NYSC CAMP: 6 Kinds of People You will Meet at the Orientation Ground

Even as the Orientation Camps kicks off tomorrow, I feel obliged to quickly intimate you on the kinds of persons you are likely to meet. Have fun.

1). "Camp Commandants" : I call this sets of persons "I- too -knows". They are the ones who seem to know everything about anything in the camp, from drills, meetings, workshop, etc. They are the ones who will be eager to organise any line that seems disordered. They will tell you where registration will take place and all you need to present for registration. They are so much in touch and in charge of happenings that you are tempted to ask " Bros, you carry over NYSC?". Obviously they are the first in line to be made platoon leaders.

2). "JJCs": These set of individuals are the direct opposite of the "Camp Commandant". They ask you some of the most stu.pid and obvious questions, from "Where do I do my registration", "What do I need for the registration", to "When are we suppose to wake up", "Where is the toilet and bathroom", etc. And you are like "Babe, you sure say you go university so?". Frankly speaking, these persons can be really annoying. They will see you in a line that is meant for registration and they will be like, "Sorry, is this line for registration?"...And you would be like, "No, it is the line of Census"!

3). SUs (spiri- koko): Obviously, these individuals are in a hurry to get started from where they left off back in school. They are the ones who would wake you up from sleep with prayers and devotions. They will readily greet you with the "Bless you brother" phrase. You can be sure that they are the ones that would end up becoming NCCF prayer co-ordinator or better still, President.

4). "Show - offs": The description says it all. For the ladies, they are willing to show off the flashy phones, latest gadgets and more importantly, their "assets"(If you know what i mean), since they would be required to wear tight-fitted vests. Most of them are there to "Sell their wares" and would readily go to the highest bidder. For the guys, these ones would love to show off their "Six packs" and well built physique to the admiration of the ladies. These persons strongly believe that "If you got it, you flaunt it"! Abeg, who six pack don help?

5)."Attachées": These persons have made up their minds not to spend one dime of their money in camp. They will attach themselves to you for your provisions, soap, perfumes, etc. From the first few days in camp, they identify the rich guys/girls and they attach themselves to these persons forming "clique", tagging along at every single opportunity, all for what they can get from you. When you sight them, subtly let them know, "Bros, abeg you come your own, I come my own".

6). "Couples": Have you ever wondered how two persons can just meet themselves today and start clinging to themselves as if they've known for a long time. These set of persons are the ones who came with the vain hope of meeting "Mr. Right or Miss Perfect" in camp. You see them together everywhere they go. Obviously, you know these "wack 2-3 weeks relationship" mostly end up going no where.

7). Feel free to Add yours!

Originally composed by EmperorMGI and parcks.


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