A principle is a law with a universal relevance. 
Life is governed by certain time-tested, universal and proven principles. 
Ever thought of it, that the law of gravity in New Orleans in USA is the same as in New Delhi India or the principle of Electromagnetism in Alaba, Lagos Nigeria is not different from that in Alabama USA? 
Laws or Principles make life predictable.       

It’s also been established that when we leverage on these life changing and time proven principles by satisfying their conditions, success is automatic.
This month, I will be taking you through some powerful success principles that have made a difference in the lives of great individuals so far.

The Principle of the Extra mile
In my study of great men and women who made tremendous impacts too difficult to be erased, I saw a common denominator-they were people who went the extra mile!             The rule hasn’t changed today, to get on the front line; you must go the extra mile…                                                                                           Great motivational speaker and trainer of all times-Zig Ziglar once quipped: ‘the difference between the ordinary and the extra ordinary is that little extra.’      
Dear friends, Extra milers know that there can’t be success without the excess of good things.                                                    
A student whose goal is to have a first class grade does his reading, study, attention to details etc. in excess. Please note that to go beyond where you are currently you must do more than you are doing now! It works like this- what you did yesterday brought you to where you are now, to leave for a higher plane, you must do more than you’ve ever done. Personally, as a young Pastor, motivational teacher and trainer, I have found this to be true whether it is in the spiritual, or otherwise.   
The price you are willing to pay determines the purchase you are going to make in life. When you pay for first class ticket in an air plane for instance, you can’t be seated in the Economy cabin. Price determines Rise…it is the principle of the extra mile!                           What extra steps are you willing to take today? Remember front liners are extra milers in life!                                                                                                                                        The Law of Mentoring
As I write this section, my mind races back to how and where it all began.                           The journey to success and greatness in life actually begins at the point of desire for more. That singular decision to do more, have more and be more is what gets you started. In my own case, I remember that coupled with that burning desire to be all that my creator has destined me to be is a decision to choose for myself certain individuals who I felt were already doing pretty well on that path of greatness on which my feet intended to tread. I’m aware of the evergreen advice of King Solomon as stated in Proverbs 13:20- ‘He that walks with the wise shall be wise but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.’                                 Mentors are ladders on whose shoulders we climb to get to our desired heights in destiny. Mentors in the words of God’s servant-Bishop David Oyedepo, ‘are feathers with which we fly in life.’ So dear friends, just like a bird will be grounded without its feathers, so is a child of destiny without the right mentors!                                                       In order to get the best from your mentors, you have to read (devour) their books, listen to their tapes and audio materials, and if possible meet and sit with them one on one (this may not really be compulsory as great mentors hardly have enough time to spare) but in all you do ensure that on a regular basis something flows from them to your life through the avenues earlier stated.
Do you have a mentor? If yes, please treasure them, for in most cases they are the preview of your future. If no, choose one prayerfully and thoughtfully today and you will be glad you made that decision! 
As I close, let me leave with you the words of the great scientist and father of Mechanics- Sir Isaac Newton : “If I have seen any farther, it’s because I have climbed on the shoulders of giants.”

The Law of Constant and Never Ending Improvements (CANI).                                        Here’s yet another powerful law that controls success in the universe. It is called the law of Constant and Never Ending Improvements (CANI). It is my observation that most people abandon themselves to the controlling elements of the Mass media, Internet, toys (in form of phones, computers, cars etc.) only to the detriment of their lives.
I first read about this law from master success and personal development coach-Tony Robbins.                                                   This law talks about putting yourself under intense daily pressure until the precious gems in you burst forth like a ceaseless fountain of water! A wise man once stated that the largest room in the world is the room of self-improvement. Do you remember this line in the popular TV ad of Dettol antiseptics-‘…If we don’t take care of ourselves who will?’ The truth is this: your life is your responsibility and should be taken as such! If you abandon yourself, then value will be far away from you!                                                                                                     When properly understood and applied, this law will make you a generational asset and not a liability. 
Dear friends, I have highlighted four major areas where the law of CANI must be put to use:
Your Spiritual life
Your mental development
Your Social life
Your Potential development and deployment.
If all these areas are properly developed, then you will build capacity that will be sufficient to meet the needs of yourself and those around you! Shalom!

AUTHOR BIO: He is a Pastor, a Motivational Speaker, Leadership and career Coach, He holds a monthly Knowledge Impactation Programme for the Youth and Teens at the Conquerors Assembly, Akowonjo. Lagos. Connect with him by clicking on Facebook or email  tosyinks@gmail.com

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