Free e-Book: Optimization of Success Laws By TundeGold (Download)

Free e-Book: Optimization of Success Laws By TundeGold (Download)

A law is a generalization that describes recurring facts or events in nature WHILE a principle is a law with a universal relevance. Principles and laws are often used interchangeably.  However, in trying to separate the two we can say, a law is something written down that has consequences if one were to go against it example gravity doesn’t respect anyone
WHILE, Principles are laws within a person (each individuals value system) and vary from each individual.(e.g. honesty, integrity etc.).
Nevertheless, both will be used interchangeably in this book because of their close similarities.

Life is governed by certain time-tested, universal and proven principles.
Ever thought of it, that the law of gravity in New Orleans in USA is the same as in New Delhi India or the principle of Electromagnetism in Alaba, Lagos Nigeria is not different from that in Alabama USA?
Laws or Principles make life predictable.      

It’s also been established that when we leverage on these life changing and time proven principles by satisfying their conditions, success is automatic.

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SUCCESS ANSWERS TO LAWS - Just like life, success answers to the wise optimization of certain laws. That is what this eBook, ‘Optimization of Success Laws’ will help you understand hopefully. Happy Reading! 

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