The Law Of Success | By Yinka Ekundayo

TEXTS: Joshua 1:8
“This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shall meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shall make thy ways prosperous and then thou shall have good success.” Joshua 1:8

As a child of God you are created for success and great impacts in life.
Every person in life will always have one of these two: REASONS OR RESULTS!
Some will have reasons why they cannot achieve success and become better in life while others will have results despite the reasons why things cannot work!

Nothing erases insults in life like results.
Result is the eraser of insults. In life, result is the name of the game.
However, it is your drive for success that multiplies your results in life.
The world has a different view of success which is parallel to God’s definition of success. The world defines success as the realization of your goals. But it is possible for your goals to clash with God’s goals for your life.
Success in life is defined as the progressive realization of God’s plan for your life.
When you become all that God has destined you to be, you are described to be successful. But when you don’t become it you are said to be a failure regardless of your material possessions.
SUCCESS ANSWERS TO LAWS, Just like life, success answers to the wise operation of certain laws.

1.      Laws are no respecter of persons
In other words they are not biased, they gladly work for anyone anywhere any time!
2.      Laws are also universal
For instance, the law of gravity holds true anywhere on this planet. The law of success controls success in New York USA and New Delhi India.
3.      Laws make success predictable
A farmer knows that if he has not planted any seed he shouldn’t expect any harvest that year. So is the case of our lives, success happens when we align ourselves with these laws.
If anyone you know has ever been successful before, you too can be if you will just follow their tracks.
This is because success leaves clues!
In this series, let’s look at these 5 laws
a.      The Law of Inside-out
b.      The Law of Passionate Desire
c.       The Law of Value
d.      The Law of Harness

This law states that “Success is first of all an inside job or journey before it becomes an external reality.”
Your external result is always a reflection of your inner reality.
Who you are on the inside is what powers what you dare and conquer on the outside.
Your results are perfect reflections of your personality.
James Allen was right when he remarked that you cannot travel on the inside and stand still on the outside.
When you inner representations are changed, it’s just a matter of time; your outward circumstances must catch up with your inner realities.
Success begins from within, it’s who you are. Mathew 12:34, 35 & Proverbs 23:7
Your life is like a tree while your results are like the fruits. If you don’t like the fruits, change the tree not the fruits!
My Counsel on this law…
1.      Renew your mind with God’s word and relevant information. Joshua 1:8, Colossians 3:16
2.      Renovate your self-image with the scriptures- you are what God calls you!

This law states that “Whatever is desired can be acquired, if given what is required!”
What you have or fail to have in life is just a measure of the intensity of your desire for that thing.
It has been said that when given all it demands, life will always give you all it contains. Desire is the tonic of life.
It is you demanding from life what you want. Life doesn’t give to anyone what they deserve, it only gives you what demand long as you are willing to pay the price, it’s yours for asking!
See Proverbs 13:4 & 13:12, Mark 11:24
1.      Decide what you really want out of life. Be very specific about it…vague requests never get granted!
2.      Let the object of your desire align with the will of God. I John 5:14
3.      Write it down- writing it down is the first contact it makes with the physical world. Habakkuk 2:2
4.      Verbalise it  in Prayers- Ephesians 3:20, Mark 11:24
5.      Go to work on your desires
Desires without work are mere wishes going nowhere. Proverbs 18:1.

This very interesting law states that “Money or reward always flows in the direction of value and it is always commensurate to the degree of value.”
Money always flows in the direction of value not luck!
So if I can be more valuable I can always have more money or rewards. The same applies to your academics, if you can become more you can do more and have more.
This value however is in two folds:
a.      The value you become
b.      The value you bring to the table. (your contribution)

Have you ever asked yourself why the salary of different employers of the same company differs? It’s because they add value differently!
So if you want more respect in life become more valuable and it will surprise you what you will achieve.
My Counsel on this law
  Be deliberate in adding value to yourself on a consistent basis by reading, attending seminars and meeting
new people that will stretch your capacity.
“You are the same person you are now, even in the next 5 years, except for two things; the books you read and the people with whom you closely associate.” Charlie Jones

This very crucial law states that “Every precious material in life comes in a raw or crude state but becomes admirable when necessary pressure is applied.”
This is very apt to our lives today. Nothing appears first in its finished state, that includes you as a person.
Please note this: to shine like a diamond you must be willing to get cut like a diamond and pass through pressure.
Do you know you started your journey as a seed that fertilizes an egg that becomes a zygote which after series of cell division becomes an embryo then a foetus and then a baby?
Even your capacity as it stands today is still evolving. You are not done growing my friend.
For instance, the crude oil has to be processed under intense pressure and high temperature for it to release the various fractions it contains.
The same is true of the raw gold mixed with different dirts from the earth crust.
But at a very high temperature and pressure the impurities are separated from gold and it becomes purified and desirable.  

Dear friend, like the raw gold, uncut diamond and petroleum, you must be willing to surrender yourself and abilities to pressure willingly in order to see them emerge in their desirable states. Failure to do this is to end up as a generational burden and not as a generational blessing that God has ordained you to be.

It’s time to take responsibility for your success this season by aligning yourself with these tested and well proven laws of success.
You will succeed in Jesus name. See you at the top!

AUTHOR BIO: He is a Pastor, a Motivational Speaker, Leadership and career Coach, He holds a monthly Knowledge Impactation Programme for the Youth and Teens at the Conquerors Assembly, Akowonjo. Lagos. Connect with him by clicking on Facebook or email

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