Top 5 Smartphone Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating On You | By Nicki Marie

Partners can be one of the most trusting people in the world. They stand with you through all the good parts of your life and comfort in your sorrow. No matter what the condition, you can always count on your spouse to know what the best is for you and help you get to it every step of the way. Now, while most spouses are incredibly supporting and loving, not all relationships are like this. Some spouses are often caught red-handed cheating behind their partner’s back. Even though their other half might have aroused suspicions that are hard to ignore, some spouses try to let bygones-be-bygones, because doing otherwise might put their relationship at stake. But, the cheating spouses prey at this very thing. They like it when their spouse isn’t nosy and when their other half doesn’t care what or who they’re doing. 

Meanwhile, there are others who try their best to find out if their partner is cheating on them or not. However, these days aren’t the ‘90s that you could hire a private investigator, although, there are still PIs up for hire but they are hard to find or they cost a fortune. So the most suitable alternative for private investigators would be spy apps.
Spy apps operate discreetly without allowing the owner of the target device to find out about the spy app. But, how would you know when to use the spy apps? You couldn’t just install a spy app on their phone for the day of your marriage to the day you die, couldn’t you? Fear not, we have looked up 5 signs when you should possibly consider using spy apps. They are as follows:

1.           Emailing and Texting Too Much
Is your partner texting and emailing way more than he ever used to before. Does he spend all of his time online chatting with his buddies and spending his or her time with others more than they spend time with you? Is his laughter in response to something on his phone is reduced down to nothing whenever you venture into the room. Such behavior can only be deemed suspicious at best and should have you seeing red from the get go.

2.           Deleting
Has your partner mysteriously started deleting all the messages from voicemail, clearing their call logs and text messages from the phone, unlike before just to keep you from seeing them. Now, they forbid you to stop looking at their cell phones and go to lengths to not let you answer their phone and even has started protecting their by locking it with a password to keep whatever they are doing on it private.

3.           Using Computer A lot More than Before
If your spouse stays up late to work or to play a game on the computer after you go to bed. They might be using internet excessively, all day long. When your spouse will not let you use their computer and shuts it down whenever you walk into the room. They may start protecting their computer with passwords. All such behavior should starts lighting up the danger signs the moment they begin to occur.

4.           Mystery Caller
Your spouse may start receiving mysterious phone calls in the middle of the night that are not making sense and when inquired about them, they give tedious replies like “No One”, “Wrong Number” or “Why do you care?” You might start getting increased number of hang-ups or wrong numbers when you pick up the phone your partner may pick up the phone hurriedly before you do and they might leave the room to talk.

5.           Working Long Hours
Your partner might start working longer hours frequently, their overtime hours have seemingly gone up while they don’t really seem to be getting paid for it. Additionally, they might be going off to their weekend business trips way too much and seem to be often unavailable when you call him at the office. They don’t return your calls a long time after you called them or left a message. Your spouse may start disappearing mysteriously and when inquired about it, “It was work related”.
Spy apps easily enable you to keep an eye on your spouse and handle the situation better before all comes down to crashing down on you.

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Nicki has been in the business of providing quality information on cell phone spy software. Most recently her focus has shifted towards the cell phone spy software which is making waves in the technology world today. To know more about her follow on twitter @nickimarie222.



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