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WORDS OF HOPE: Earth and World | By Olisaeloka Kingsley

I was preparing my prayer points for a vigil in church last week when the LORD led me to a scripture and showed me a revelation I had never seen before (it's amazing how we can read the bible a million times and see different revelations each time we do or well, not even see a thing!). The Psalmist says:

Psalm 119:18 - Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.

And so I came over to Matthew (while preparing my prayer points) and saw something:

Matthew 5:13 - Ye are the salt of the EARTH...
Matthew 5:14 - Ye are the light of the WORLD... 

The earth and the world here can not mean the same thing from a scriptural perspective. The Psalmist says the EARTH IS THE LORD'S AND THE FULNESS THEREOF; THE WORLD, AND THEY THAT DWELL THEREIN.

So you see, while the EARTH is a physical structure that can be touched and seen, the world is actually not a physical structure per se but refers to the sectors of operation and administration upon the earth such as: the political world, the entertainment world, the commerce world, the science and technology world, the medical world, and so on.

Satan is the god of the world not the earth! That is why in the great commission of our Lord Jesus we are sent to the world not the earth! 

Mark 16:15 - ...Go ye into all the world...

We are to dispel the darkness satan has introduced into the world with the light of God. This is an individual responsibility to be fulfilled wherever we have been sent to!

The church on the other hand is the salt of the entire earth...this is a cooperate responsibility! Salt preserves whatever it is sprinkled over. Jesus has sprinkled the church over the earth to preserve it from 'going bad'. But it's obvious the church is failing to some degree in fulfilling this responsibility; little wonder the earth is gradually caving in under the pressures of the repeated floods, infernos, hurricanes and earthquakes we are both seeing and hearing of in diverse areas of the earth. The earth is dying...

God says:

2 Chronicles 7:14 -  If my people which are called by name (the Church) shall humble themselves and pray, seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins and will heal their land. 

God want's to heal the land of the new plagues and diseases that keep surfacing every now and then as well as heal the land of the natural disasters that are claiming the lives of young and old alike. God wants to heal the land of every form of evil in our midst. But we as the church need to...PRAY, and now at that!

You say what if we don't pray? What would happen? After all God is a merciful God! Let me tell you what would happen! You see God at one time sent a prophet by the name Jonah to a great city called Nineveh; they were practically drooling in sin and iniquity (as we can see even today). However when Jonah gave them the warning of the LORD they repented with fastings (everyone of them right from the King to the least person, even animals were made to fast!) and judgment was averted. However some years down the line we see in the book of Nahum that Nineveh still ended up being destroyed! 

Question: So what was the point all along of Jonah bringing the word of the LORD to them you may ask? It's simple, the generation that hearkens to word of the LORD is the generation that will be spared!

Church, the time to pray is now...

I love you, God bless you...

Yours in spirit and in truth,

Olisaeloka Kingsley

The Lead,
College of Hope

mobile: +2348060657759

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Job Vacancy At Nacho (Aviance) Nig. Plc

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Nigerian Aviation Handling Company Plc (nahco aviance) is a Nigerian diversified enterprise with interests in aviation cargo, aircraft handling, crew and passenger transportation service delivery and power distribution.

Nigerian Aviation Handling Company Plc is currently recruiting for the position below:

Job Title: 
Company Secretary

Key Objectives 

  • Renders statutory returns and gives notification to the regulatory bodies when required.
  • Organizes, prepares agendas for and takes minutes of meetings.
  • Deals with correspondence, collates information, writes reports and ensures decisions made are communicated to the relevant people.
  • Develops and oversees the systems that ensure the Company complies with all applicable codes, as well as its legal and statutory requirements.
  • Maintains the register of Shareholders and monitors changes in share ownership of the Company.
  • Pays dividends.
  • Administers share option schemes.
  • Aids in the organization of the annual general meeting and co-ordinates the production of the annual report.
  • Contributes to meeting discussions, as and when required, and advises members of the legal, governance, accounting and tax implications of proposed policies.
  • Monitors changes in relevant legislation and the regulatory environment, and takes appropriate action.
  • Lialses with external regulators and advisers, such as lawyers and auditors.

Competencies / Skills / Qualification 
  • Leadership.
  • Team Development.
  • Labour Regulations.
  • HSE Regulations.
  • Aviation Industry Regulations.
  • Tax Regulations.
  • Minimum Qualification: LLB, BL with a specialty in Aviation Law or other relevant areas.
  • Minimum Experience: Five (5) years as Company Secretary.
  • Planning and Control
  • Supervision and Coaching.
  • Negotiation.
  • Laws of Contracts.
  • Arbitration.

How To Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their cover letter, resume and photocopies of their credentials

Application Deadline  7th October, 2016. 

F.G Declares Mon.Oct.3rd as Public Holiday to Mark 56th Independence Anniversary

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The Federal Government has declared Monday, October 3, as Public Holiday to mark Nigeria’s 56th Independence Anniversary.

This was contained in a statement signed by the Acting Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Interior, Alhaji Muhammadu Maccido and issued to Vanguard Thursday in Abuja.

“The Minister of Interior, Lt Gen (rtd) Abdulrahman Bello Dambazau, while making the declaration on behalf of the Federal Government, congratulates Nigerians at home and abroad on the commemoration of this year’s independence anniversary and assures them that Government is working assiduously to put in place various palliative measures to cushion the effects of the current economic challenges.

“The Minister enjoins all Nigerians to continue to support President Muhammadu Buhari in his avowed determination to build a strong, virile and united country in line with the dream of the country’s founding fathers”, the statement added

Free Download: Two Singles From Nathaniel Bassey ‘THE BLOOD’ & ONISE IYANU’


Multiple Award winning singer and music minister Nathaniel Bassey has released two brand new singles titled ”Onise Iyanu” (featuring Glorious Fountain Choir & Micah Stampley) and ”The Blood” as a prelude to his forthcoming album THIS GOD.

Nathaniel Bassey - Onise Iyanu
“ONISE IYANU which means ‘God of awesome wonders’, is song of praise and worship to our God. It is my prayer that as this sound rings out, it shall bring to bear God’s awesome wonders in your life. It was recorded Live in the oil rich city of Warri, Delta State, NIGERIA, and it was co-produced by EMMANUEL UZOZIE (Juzzy Productions) ~ Nathaniel bassey”
Download, Listen Enjoy & Share!

#Edo Decides: See Results of Yesterdays Election

Below are the results of the Edo state Governorship election held yesterday, 28th sept. 2016 courtesy Vanguard

Esan West LGA: AA – 4, ACD – 65, ACPN – 172, APC – 13,114, APGA – 36, CPP – 13, ID – 12, KOWA – 1, LP – 5, NPPP – 27, NCP – 13, NNPP – 6, PDC – 79, PDP – 16,311, PPA – 49, PPN – 2, SDP – 2, UPP – 33, YDP – 19. Total Valid Votes – 29,963, Rejected Votes – 1,563, Total Votes Cast – 31, 526. 

Orhionmwon LGA: AA – 7, ACD – 85, ACPN – 149, APC – 15,262, APGA – 37, CPP – 13, ID – 4, KOWA – 10, LP – 8, NPPP – 5, NCP – 14, NNPP – 9, PDC – 58, PDP – 16, 446, PPA – 68, PPN – 5, SDP – 8, UPP – 21, YDP – 7. Total Valid Votes – 32,213, Rejected Votes – 1,788, Total Votes Cast – 34,001.

 Oredo LGA: AA – 16, ACD – 156, ACPN – 420, APC – 37, 612, APGA – 162, CPP – 23, ID – 6, KOWA – 8, LP – 45 , NPPP- 9, NCP – 42, NNPP – 9, PDC – 226, PDP – 30,492, PPA – 101, PPN – 15, SDP – 5, UPP – 33, YDP 21. Total Valid Votes – 69,401, Rejected Votes – 4,311, Total Votes Cast – 73,712. 

Oredo LGA Result APC: 37,612 PDP: 30,492 Total Valid Votes: 69,401 Total Votes Cast:73,712 Rej Votes: 4,311 

Esan South East LGA: AA – 1, ACD – 27, ACPN – 84, APC – 9,554, APGA – 17, CPP – 9, ID – 4, KOWA – 3, LP – 5, NPPP – 1, NCP – 8, NNPP – 3, PDC – 38, PDP – 11, 466, PPA – 18, PPN – 4, SDP – 3, UPP – 1, YDP – 4,. Total valid Votes – 21,250, Rejected Votes – 806, Total Votes Cast – 22,056. 

Esan South-East LGA APC: 9,554 PDP:11,466 Total Valid Votes: 21,250 Total Votes Cast: 22,056 R-Votes: 806 

Uhunwomnde: AA- 5, ACD – 69, ACPN – 105, APC – 10,911, APGA – 2020, CPP , ID- 6, KOWA -3 LP – 4, NPPP – 8, NCP – 20, NNPP – 6, PDC – 36, PDP – 8667, PPA – 30, PPN – 5, SDP – 3, UPP – 47, YPP – 14. Total Valid Votes – 19971, Rejected Votes – 1,759, Total Votes Cast – 21, 730.

 Igueben LGA: AA – 1, ACD – 31, ACPN – 45, APC – 7,802, APGA – 6, CPP – 0, ID – 0, KOWA – 0, LP – 0, NPPP – 0, NCP – 0, NNPP – 0, PDC – 26, PDP – 7,560, PPA – 24, PPN -5, SDP – 0, UPP – 3, YDP – 3. Total Valid Votes -15506, Rejected Voted – 580, Total Votes Cast – 16086. 

Igueben LGA Result APC 7,802 PDP: 7,560 Total Valid Votes: 15,506 Total Vote Cast: 16,086 Rej. Votes: 508 

Esan North East LGA: AA – 06, ACD – 5, ACPN – 109, APC – 9, 130, APGA – 38, CPP – 9, ID – 03, KOWA – 0, LP – 2, NPPP – 4, NCP – 16, NNPP – 5, PDC – 85, PDP – 16, 220, PPA – 46, PPM – 2, SDP – 3, UPP – 7, YDP – 12. Total Valid Votes – 25,747, Rejected Votes – 1,197, Total Votes Cast – 26,944. 

Egor LGA: AA – 18, ACD – 164, ACPN – 351, APC – 26,177, APGA 112, NPPP – 10, NCP – 23, NNPP – 15, PDC- 122, PDP – 19514, PPA- 93, PPM – 8, SDP – 5, UPP – 57, YDP – 14. Total Votes Cast – 46,728, Rejected Votes – 2,811. 

Egor LGA Result APC: 26,177 PDP: 19,514 Registered Voters: 184,296 Accredited Voters: 49,802 

Owan West LGA : AA – 0, APC 12, 862, APGA – 21, CPP – 3, ID – 04, KOWA- 1, LP – 2, NPPP – 5, NCP – 6, NNPP – 5, PDC – 40, PDP – 10, 132, PPA – 37, PPM – 9, SDP – 4, UPP – 1, YDP – 10. Total Valid Votes 23, 290, Rejected Votes – 1002, Total Votes Cast – 24, 292. 

Owan West LGA Result APC : APC: 12,862 PDP: 10,132 Registered Voters: 54,406 Accredited Voters: 24,487 

Esan Cenral: AA – 2, ACD – 36, ACPN – 99, APC – 9,781, APGA – 28, CPP – 7, ID – 5, KOWA – 2, LP – 3, NPPP – 1, NCP -2, NPPP – 2, PDC – 37, PDP – 10, 180, PPA – 35, PPN – 2, SDP – 1, UPP – 1, YDP 7. Total Valid Votes – 20,211, Rejected Votes – 1153, Total Votes Cast – 21,364. 

Esan Central LGA APC: 9,781 PDP 10,180 Total Valid Votes: 20,211 Total Votes Cast: 21,364 R- Votes: 1,153 

Etsako Cenral: AA – 1, ACD – 24, ACPN – 60, APC – 10,373, APGA – 15, CPP – 3, ID – 1, KOWA – 1, LP – 0, NPPP – 2, NCP – 2, NNPP – 2, PDC – 27, PDP – 8,827, PPA 14, PPN – 1, SDP – 2, UPP – 1, YDP – 2. Total Valid Votes -19538, Rejected Votes 549, Total Votes Cast 19,907.

 Etsako Central LGA APC: 10,373 PD : 8,827 Total Valid Votes: 19,538 Total Votes Cast: 19,907 R-Votes 549 

Ikpoba-okha: ACP- 175, ACPN – 401 APC – 33, 469, APGA – 148, CPP – 52, ID – 9, KOWA – 15, LP – 54, NPPP – 17, NCP – 63, NNPP – 19, PDC – 181, PDP – 26,096, PPA – 102, PPN – 19, SDP – 12, UPP – 169, YDP – 16. Total Valid Votes – 61, 055, Rejected Votes – 3, 826, Total Votes Cast – 64, 881.

 Ikpoba Okha LGA APC: 33,469 APC: 26,096 Total Valid Votes: 61,055 Total Votes Cast: 64,881. 

Akoko LGA: APC – 24, 545, PDP 13, 027, Total Valid Votes – 37, 946, Rejected Votes – 1,684, Total Votes Cast – 39, 630.

 More details soon

5 Tips to Preventing Work place Accident

Image result for workplace accident in nigeria

As much as we all want to work, earn a living and live comfortably; nobody would want to be involved in workplace accident. However, there are several hazards we face at work and accident at work becomes inevitable at some point. Nevertheless, if certain attitudes and knowlege are in place, there is a high likeliness that work place attitude may/can be prevented.                           Here are a few tips to help you prevent accidents at work:
 1. Have a Zero-Accident MindsetYou are more likely to have an accident on your hands if you start off believing that accidents are inevitable. This is because such a view tends to make you have a laid back attitude to safety.
It is better to begin by assuming that all accidents can be prevented, and work towards eliminating all possible hazards.
 2. Be Careful and Alert to Possible Work space HazardsDisorderly work spaces could put workers in harm’s way. Spills, toxic gases and electrical connection issues are some of the major causes of work-related injury and ill health; be on the lookout for them.
Clean up liquid spills when you come across them and alert management when you notice signs of dangerous emissions or leakages. Loose or exposed wiring should be attended to as quickly as possible.
It is also risky to leave electrical appliances on when they are connected to their power sources. They should be switched off, and/or disconnected from those sources.
 3. Adhere to Company’s Safety Policy
The safety policy of a company would usually contain its general policy pertaining to the safety of its workers and property, as well as the duties of company personnel in ensuring that its safety standards are maintained.
However, having a safety policy is not enough. It is important for company staff to get educated about what the contents of the policy mean.
 4. Don’t Choose Profit over SafetyBusiness owners and decision makers might assume that they do not have to acquire all the safety equipment required for their business. In order to cut costs, they provide only “the essentials”. Some do not provide them at all.
The cost of accidents, when they do happen, could be much more than the “gain” made from depriving the work space of much-needed safety equipment.
 5. When you’re Not Certain, Ask QuestionsIf you do not understand the details of a task you have been told to carry out, request for more information about it. Do not assume that your incomplete knowledge is sufficient.
Working based on assumption could be dangerous, especially if the work involves delicate or complicated physical operations that require precise information to carry out. -(Credit: Ekoconnect)

Graduate Job Vacancy At Citibank Nigeria Ltd

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Citibank Nigeria Limited, the leading global financial services company, provides consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with a broad range of financial products and services.

Citibank Nigeria Limited is recruiting to fill the vacant job position below:

Job Title: Application Support Analyst
Job ID: 16059344
Location: Nigeria
Schedule: Full-time
Job Function: Technology
Shift: Day Job

Key Responsibilities

  • To manage delivery and implementation of new applications as per TTS Technology and business management requirements.
  • Providing application functionality expertise to TTS Technology and Business units. Understanding technology industry trends, how they impact our future solutions and provide strategic direction for TTS Technology and Business community.
  • Problem analysis
  • Process mapping
  • Elicitation and documentation of high-level business requirements and functional/nonfunctional requirements
  • Maintenance of a requirements traceability matrix.
  • Contribution towards the design and procurement of IT and business solutions, through
  • Close working with local and regional technical teams as well as suppliers to ensure business requirements are met by technical solutions
  • Production of Requests for Proposals and similar documents
  • Driving the delivery of projects and taking responsibility for key project management activities for smaller projects and support for more complex ones.
  • Providing project management support to business managers who are responsible for delivering larger projects.
  • Provide regular feedback in the form of MIS to TTS Technology and Business units on performance of application delivery and implementations.
  • Manage the TTS Technology controls and compliance process as applicable to the application support function.
  • Business requirements elicitation on projects of all sizes, involving
  • Stakeholder analysis and effective engagement with stakeholders at all levels
  • Facilitation of workshops and meetings
  • Support of business staff, at all points of the project lifecycle, who will sometimes be working in the role of business analyst or project manager on smaller projects.
  • Managing production support for local and regional application including the Core Banking application
  • Managing changes in local application including functionality changes and bug fixes. working with regional support teams to manage changes on regional applications.
  • Supporting the business process automation and lean engineering effort of the business.
  • Evaluation of third-party solutions
  • Design and mapping of new and changed business processes
  • Design of new and changed business roles, information flows, business documentation, and training, as required.
  • Contribution towards the testing of IT and business solutions, through
  • Producing, or assisting with the production of, test cases and scripts
  • Support of user acceptance testing.
  • Contribution towards the implementation of  IT and business solutions, through
  • Liaison between IT staff and the business areas to ensure the effective implementation of technical components
  • Close working with business staff to implement changed business processes so that continuity is not impacted


  • Ideally, currently working in a large financial institute either as a permanent staff or as a consultant
  • Extensive exposure to core banking application and other transactional financial systems
  • Programming Skills
  • 0-2 Years Working Experience in Software Development
  • Excellent Numerical Skills
  • Analytical and innovative skills
  • Excellent communication skills (including listening)
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Previous experience of project and implementation management is essential.
  • Previous experience of application development is desirable.
  • University Degree in Applied Numerate Science or Engineering
  • Knowledge and understanding of technology operating environments and databases

  • Excellent knowledge of technology operating environments.
  • Knowledge financial systems and processes.
  • Controls and compliance knowledge
  • Strong customer delivery focus
  • Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server (any one of these)
  • Working knowledge of programming and development techniques.
  • MS Office tools (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Project)

  • Excellent communication skills (including listening)
  • A team player
  • An enthusiastic ‘can do’ approach
  • A positive and pro-active attitude
  • A history of delivering against agreed objectives

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidate should:
Click here to apply