DEAR PARENT: Signs Of Criminal Tendencies in Children

If we pay more attention to our growing children - observing every behavioral trend and changes with a view to correcting them at infancy, perhaps the society would be a much safer and more secure place. Most criminal behaviors according to expert sociologists were developed during childhood. It is true that causative factors may not be within the power of children to control, but with unrelenting parental guild, such criminal tendencies would be suppressed before the child develops it in adulthood. Hence, there are signs you see in your child which indicates your child may grow to become a criminal.
Noticing these signs does not mean that your child is condemned to becoming a criminal in adulthood, but if these signs or behavioral traits are not addressed immediately, they could actually turn your beloved child into a societal misfit. Therefore, there is every need to give our children full attention to be able to observe these criminal tendencies that may surface during childhood and tackle them appropriately.
The security of your home and society in the long run largely depend on how well our children were groomed. When the evils in the society influence their young minds and no one does anything to remedy them, these kids tend to carry on with such criminality once they are strong enough to enforce some level of strength upon the society.
Now let us get into the business of the day - signs your child may grow into a criminal.

Habitual Liar

If your child lies without restrain, gets bold about it and does not own up even when the truth has come to light, then there are indications that child would be criminalize in adulthood. Psychology tells us that if such child realizes that by lying, he gets away with any crime he commits, such child would gladly take to doing whatever pleases him regardless of societal stand on such action. The child becomes uncontrollable and thus becomes a criminal which develops fully in adulthood.

Blames Others for his Wrongs

A child who fails to learn to accept responsibilities for his actions tends to blaming others even when he faults. Such a child becomeincorrigible and unrestrainable. Eventually, such child begins to think he is above family and societal laws and gradually starts displaying some outlaw tendencies. This evolution in criminal behaviors renders the society less secure and unsafe.

Exposed to a Family Life of 

Violence and Crime

This is one of the most determining factors of who a child becomes in adulthood. Children do more what they see than what they hear. Occasional domestic violence, unhealthy quarrels, violent movies, cartoons, toys, etc. are hugely instrumental to turning a child into a violent-prone adult. Such child becomes a bully, welcomes anything that appears violent and gradually turns a criminal especially as he matures.

Always Withdrawn

This leads us to another consequence of exposing a child to domestic violence and unhealthy quarrels especially in the family. Such child feels unloved, insecure as well as cheated and tends to search for love and acceptance in the wrong places due to feelings of inferiority complex. As a result, most children in this condition become withdrawn in public and seek solitude. Not being able to face the society boldly, they resort to unacceptable ways to get attention which easily leads them to the life of crime. Withdrawn children easily fall into lives of crime and such could be seen everywhere around the world today. It takes a well-adjusted child to have a safe and secure society, not a withdrawn kid who feels inferior and would not open up to the world around him.

Brings Home from School items 

that do not Belong to Him/Her

Unfortunately, most kids are guilty of this. More unfortunate is the fact that most parents fail to realize the implication of these actions from their children. When a child brings home items which you know you never bought for him, it could be that he stole from other kids, bullied to obtain them or illegally exchanged his items just to have his item of desire. In any of these, the child exhibited discontentment, disregard for parents, criminal possession of items not meant for him. Any child who habitually does this must be stopped. If not checked, such child becomes criminalized even before full maturity into adulthood. Such behaviors have brought about armed robbery, kidnap, pick-pocketing, bullying and other forms of insecurity which we see in our society today.

Always Demand for Money especially

for Unimportant Reasons

A child may ask for money when in need of it. But there is a difference between "need" and "want". A parent or ward should know when a child needs money or want money. However any child whp habitually asks for money at every turn is ost likely to grow into a money-conscious adult and this easily lures one into a life of crime.
Unfortunately, most parents do not care how much and how often their kids demand from them as they feel they have got the money to spend. Eventually, there money becomes insufficient for their child who has grown into an adult and he starts stealing to make up.

Shows less or no Remorse 

when indicted in Wrong Acts

A child who shows no remorse when caught in wrong acts, who displays indifferent attitude when he faults is most likely to become a criminal in adulthood. It is somewhat different from a child who habitually lies even when caught in the act although both are condemnable. Such child may in this case confess to committing such crime but may not repent from it. This is what some people may term as being a "hardened criminal". An unsafe and insecure society is one that has this crop of people among its law-abiding citizens.
I know you might wish to read more signs that show your child may grow to become a criminal. Yes, there are many more signs to look out for which I shall publish in my next post very soon. I shall also reveal how best to correct such misbehaviors at infancy. Meanwhile, feel free to share this piece of information with friends and family on social media. You may also comment below to share your idea or experience with us.
-(Source: Safe and security)


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