E-Book: Nigeria Public Service Rules(Free Download)

Public service rules refer to a set of laws guiding the conduct of public servants for the effective and efficient performance of their jobs. Included in the public service rules are conditions of service for public servants (Okonkwo, 2008). 

The Public Service Rules in Nigeria have undergone many changes in nomenclature right from the colonial days to the present day. It started as General Orders (G.Os ) instituted by the colonial masters. Before independence, the G.Os served as guide for all government employees in Government Departments and Agencies. Immediately after independence, the name changed again to Civil Service Rules , and later to the present title of Public Service Rules (Mustapha, 2008). The present title is adopted to make the rules have general application to all manner of government employees in Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs). You may wish to know that the public service s generic and broader in nature than civil service which is restricted to personnel of core government ministries only. Thus, all civil servants are public servants but not all public servants are civil servants.

In effect, the public service rules refer to a code of regulations which provide for basic rules, regulations and procedures that are germane for carrying out the business of government geared towards efficient service delivery. Consequently, it is expected that every public servant should strictly comply with the provisions of the Rules. The overall aim of the public service rules is to ensure good conduct, loyalty, honesty, courtesy, hard work and ethical principles.

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