ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Tips of Getting 'Unstuck" as a Business Owner

Has this ever happened to you? You start a business full of enthusiasm. Before you realise it, orders start rolling in. You start making money, your business finally starts working and then you get to a point and you just feel “stuck”. You feel like you have hit some sort of ceiling and no matter what you do, you just can’t get past whatever is holding you back right now.
It happened to me recently. I’ve had several experiences like that in the past too. I was feeling overwhelmed. I felt like I was trying to do too much myself and all of the stuff I was doing wasn’t resulting in more time or more income.
However, I’d like to say feeling ”stuck” is really not a bad thing. It’s a sign that you need to grow beyond your current level. So, don’t feel bad about it. Just find a way around it. This may involve leaving your comfort zone (by trying new ideas). But, it’s worth it. As you get to attain new levels and regain your enthusiasm for your work.
I would also like to say there is a difference between feeling ”stuck” and experiencing burnout. If you’re experiencing burnout, your best bet is to take a vacation from your business to clear your head and regain your passion. But, if it’s just a feeling of ”what else can I do to move forward in this business?”, stay with me. The following tips will help you:
  1. Boost Your Inner GameMost times, we jettison the inner game for tactics and strategies. But, let me tell you, a weak inner game is going to sabotage the best business tactic or strategy out here. Let me explain. If your business has grown to the level of offering a premium and expensive product, your inner game can sabotage your making that offering.
    So, what is the inner game? They include your beliefs about yourself, business, future, goals, etc. We carry these beliefs through life. We’ve been conditioned from infancy to believe certain things, but, at different points in our lives, we’re supposed to unlearn some of these things, but we carry them around and they sabotage our best efforts. If you believe you’re not qualified to offer a premium product or service, you’re going to sabotage your efforts, despite the fact that your company has matured to make such an offering. Secondly, if you have a scarcity mindset, you’re not even going to make offerings, because you already defeated yourself before venturing out by thinking, “I can’t make money from this offer, money is scarce right now.”
    Boosting your inner game will boost your self-image. You’ll start seeing yourself the way you should. You’ll no longer see yourself as the poor and humble person from one village but as a powerful entrepreneur who can make his or her dreams come true. Also, you’ll be empowered to stop sabotaging your own efforts. As entrepreneurs, I’ve realised we do this a lot. There’s nobody stopping you if you don’t stop yourself.
  1. Commit to Personal GrowthInvest heavily in growth resources. But don’t just access them, ensure to implement new information. Be willing to take new risks. Be willing to operate outside your comfort zone. It’s going to engender exciting experiences and it’s going to be tough to do. However, just commit. And don’t forget that your business ceases to grow the moment you cease to grow.
  1. Join a MastermindThis should most likely be a group of people who’re pursuing the same goals as you. It helps to have support on this journey as it can really be a lonely path. What you’re trying to achieve may mean losing some friends, who don’t understand why you cannot just keep your achievements at the current level. They just don’t understand why you want to be and do more.
    So, you’ll need a new crop of people who understand your mindset. Join a mastermind. You may have to pay for this. But, it’s always worth the investment. As you get people you could use as a sounding board for new ideas as well as support. It could be a virtual or physical mastermind. The choice is yours to make.                                                                           -(Reference: Iyabo Oyawale)


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