6 Smart Tips for Developing a Winning Logistics Strategy | By Edward Lim

6 Smart Tips for Developing a Winning Logistics Strategy | By Edward Lim

A powerful and hassle-free supply chain strategy is very critical for business success, given the current competitive atmosphere. But the question is, what type of logistics solutions should businesses adopt to get high return on investment? Here are six tips for creating a result-oriented logistics strategy.

1. Making the right connections
With advancement in technology, present businesses can hardly operate within a specific local area. Manufacturers, suppliers or corporations are situated across the globe and hence businesses require technology for connection and communication with every stakeholder. Proper connection goes a long way in streamlining processes and offering increased visibility, enabling a business to cope up with real time challenges. This implies that businesses should adopt logistics solutions that can break geographical and time barriers, and deliver to all involved within the supply chain.

2. Implementing a customized solution
The absence of a tailor-made logistics strategy can have a detrimental effect on your business. So, you should configure the supply chain solution according to your business need rather than opting for a solution which is simply a forced fit. There have been cases where businesses have failed in spite of implementing expensive ERP modules, simply because the ERP implementation was not aligned to the business practices or established rules. The best thing is to go for a solution which you can conveniently configure to suit your business needs.

3. Taking automation into consideration
A large number of organizations are more inclined towards implementation of traditional knowledge to business processes, which is not a very good thing, keeping in mind the ever-changing business scenario. Manual procedures can bring in errors, so logistics automation through a centralized system can offer high degree of support for your business. Moreover, you can access information on a real-time basis, which unfurls the potential of your business with minimal time investment. For instance, if your business involves cold chain logistics, you need to address several related concerns to thrive in the marketplace.  

4. Leveraging correct data for planning
Futuristic planning calls for good amount of innovation. Whether you need to improve on warehouse management or are looking forward to power up your mobile enterprise with the help of fleet management software, the situation demands informed decision. So far as logistics strategy is concerned, a better-informed is the key to business success in the future.

5.  Adopting a customer-focused approach
If you enter into a true partnership with your customer base, it will help you in bringing down the logistic expenses. With this in mind, it is best to go for a segmented logistics strategy that takes into consideration the needs of the most important clients first.

6. Assessing the risks involved
If you are starting off with a new logistics chain, it is extremely important to assess beforehand the risks that the supply chain might involved. So, before you establish the chain, arrange for a complete risk assessment to minimize the issues in future.
An advanced supply chain management can make a business highly responsive in the face of ever growing market demands. Through a winning logistics strategy, organizations can indeed achieve high return on investment.

Author Bio: Edward is a logistics professional with 6 years of experience. He loves to help people save money in their logistics. Connect with him via his Blog at Richresources