Leadership Qualities to Learn From Lion - The King of the Jungle

 A  HERD  OF  SHEEP  LED  BY  A  LION  WILL  DEFEAT  A  PRIDE  OF  LIONS  LED  BY  A  SHEEP!-  Myles Munroe              

 (Prov 30:30:  'A  lion  which  is  strongest  among  beasts,  and  turneth  not  away  for  any')

 Never  stay  under  a  sheepish  person  as  your  head.  The above  text  presents  a  graphic  topic  of how  lions  behave,  move  and  lead.  The  lion  is  the  clear  leader  and  undisputed  king  of  the jungle.  It  has  a  certain  prideful  demeanour,  especially  when  they  are  in  groups.  I  guess  that is  why  a  group  of  lions  is  called  a  pride  of  lions.  One  thing  that  makes  the  lion  stand  in  a  class of  its  own  among  all  other  animals  in  the  wild  is  their  leadership  and  team  spirit.  Just  watch them on  any  wild  life  film  or  documentary  and  you  will  see  a  colourful  display  of  leadership virtues that humans are still trying to learn.  Here are a few of them: 

1.  Lions  are  very  quick-witted.  You  can  never  catch  a  lion  napping or  looking  confused about when what is happening around it. It always seems to seize the initiative. For instance, when hunting  down  a  prey,  lions  have  a  way  of  pre-empting  the  prey's  next  moves  and  plans.  A good leader must also be a person of quick wits, clear reasoning and a step– ahead person. 

2.  Lions  have  a  superiority  mentality;  they  feel  all  other  animals  were  made  for  lunch!  So they go after any animal, including elephants. A good leader must have a certain mind-set of being  in-charge.  You  can't  truly  lead  a  team,  a  family  or  even  drive  a  car  full  of  passengers  if you show cowardice timidity and an inferiority complex like sheep do.

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 3.  Unlike  sheep  that  have  to  be  shown  the  way  to  virtually  everywhere  in  life,  including where  to  graze,  lions  show  the  way!  'A  good  leader  not  only  knows  the  way,  he  shows  you the way by taking the lead”. 

Everyone  of  us  will  someday  occupy  certain  position  of  leadership,  at  least  as  either  the head of a home or the head of the kitchen! Either way strong leadership skills are required to handle  them without hitches  and  hiccups.  You  don't  need  to  be  'a  roaring  lion,  seeking  who to  devour' to lead successfully.

 Leadership is not by force; it is by influence. Which position of leadership are you holding presently? Please remember, all eyes are on you! Your world is waiting for you to lead to the next level. There are other emerging leaders trailing  you behind for mentoring and guidance. You can't afford to fail them. Don't be sheep leading a pride of lions, rather let it be the other way round. Shalom. -(Credit: Fresh Manna Devotional)