angle, lighting, etc

3 Vacancies At Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations(FAO-UN)

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO-UN) - An intergovernmental organization, FAO has 194 Member Nations, two associate members and one member organization, the European Union.
Its employees come from various cultural backgrounds and are experts in the multiple fields of activity FAO engages in. FAO’s staff capacity allows it to support improved governance inter alia, generate, develop and adapt existing tools and guidelines and provide targeted governance support as a resource to country and regional level FAO offices. Headquartered in Rome, Italy, FAO is present in over 130 countries. 
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO-UN) is recruiting to fill the vacant job positions below:

1. Job Title: National Operations Assistant
 Maiduguri, Borno with frequent travel in North East Nigeria
Expected Start Date: 14th November, 2016
Duration: 3 months with possible extension
Under the overall supervision of the FAO Representative, th€ direct supervision of the International Operations Officer, In close collaboration with the Assistant FAOR (Admin) and Emergency Response Manager, other national and international consultants in the project team, the incumbent will perform following duties and responsibilities:
Finance and Budget Monitoring: 

  • Maintenance and reporting of shadow budgetto the supervisor;
  • Monitor the project budget utilization and level of expenditure;
  • Operate and report on the petty cash expenses to support day-today operation activities;
  • Review/check the relevant documents of all training, workshop & meeting related adjustments voucher;
  • Process payment status against FAOs commitments, .e. Letter of Agreement (L0A), Contracts (MOO) etc.;
  • Examine and process a variety of payment/reimbursement/ disbursement vouchers for various vendor payments;
  • Prepared various payment requests by DV (Disbursement voucher) and ensure accuracy of coding in line with FAO regulation/chart of accounts with clear supporting documentation;
Logistic and Administrative Support: 
  • Provide day to day logistic support as requested to ensure smooth operation of the project work;
  • Supervise the duties of drivers, and messengers/cleaners and assist In the preparation and organization of logistics and transportation for the visiting missions, meetings, training courses, workshops etc;
  • Arrange for timely repairs/servicing of office vehicles and office generators in the sub-office
  • Check and record daily log and fuel consumption for project and rented vehicles and generator used for the sub-office;
  • Provide support to arrange local official travel of all project staff, and other relevant parties, which include transportation arrangement, hotel reservations, Travel Authorization, security clearances and other documents;
  • Provide logistic and administrative support to conferences, workshops, etc.;
  • Maintain up-to-date and accurate administrative records of all the emergency projects of NE Nigeria and use these records as the basis for preparing quarterly and annual reports for submission to FAO;
  • Maintenance of the filing system ensuring safekeeping of all the project related documents;
  • Management of Assets, Furniture, and Other Office Stationary
  • Maintain Inventory records of the FAO NE Sub-office and share in a periodic manner (i.e. quarterly or six monthly) with the country office
  • Ensure that all the equipment procured under the projects are recorded in Inventory List of FAO system;
  • Act as Custodian for management of office stationery supplies including maintenance of stock list of stationer distribution of stationery as required by staff and keeping a log of distribution;
  • Assist in preparing procurement plan on a quarterly basis;
  • Obtain quotations for purchases
  • Maintain an effective data base on procurement components and liaise with the suppliers and contractors to ensure timely delivery of goods and services;
  • Monitor and ensure payments against purchase orders and contracts upon satisfactory delivery of goods and services and provide purchase information to allow the recording of financial commitments and expenditures In the component budget;
  • Others:
  • Act as deputy/assistant security local for FAO NE sub-office and support the supervisor on any security related issues concerning NE Nigeria;
  • Undertake any other tasks assigned by the Supervisor within the assigned area of responsibility.
Key Performance Indicator: 
  • Expected Outputs;
  • Meeting deadlines;
  • Conversant with the manuals in the field of general administration and logistic principles and procedures and practices is essential.
  • Ability to work under pressure and to multi-task and to maintain good working relationships with people of different nationalities and from different cultural backgrounds.
Qualifications - Essential 
  • Applications are normally not considered from candidates who do not possess all of the Essential Qualifications
  • University Degree in Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, or a relevant field preferred.
  • Minimum 1 to 2 years of practical experience in general project/office operational activities, and progressively responsible experience in operations works.
  • Previous work experience with UN agencies would be an asset Good computer skills and proficiency in English language is required.

2. Job Title: National Consultant Agronomist - Horticulture for North East Nigeria
 Maiduguri, Borno with frequent travel in North East Nigeria
Expected Start Date: 14th November, 2016
Duration: 3 months with possible extension

  • Massive population displacements and insecurity in the Lake Chad basin are putting livelihoods and food security at high risk.
  • In northeast Nigeria alone, the impact of the conflict on agriculture is estimated at USD 3.7 billIon due to livestock losses and reduced agricultural production, destruction of irrigation and farming facilities, and collapse of extension services induding veterinary health facilities.
  • As of June 2016, 4,6 million people are severely food insecure in the Lake Chad basin, of which 65 percent are located in Northeast Nigeria, especially in the Borno and Yobe States.
  • As a result, FAO is increasing its field presence by setting up a field office in Maiduguri, Northeast Nigeria, to ensure adequate coordination to its interventions.
Duties and Tasks
Under the overall supervision and guidance of the FAO Representative for Nigeria and with direct supervision of the Emergency Response Manager, the functional guidance of the Lead Technical Officer (RAF) and in close collaboration with national and international consultants in the project team, the incumbent will undertake the following activities: 

  • Analyze critical challenges and threats to sustainable crop production intensification with specific emphasis on vegetables and other short-cycle horticulture crops for food and nutrition security faced at national and regional levels:
  • Assess current status of horticultural production in the affected States including good agricultural practices and resilience strategies;
  • Assess the gaps and identify the needs for urgent intervention in horticultural production;
  • Provide technical guidance/recommendations of approaches/strategies for horticulture/agriculture crop production interventions in order to improve livelihoods, diversify diets and strengthen resilience to external shocks;
  • Contribute to the procurement process of horticulture/agriculture inputs i.e. preparation of the technical specifications of inputs i.e. vegetable seeds, fruit saplings, hand tools, composting chemicals, along with detail distribution plan to the identified beneficiaries in the targeted area;
  • Propose implementation, management and monitoring plans for the horticulture/agriculture interventions;
  • Develop various modules (e.g. composting, seeds and seedling propagation, pest and weed control, conservation agriculture and water management post-harvest on-farm processing and storage) for capacity strengthening of farmers in horticulture production;
  • Assist Extension/NGO staff in distribution of inputs and training groups of women farmers in improved fruit and vegetable production technologies (using recognized participatory and group-based extension techniques;
  • Maintain and engage in networks of collaboration amongst the stakeholders to gather information, promote awareness of technical issues and support capacity building programmes;
  • Prepare case studies, guidelines, reports, publications and presentations in support of programme delivery;
  • Perform any other related duties as required.
Expected Outputs: 
  • The agriculture component of the North East Nigeria Food security crisis programming, implementation, operational, information management, reporting and monitoring/evaluation capacities are enhanced;
  • timely project cycle operational implementation activities ensured (project planning, procurement planning, site selection, beneficiary targeting, IP contracting, MoA/SEMA/NEMA liaison, input distribution, monitoring, reporting, field assessment);
  • Information related to the North East Nigeria crisis and FAO emergency programme in the sub-region Is timely collected, organized and made available in the appropriate format.
Deliverables (indicators): 
  • A work and monitoring / evaluation plan of projects is available and monitoring / evaluation of projects is effective.
  • The agricultural working group is activated as a sub group of the FSLWG number of meetings;, number of participants) guidelines and standard for intervention in the agriculture sector(number, type and quality of the documents) training modules and relevant trainings to the FAO partners
  • Participation of stakeholders to the meetings (number of meetings, number of participants, profile of the participants)
Qualifications - Essential 
  • Applications are normally not considered from candidates who do not possess AIl. of the Essential Qualifications
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture or Horticulture with specialisation in crop improvement, production systems, integrated crop management or farming systems
  • Five years of relevant experience related to agricultural or horticultural development with emphasis on vegetables and other short-cycle horticulture crops
  • Adequate competence in communication, planning and reporting in English and mother language.

3. Job Title: Driver
 Maiduguri, Borno with frequent travel in North East Nigeria
Expected Start Date: 14th November, 2016
Duration: 3 months with possible extension

  • Under the overall supervision of the FAO Representative, the direct supervision of the International Operations Officer, in close collaboration with the Assistant FAOR (Admin) and Emergency Response Manager, other national and international consultants in the project team, the incumbent will perform following duties and responsibilities
Job Role, Duties and Responsibilities
The Driver G-2 is responsible for driving the Country Office Staff of FAQ Representations. He/she ensures the safety, technical soundness and comfort of the vehicle(s) assigned. The incumbent works under the general supervision of the FAO Representative and the direct supervision of the functional supervisor and performs the following duties: 

  • Drive the country office staff and their official visitors on official trips, and drive for the FAQ Representative and his/her visitors on occasions as necessary
  • Meet staff and official visitors at the airport; facilitate immigration, customs formalities, hotel check-in, and other local formalities
  • Log official trips, daily mileage, gas consumption, transportation/vehicle related expenditures, vehicle servicing, repairs, etc.
  • Ensure day-to-day maintenance of the assigned vehicle(s); checks oil, water, batter tires, etc.; perform minor repairs and timely arrange for any other repairs necessary to keep the vehicle safe and technically sound at all times; maintain the vehicle(s) in clean conditions.
  • Handle local and organizational formalities when involved in an accident; ensure that in this case organizational and local/country rules, regulations and procedures are followed correctly.
  • Collect and deliver mail, documents, pouches, and other communications/items from and to the country office; go to the post office, airport, government agencies, other ON agencies, institutions, project sites, etc., to take and deliver items and communications; keep records as required.
  • When needed, assist the country office staff in performing simple clerical duties such as making and answering telephone calls, making photocopies, keeping records, etc.
  • Perform other related duties as required.
Qualification Requirements

  • Primary/Secondary Education.
  • Possession of valid driver’s license.
Work Experience: 
  • One year of work experience as a driver.
  • Flawless, safe driving record.
  • Good knowledge of the local language(s) (level B).
  • Fair knowledge (level A) of the FAO official language used at the duty state (English, French or Spanish) is required.
Knowledge and Skills: 
  • Good knowledge of the local driving rules and regulations; skills in minor vehicle repair. A high degree of punctuality and reliability is required. Safe driving manner.
  • Good sense of direction and knowledge of local conditions.
  • Ability to cope with extended working hours.
Interpersonal Communication Skills: 
  • The Driver must possess a polite and friendly attitude and handle his/her passengers with Utmost respect. A tidy appearance, courtesy, discretion and a high level of trustworthiness are essential personal attributes.
    How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their applications which should be accompanied with one-page summary statement on how best you qualify for the above mentioned post.
Candidates applying for this position are further required to apply through the FAO iRecruitment system:
Click here to apply via iRecruitment system

Kindly complete the online Personal Profile Form in iRecruitment which can be accessed from any Internet connection. Please scan the completed form and send the same along with your credentials ELECTRONICALLY via e-mail to: FAO-NG@fao.org and should be addressed to: 
The FAO Representative in Nigeria,
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO-UN)
UN House,

Application Deadline  3rd November, 2016

The Real Determinant of Your True Worth

Some say your JOB because they pay you a salary or hourly wage and offer (or do not offer) benefits, perks, etc.

Some say the vehicle you drive, the house you live in, the neighborhood you live, your friends, your clothes, where you hang out, and on and on.

You have natural talents or skills, those that seem to be inherent within you. Getting along with people easily, being able to logically figure things out, ability to focus and stay focused, being organized, making things happen, etc. And then you have your learned (acquired) talents or skills from attending College, reading and listening to tapes, attending seminars, On the Job Training (OJT), being tutored by someone, etc.

But these talents or skills do not determine your True Worth.

The truth of the matter – it is you who determines your True Worth. You determine what you are truly worth. It is by your action or inaction, by not making a decision which is within itself a decision. Following through on your dreams and desires or not. It is all up to you.

You can read all the books, listen to all the tapes, attend all the seminars or listen to all the tele-conferences but without a plan, without action, you are determining your worth by your inaction.

You need to dream again – remember those dreams you had as a kid? Dream again and bring the adult dreams out. Then you need to visualize the dreams by giving them a present tense as if you are living them today. Use the visualization to create your goals in all areas of your life, not just possessions. Your goal setting should include at least the six major areas of life that you need to take action on. An action plan is necessary to put in motion the activities that will allow you to achieve your goals.

Keeping track of what activities you are working on requires a daily planner and a journal to record your every day feelings and ideas. The daily planner allows you to see your plan in action but the journal gives you a record of how you start out and how you grow and become what your vision says you are.

Even when using the tools mentioned is there anything else that could hold you back from achieving your true worth? What is you inner talk like? What are you saying that could be holding your back? Changing your inner talk requires some assistance, that is where affirmations come into play. Reading your affirmation every day help to change your inner talk and thought patterns.

If there is unforgiveness, anger, resentment or bitterness against anyone or a situation – it could be creating an artery clog to your future and your true worth. Make a list of anyone you feel you need to forgive, you don’t need to face them in person to forgive them, just make the list and burn it, shred it, or throw it away and move on.

Achieving your true worth is an awesome journey, for you will see yourself move from where you are to where your vision takes you. Is it a one day or week or month journey, it is different for everyone, but it takes time and commitment to start and continue on this adventure. You will find that as you realize you are worth more than you imagined your goals, vision and affirmations will change. The great part is that with your journal you will have a record of this journey to encourage you as you see the results both small and large in your beliefs.

To Achieve Your True Worth, you need a plan (a system) that will assist you in starting, planning and organizing and keeping track of your new adventure. Once started it just takes focus, desire and action on your part to start moving forward. Hesitation or indecision will leave you where you are, but action will assist you in moving forward with your life. So take action today and enjoy your future.