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2face Reacts to Tiwa Savage and Teebillz Marriage Scandal

Tuface has slammed Nigerians who have been making distasteful comments about Tiwa & Teebillz marriage crash. See what he shared on Twitter two hours ago…
2face and Annie Idibia are really close friends to Tiwa Savage and her estranged husband, Teebillz
Tunji Balogun. Teebillz even thanked Annie and his neighbour for sending him homemade meals in his Instagram outburst.

29 Things Corpers Usually Require For a Smooth Orientation Camp Experience

You are on this page probably because you have been Mobilized by NYSC, a prospective corper or better still a parent who is helping out his/her child source for necessary information as regards NYSC camp requirements. I'm going keep it precise but detailed so you you don't have to run around the internet searching for more information.

Now there's a huge excitement in your heart that you are going to serve your father land, that's obviously amazing. However, it will be really sad and shattering if you got to camp and you are being sent back because you don't have some required items for registration. 

Now follow me closely as i list all you will need for registration and also to make your stay fun..

Official NYSC Camp Registration Requirements:

1. CALL UP LETTER: This is a vital part of camp registration and the only evidence that you are a prospective corps member (colloq. Corper, or Otondo) and you are not impersonating anyone. This will be taken from and not returned to you. So if at all you even forget you luggage (lol) never forget this.

Tip: DO NOT LAMINATE IT! And keep it like its your life. I know someone who was sent back because she forgot hers. Also someone who had to beg and beg before his letter was collected because he laminated his own copy. So please avoid all these stress and make enough copies of this letter.

2. Registration Documents: Foreign graduates should take along important registration documents used in registering at Abuja.

3. Final Year Student Identity CARD

4. Notification/Statement of Result from School

5. PASSPORT PHOTOGRAPHS: This is very important. Take as many as you can, about 20 in red backgrounds. You would need them at every registration point mostly. Then those of you who would likely redeploy or join one group or the other in camp, you would need more than others.

6. PHOTOCOPIES OF YOUR DOCUMENTS: Now make about 5-10 copies of every document required. There would be photocopiers in camp at mammy market but trust me, it is double the price and it saves time.

Tip: The forms that will be handed to you are very easy to fill. Attach your passport where necessary and fill them correctly. After your registration, you will be issued with your State Code Number. This will be like your PIN throughout your Service Year.

7. CERTIFICATES/LICENSES: For Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses & Lab Scientists, take along your proof of certification.

8. STATIONERY: PEN, PAPER, GUM, TIPPEX. Yeah this saves time and lots of unnecessary begging.

Tip: Some camps do seize staplers at the gate during check-in. So do not forget to include pins in your stapler if you are taking that along.

Tip: After getting your NYSC State Code Number, you can proceed to claim your NYSC Kit and Mattress after which you can proceed to get a Room. After you have gotten your kit and secured a place in the hostels, you can settle down and you are good to go to start the Military parades.

Now, Your NYSC kit should contain 1 NYSC Crested Vest, A pair of Khaki Trousers, Cap and Jacket, 2 White T-shirts, 2 Pairs of Knickers, 2 pairs of green-stripped Stockings, A Pair of Orange Jungle Boots and One Pair of White Converse. A “Belt” is also included.


9. ROUND-NECKED WHITE T-SHIRTS: This is an essential outfit in camp in fact in most camps this is the only allowed cloth to be worn throughout your 3 weeks. Even to church, you might not be allowed to wear colored cloths. You would be given 2 pairs of white t-shirts at camp to just fulfill all righteousness which surely would never be your size especially our very slim and small otondo in size . So you can bring extra pairs (6). Why? Because you probably wont have time to wash during the week after being stressed out from the parades and Man-O-War drills.

Tip: Do not carry more than 2 pairs of colored clothes because you wont need it.

10. WHITE SHORTS: I beg you please do bring yours. you would also be given 2 pairs of shorts which are really poor in material. They tear easily and it can be annoying. So my dear Otondos bring like 4 pairs of shorts. Trust me also you wont like to wash everyday, so bring enough to last you like 3 days so that you wont be stranded.

11. PLAIN WHITE SNEAKERS/TENNIS SHOES: This is a very important outfit. you would also be given an ugly pair of low quality white tennis shoes customized for NYSC. It’s either you are not given your size although you can find someone with your size and swap. But after the first wash it starts tearing. So just buy yours (white). They also sell this in camp, so in case you are not able to get you could buy in camp just carry extra cash for that because the price would be higher – as with everything in Mammy – because they know you have no choice than to buy. Now, If you happen to camp during the rainy season (Batch ‘B’ & ‘C’), get white rubber sneakers/boots especially if you’re posted to the Southern part of the country . The parade fields/mammy market might be messed up after the rains. You will get this in camp.

12. WHITE SOCKS: Just get extra pairs.

13. MOSQUITO TREATED NET: You would do not want to fall sick in camp from malaria. Just bring yours. Also bring ropes you would use to hang it. I also used mine as a room to protect my box and properties from thieves and also from some insects and ants.

14. BASIC DRUGS: Like Panadol or paracetamol, medicine for your allergies, menstrual pain relief drug, nausea relief drugs, antibiotics e.t.c. The camp clinic is sometimes inadequately stocked with drugs so help yourself.

True story – A corper from the previous batch donated at least a million Naira worth of medicine to our (Lagos) camp clinic, and barely a few days later, they claimed to have run out of medicine.

15. PADLOCKS: [BRING or BUY from Mammy] Please lock your boxes and bags to avoid regrets and tears. I know someone who lost more than 5 items including his two phones – like he’s the only one in camp.

16. WAIST POUCH: /Fanny pack/Bum bag (or for the more fashion-conscious, a cross-body purse).The bum bags are more popular because they won’t bang against you when you’re active and your hands are free to do whatever. You need it to carry your money, phone, small valuables, pens, etc around with you at all times. You should sleep with it too.

17. BEVERAGE: The camp will supply u with “Tea-water” so you can make tea when u need to!

18. DETTOL OR ANY DISINFECTANT: This is very, very essential. Firstly the bathrooms can be very annoying and dirty and more importantly, you would not like to have infection from camp. Bad idea. Depending on your camp, the water can be dirty. Most people always have reaction to it.

19. DETERGENT: [BUY from Mammy.] Again, this reduces the amount of load you’re bringing into camp. However, if you’re lucky the mammy market will have vendors offering laundry services! It costs about N50 per item, N100 for your khaki trousers or shirt, extra N50 if you want your items pressed.

Tip: The Bucket: Buy this in Mammy. Don’t stress yourself taking one to Camp, which you’re probably going to leave behind after 3 weeks.

Toiletries: Toilet Paper, Sanitary Pad, soap dish etc. BUY in Mammy.



22. Bed sheets, Pillow Cases and A Pillow. You could also get pillow from mammy market to reduce load.

Tip: Mattresses will be provided by NYSC. It is best to “double up” with the mattresses, as they are about 1 to 2 inches thick. Lol.

23. HANDKERCHIEF. There will be BUCKETS of sweating. Do yourself a favor.

24. FLASHLIGHT OR RECHARGEABLE LAMPS: [BRING or BUY] Most camps, or in fact, all camps do not give light except at a specific time of the day. It’s very essential especially at night when you need to use the bathroom, early in the morning when preparing for morning drills and meditations and at night in case you need to do anything. At the mammy market, there is always light till they close, usually 10pm except on days like the Camp Fire Night. You can charge them there at a little fee.

Tip: You will be fed three times a day in camp but I must not lie to you, the food there is nothing to write home about. They can be nice on few occasions like Sundays, but most days, they are poor. If you are someone who loves to eat good food, make provisions for your own food. You should get some fast foods along, some breakfast cereals and beverages. You should also hold extra cash to eat at the Mammy market. You will get good meals there.

25. PLATE, BOWL AND CUP: [BRING or BUY] For eating. Important for those who intend on eating Camp food.

26. Some form of entertainment: Novels – for those who get bored easily, please carry some. And for guys PSP or chess. also iPod your and MP3 players for audiophiles.

27. Your Ray-Ban sunglasses for the sun. And if you can’t afford that, get a Ray-Bon. LoL

28. Get extra phone batter(ies) and extra Network SIMs. Some network are not available at some camps in remote locations far from towns. Once you get your call-up letter, you can find out (fromStudents.com.ng) which network has the best reception at your destination camp. If you need data access, find out if that available also. Instagramers and keekers, if you get EDGE thank your stars.

29. CASH: Extremely important. You would need about N15,000. Then between N20,000 – N30,000 to be ‘just’ comfortable. For those that can manage, say, N10,000 – N15,000. There are lots of things that take up money. Things like food (for those who don’t intend eating camp food), drinks, recharge cards, charging of phones, laundry, pleasures e.t.c

Tip: You wont be allowed to leave camp. So do not be stranded, trust me it’s not a good idea. Just budget 1000 per day. You could take your ATM card along, incase. (This might sound counter-intuitive since there might not be any ATM in camp and you are not allowed to leave camp. But figure it out…)

You can keep you extra cash with the Accounts Department (as the case was in my camp) while some shops offer POS services, you still have access to extra cash whenever you need it.

If you have a camera you can take it along because you will want to snap a lot of scenes. If you have a Smartphone with great camera, that’s good for you because you can easily take and share photos on social networks.

Tip: If you don’t have any of those, you will have to pay some guys on camp who do that as business to follow you around and snap you wherever you go. They might charge up to N2,000 for the duration of the camping. They should give you all your photos and videos in DVDs at the end of Camping. Or you could wait till the last day of leaving camp and snap at a cheaper rate.

This is all i have to share with you today... whatever your heart tells you to pick along, please do... lol. 

Thanks for reading, feel free to share

-(Courtesy: Chuzzy)

NYSC CAMP: 6 Kinds of People You will Meet at the Orientation Ground

Even as the Orientation Camps kicks off tomorrow, I feel obliged to quickly intimate you on the kinds of persons you are likely to meet. Have fun.

1). "Camp Commandants" : I call this sets of persons "I- too -knows". They are the ones who seem to know everything about anything in the camp, from drills, meetings, workshop, etc. They are the ones who will be eager to organise any line that seems disordered. They will tell you where registration will take place and all you need to present for registration. They are so much in touch and in charge of happenings that you are tempted to ask " Bros, you carry over NYSC?". Obviously they are the first in line to be made platoon leaders.

2). "JJCs": These set of individuals are the direct opposite of the "Camp Commandant". They ask you some of the most stu.pid and obvious questions, from "Where do I do my registration", "What do I need for the registration", to "When are we suppose to wake up", "Where is the toilet and bathroom", etc. And you are like "Babe, you sure say you go university so?". Frankly speaking, these persons can be really annoying. They will see you in a line that is meant for registration and they will be like, "Sorry, is this line for registration?"...And you would be like, "No, it is the line of Census"!

3). SUs (spiri- koko): Obviously, these individuals are in a hurry to get started from where they left off back in school. They are the ones who would wake you up from sleep with prayers and devotions. They will readily greet you with the "Bless you brother" phrase. You can be sure that they are the ones that would end up becoming NCCF prayer co-ordinator or better still, President.

4). "Show - offs": The description says it all. For the ladies, they are willing to show off the flashy phones, latest gadgets and more importantly, their "assets"(If you know what i mean), since they would be required to wear tight-fitted vests. Most of them are there to "Sell their wares" and would readily go to the highest bidder. For the guys, these ones would love to show off their "Six packs" and well built physique to the admiration of the ladies. These persons strongly believe that "If you got it, you flaunt it"! Abeg, who six pack don help?

5)."Attachées": These persons have made up their minds not to spend one dime of their money in camp. They will attach themselves to you for your provisions, soap, perfumes, etc. From the first few days in camp, they identify the rich guys/girls and they attach themselves to these persons forming "clique", tagging along at every single opportunity, all for what they can get from you. When you sight them, subtly let them know, "Bros, abeg you come your own, I come my own".

6). "Couples": Have you ever wondered how two persons can just meet themselves today and start clinging to themselves as if they've known for a long time. These set of persons are the ones who came with the vain hope of meeting "Mr. Right or Miss Perfect" in camp. You see them together everywhere they go. Obviously, you know these "wack 2-3 weeks relationship" mostly end up going no where.

7). Feel free to Add yours!

Originally composed by EmperorMGI and parcks.

Nigerian Stock Exchange Fresh Graduate Recruitment 2016

The Nigerian Stock Exchange services the largest economy in Africa, and is championing the development of Africa’s financial markets.  The Exchange offers listing and trading services, licensing services, market data solutions, ancillary technology services, and more.  It is an open, professional and vibrant exchange, connecting Nigeria, Africa and the world.

We are recruiting to fill the position of: 

Job Title: IT Auditor


Job Descritpion

  • This jobholder has the responsibility of reviewing and evaluating (wholly or partly) the NSE automated information processing systems, related non-automated processes and the interfaces between them in order to determine the risks that are relevant to information assets, and assessing and evaluating controls in order to reduce or mitigate these risks.
  • She/he is also expected to evaluate the reliability of data from IT systems which have an impact on the financial statement.
  • She/he is to ascertain the level of compliance with applicable laws, policies and standards in relation to IT as well as check if there are instances of extravagance, inefficiencies and wastage in the use and management of IT systems.
Review  of System Access Controls:

  • Review and ensure that access control strategy aligns with the corporate identity policy and the IT architecture of NSE;
  • Review and ensure that a unique identity is used to initiate a transaction and ensure that user is currently authorized to perform such action;
  • Violation monitoring: ensuring that access violations are identified. e.g. resigned staff accounts still active on NSE applications
Post-Implementation Reviews of IT Projects:
  • Reviews to identify risks introduced during the vendor selection, pre-implementation and golive due to system adaptation for NSE’s Users and processes;
  • Review and ensure that key controls were embedded through the application acquisition lifecycle and go-live of various applications and processes
Business Continuity Reviews:
  • Review to ensure continuous operations of business applications (X-stream, Sage etc.) in the event of fires, terrorist attacks, extended power failures, equipment and telecommunications failures; 
  • Review appropriately identified risks focusing on NSE processes and known potential risks that affect continuity of IT operations and services;
  • Ensure that costs of implementing and managing continuity assurance are less than the expected losses and within management’s risk tolerance
Reviews of Change Management:
  • Ensure 100% compliance to change management procedures to handle in a standardized manner all requests (including maintenance and patches) for changes to applications, procedures, processes, system and service parameters, and the underlying platforms;
  • Assess the control risk associated with change request of changes within IT infrastructure and Applications;
Revenue Assurance Audit:
  • Review of the various income heads in the books of the NSE;
  • Ensure that income streams protected from income leakages due to wrong configuration or manual process for collection of incomes
Continuous Auditing of IT Related activities:
  • Ensure that the following activities carried out by IT are reviewed
  • Reviews of IT implementation and ensure that the meet the needs of users
  • Ensure that the disaster recovery processes in the NSE, would available and sufficient enough to withstand major disruptions to our information systems
  • Continuous auditing of x-stream and ensure that data from the application are accurate
Audit of IT Governance:
  • NSE’s IT senior management team is engaged in aligning IT strategic plans with current and future business needs
  • NSE’s IT performance monitoring and evaluation process reviews: definition of relevant performance indicators, systematic and timely reporting, and timely action upon discovery of deviations
  • Review and ensure that identification and allocation of IT costs are understood by the senior management to enable NSE make informed decisions regarding the use of IT services
Other Reviews:
  • Server Operating Systems Review
  • Network Operating Systems Review
  • Software Development Life Cycles
  • Review of Technology Governance and Operations
  • Information Security Reviews.
  • Ensure Data Centre Best Practices
  • Ensure adherence to Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity principles,
  • Ensure Penetration Testing
Review IT Policies & Procedures Review and  generate Gap analysis Report:
  • Ensure proper monitoring of IT Operations (Backup & Recovery, Job scheduling, Problem and Incident Management).
Audit Reporting:
  • Maintaining work papers
  • Evaluate the sufficiency and appropriateness of audit evidence to support conclusions drawn.
  • Prepare the audit report and presenting it to the head Internal Audit Department
  • Monitor compliance with reporting requirements.
  • Follow up and report on implementation of internal and external audit recommendations.
  • Performing other duties as assigned to him/her by the Head  Internal Audit
Desired Competency and Skills Requirements:
  • Thorough knowledge of Various Standards and Frameworks which include:
    • ISACA framework
    • COBIT
    • COSO
    • SOX
    • ICFR
    • BASEL 1 & II Etc.
  • Extensive knowledge of internal control principles, audit practises and compliance in an IT related Field.
  • Must be able to build strong partnership with MOT and other staff, communicate with a wide variety of audience in a clear understandable language.
  • Experience in IT Audit
  • Proven track record of performance against deliverables
  • Experience in financial sector is highly desirable
  • Change management experience.
Generic Skills:
  • Personal Integrity
  • Dynamic, service oriented  and Committed to results
  • Problem solver and ready to develop and train others
  • Natural inquisitiveness, Highly motivated, energetic and enthusiastic
  • Ability to work under pressure with strict deadlines
  • Ability to recognise and respond to diverse thinking styles and  learning styles 
  • Strategically aware of the business environment, with a global mind-set
  • Firm in decision making and persuasive.
Job Specification
  • A Bachelor's degree in accounting, Economics, Information technology or a similar field
  • CISA (Certified Information Systems Audit), ICAN, ACCA added advantage.
Application Closing Date
Not Specified.

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV/Resume to:cconwujei@nse.com.ng

Fulani Herdsmen Kills Many in Enugu State

Fulani herdsmen have killed unspecified number of persons during invasion of Ukpabi,  Nimbo in Uzo-Uwani Local Government Area of Enugu State in the early of hours of Monday.

According to reports, natives have fled to neighboring communities of Nkpologu and Uvuru, even as Nkpologu natives fled to Nsukka in fear of attacks.
The herdsmen, who were reported to be well armed with automatic weapons during the attack, were said to have invaded the villages in large number.

“Immediately, they arrived they started to shoot everything in sight, people ran in different directions. I have to run, abandon my children and wife. As I am talking to you now I don’t know their whereabout”, a man from the village, who did not want his identityy revealed, said. Reasons for the attack is yet unknown as of press time.

Police Public Relations Officer, Ebere Amaraizu, confirmed the Invasion.
He said a combined team of police and Army have moved to the area. -(Source)

British High Commission (BHC) Fresh Graduate Job Recruitment 2016

The British Government is an inclusive and diversity-friendly employer.  We value difference, promote equality and challenge discrimination, enhancing our organisational capability. We welcome and encourage applications from people of all backgrounds. We do not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, colour, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, veteran status or other category protected by law. We promote family-friendly flexible working opportunities, where operational and security needs allow. 

We are recruiting to fill the following positions below:

1.) British High Commission (BHC) Graduate IT Support Officers Recruitment

Click Here To View Details

2.) Receptionist (Chancery)

Click Here To View Details

Application Closing Date  

29th April, 2016.

Entrepreneurship: How to Start Up a Football Viewing Centre

Everybody loves football and why not? football breaks tribal and religious barriers and unites people under one umbrella. We all have memories of iconic events in the history of international football. Moments when the clocks stop, nations hold their breath, and we’re reminded just how special the World Cup can be.
Lagosians are avid followers of football and although watching football is fun, watching with friends and fellow fans is better. Which is why most Lagosians prefer to watch the game in viewing centres. The absolute icing on the proverbial cake is the place where you decide to do the watching. Where you watch a football match can make or mar your watching experience.
Viewing centres are exciting places. The thrill that comes with seeing it alone at home is minimal compared to seeing it in a viewing center or a bar. You are likely to come across different types of people at a viewing center in Lagos. These are the 5 kinds of people you’re likely to meet.


With the introduction of football betting in Nigeria, interest in football has moved to another level. These guys are not necessarily interested in the clubs they are cheering. All they want is the match to go the way they want so they can win some money.


These are the guys who can do anything for the club they support. You’ll almost think they are the official representatives of the club in the neighborhood authorized and recognized by the club.
They flaunt the clubs jersey, celebrate wildly if the club wins and refuse to eat for days if the club loses a match.It’s no use discussing the match with the die-hard fan if you don’t support his club.
These are the guys who feel they are best suited to work at Super Sport but are just unfortunate to find themselves in your neighborhood. They know everything about every major European club and their players.
They know the age and market value of every player and can analyze an on-going football match almost better than the commentator. Even when nobody is listening, they don’t care. It’s a solo duty anyway and they enjoy doing it alone.
You have to doff your imaginary hat for Chelsea Football Club fans :Their ubiquitous presence in every viewing center is very vivid. Whether it is a match that Chelsea is involved or not, you are likely to find someone in a Chelsea club jersey there antagonizing every other club.
In Lagos, they are stereotyped as noisy, aggressive and stubborn and don’t care about other clubs except perhaps clubs Jose Mournho has coached like Real Madrid and Inter Milan. Whether Chelsea is winning or losing a match, their formidable presence is always the same. So which category do you belong to?


Investing in a football viewing center is a lucrative business. The market is a large one, there are many football leagues showing yearly from the English Premiership, French league, European Champions League, UEFA Cup, Spanish La Liga, etc.
If you are still wondering how you can generate a reasonable income through this, let us do a quick calculation. If you own a 100 capacity viewing center and you charge customers N50 per match, at the end of each match (which is 105 minutes) you will have made N5, 000! Imagine you running about three four matches a day, doesn’t that look like a good bargain?
To start with you will need to do a survey of the area you plan to set up the viewing center – Is it well populated? Is it close to higher institutions? what is the population of young people in that environment?  Are there other viewing centres in that area? Be sure that your chosen location can accommodate many of your customers and still have space for expansion. Have a hundred people in mind for a start.
Items required to start
ItemPrice (N)

Flat screen television

208,000 (at 104,000 per 1)
Decoder (GOTV)4,500
Generator Set75,000
Standing fan12,500
Electric power stabilizer6,500
Extension sockets, bulbs, cables etc.5000
Air freshener500
Plastic chairs X 3030,000 (at N1000 per 1)



You can also generate additional income by providing light refreshments or drinks.
You can invite a beverage company to come brand the place for you. In most cases, they give 1 or 2 refrigerators to sell only their brands.


Sports betting is another means to generate additional income; have you heard of Nairabet and the likes of other sports betting companies? This is proof that football betting and viewing centres are very lucrative businesses.


Get a blackboard or notice board outside your football center to write out all upcoming matches for the day.
If you have more capital and you want to make your viewing center top-notch, you can employ cooks to sell pepper soup, small chops, recharge card vouchers, and cold drinks. You could even sell these things yourself. If you are a good cook, you could set up a pepper soup joint beside your viewing center.
Another strategy to stay at the top of your game is by offering bonanzas or produce T-shirts with the name of your viewing centres printed on it. Be smart and creative. There’s so much money to be made in this business!
Treat your customers with respect. Customers are the backbone of every business! Be friendly to your customers. Treat them with respect, and try to build personal relationships with them.
Most importantly, be friendly to your clients. Try to deal with them personally and with respect.
The football viewing center is really a money spinning venture in Lagos. Take advantage of it.
Note: Survey does not include cost of rent as there may have a structure on ground. Also rental fee varies from one location to the other.
Source: Hallmark News

10 Rules to Obey When Buying a Land/Property In Lagos

Owning a landed property in Lagos is something many people consider as a worthy venture. However the attendants risk involved in the acquisition of such land and retention without having to battle with 'the powers that be' is another cause for concern and worry.Some might say it’s probably better to use their millions to buy stocks/shares or do some small business but the truth is that those kinds of businesses are too risky but having a property of your own when you can afford it helps to consolidate your wealth.
So, if you have enough money to build or buy a house of your own, it’s best to just do it as it increases your chances of remaining rich for the long term. There are many people that made millions during their youthful age but ended up wasting it and didn’t even have anything to fall back on by the time they are retired.
It’s one thing to make lots of money in Lagos but another thing to actually keep hold of that money for the long term. Investing in a solid asset like real estate is one way smart Lagosians keep remaining rich even when they are no longer making a lot of active income.
Everyday thousands of Nigerians at home and abroad hope to buy a property in Nigeria more especially in popular cities such as Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Abeokuta, Ibadan etc but a common reoccurring theme that filters through their minds is how to safeguard their money so that they won’t be duped by Land Fraudsters or lose their Lands to the Government.
There are a great number of things to look out for and keep in mind when buying a new home or land property especially in a place like Lagos Nigeria. The following 10 steps are crucial and will serve as guideline while you make that investment in property in Lagos.

1. You should have a Budget:

Budget first and foremost before all things unless you would go bankrupt
The No.1 cardinal sin of most intending property buyers is not having a budget before they set out to buy a land. No matter the amount you have saved in your bank account, always take the time to research the other fees that are usually associated with buying a land and they always come in these form.
a. Legal fees- 5% of the cost of the land
b. Agency Fees- 5% of the cost of the land
c. Survey Plan- (usually above N100,000-N300,000) Depending on the location of the land and state.
d. Cost of signing the documents- ( A very strange tradition in Lagos but nonetheless something you cannot escape paying)
e. Cost of putting up a fence to secure your land immediately you purchase it
f. Cost of perfecting your documents with the Government at the Land Registry such as a C of O, Governors Consent, Ratification fees, Survey Land information etc.
Once you have done the math to know all these hidden fees that are associated with buying a land, it will adequately guide you on the location and type of land that would suit your pocket.
2. Thou Shalt not buy a Land without demanding for the Documents that the Owner(s) Possess:
Look for all the accompanying documents that a land seller must have such as a Receipt, Land Survey and or Deed of Assignment
Buying a property without knowing the documents the Seller possessed is like attempting to buy a car from an auto dealer or independent seller without asking him to show you his driving licence and car papers? You know what will happen to you when you are caught driving without proof of ownership from the previous seller. The same rule applies to buying a land. Anybody trying to transfer land or property to you must show you the documents he executed with the previous owner so as to show proof of Ownership or else anything you are buying from him is a stolen property and it’s as simple as that.
You hear daft stories like, “Oh, it’s my Aunty that is selling the land and I know her or it’s my Colleague at work selling the land so I just paid money into their account because I know them previously”. Really!!! Husband and Wives draw up wills, Parents document gifts they give to their children, why then would you just pay for a land to a non blood relative because you know them previously. For those of you intending to do something like this soon, please stop it because you might be buying a problematic land that has no proof of ownership previously and when something goes wrong, there would be no evidence to back up your claims that you bought it legally without any issue.
3. Carry out a proper land verification search:

Land Verification is a very important thing to do before you buy a land in Lagos. The intricacies of investigating a land is so complex that you should not play i too know with your money without involving land verification experts to confirm the validity of that land you intend to buy unless you risk throwing away your life saving to Land fraudsters because you were too stingy, ignorant or too cocky to perform one.
Please do not buy any property without performing a Land Check on the Owner, the Land and the Documents the Seller possesses. There are so many things to cross reference at this stage that is why you must take your time and be patient because it is your money that is at stake not the seller or Agent’s money. If you fail to take this step, then you would be left alone to wallow in your own self pity and misery because the seller would be long gone with your money.
Do not let the occasional grumblings from the seller or agent weigh you down or push you to do something rash such as ” A lot of people are rushing to buy this land and if you don’t pay now, the land may be gone” etc. Don’t listen to them. The land was there before you decided to pay interest in acquiring it and it would still be there after you do your search. The seller and agent are just eager to line up their pockets with your money so they throw you that line to you to scare you.
The reasons you must do the search is because you must verify the owner, how he got the land previously, why he wants to sell, what is prompting him to sell whether there is any dispute or litigation that he wants to shift the burden to you or he has bought a very bad land and wants to dispose it quickly before the problem manifests into something bigger or he has dubious and unreliable documents that do not confer title or ownership to him, so he is looking for the nearest fool or unsuspecting buyer to pass that problem to.
Also you will have to investigate the land to know whether it’s genuinely a good land, a land that isn’t under government acquisition or not, a land that is not subject to any communal or legal dispute, a land that doesn’t run afoul of government regulations etc.
And finally investigating all the documents the owner has and ought to have such as a Survey plan, deed of assignment, contract of sale, C of O, Governors Consent, Gazette, Letter of Allocation, Receipts, Deed of Transfer, Power of Attorney etc. The check list is too much but it must be done so that you are satisfied 100% of the title. This is the only thing that will give you piece of mind and you must contract a land verification expert to do it to give you that extra comfort or peace of mind.
4. Always Involve Professionals in Land Matters before you buy a property:
A lawyer, Surveyor and Architect are the 3 most important people you must get in touch with before you buy a land. The lawyer is the only one that can draw up your contract papers legally. Any other landed document drawn up by any other person is null and void and you would not be allowed to process your papers at the Land registry.
Secondly a Registered Surveyor is the only one that can draw up your survey plans. Without the survey plan you have no description of the land you intend to buy. Use only a registered surveyor please and finally, an Architect is the one who would advise you on the type of house you are to build and the cost of putting up that structure starting from the location of the land down to the type of soil. Don’t do self service. Engage these professionals to guide you properly.
5. Do not buy a Land without Viewing the land physically:
No matter how beautiful or attractive the land being advertised appears please go there and look at it. Too many Real estate developers and Agents have scammed thousands of Lagosians using beautifully drawn flyers promoting lands that are equivalent to Aso rock estate in choice locations only realize that they are Sh***t holes or dump yards not fit for human habitation.
Always find time to visit the place physically or send a trusted representative to view it. Don’t rely on just pictures and sweet words because there are so many other important things the picture or advert won’t tell you such as the neighborhood, light and water issues, the road leading to that place, amenities such schools or hospitals, transportation ease to and fro, marketetc. Make sure you check all these things before you finally commit yourself to buy a land.
6. Do not buy a property that smells of trouble:

No matter what happens in life, you must always trust your own personal instinct and 95% of the time, your conscience would never lie. The moment you visit a land for inspection, follow whatever your guts tell you. If your mind is shaky about the land, don’t push it; walk away because that land isn’t meant for you.
If you see things that make you tremble or suspicious please walk away. If you see things like fenced lands that cannot be justified by the owner or no proof of ownership, no survey plan or its layout, you hear the land is a relocation land or there is a minor dispute that was just solved, so many family owners or sellers etc please kindly walk away and move on. You have just dodged a silver bullet in your pocket. Don’t let anyone pressurize you to buy it. The signs that you see now might seem so small and irrelevant but trust me 5 years down the line it will begin to manifest seriously and the Agent or Seller who allayed your fears and coerced you to buy it would be long gone and you will be left on your own to deal with the resultant issues.
 7. You must not pay for any Landed Transaction in Cash:

Do not pay for lands in Lagos with Cash directly. Document it.
Don’t even dream of it. Everything must be properly documented from the cost of the land down to the Receipt or survey fees. This is the only thing that can save you from problem tomorrow in case you want to track down a fraudulent seller of land. I hear people giving land sellers cash to make them feel comfortable but it’s not right. Even if the signing fees is N50,000, try your personal best to document it through a recognized bank instrument.       
Instead of paying cash directly, why don’t you pay through Checks or Bank Drafts so that there would be a history of the transaction? Also engage a lawyer to prepare a purchase receipt in your favour so that all parties would acknowledge receipt of these Bank instruments. It would prevent the seller from denying the exact amount he was paid and when he was paid and for what purpose. I do it all the time to protect my clients and that’s why a land fraudster cannot claim he wasn’t paid for a specific land
If push comes to shove, that tiny piece of evidence can be used in court to show when, how and the time the person collected the money and he cannot deny it. Most fraudulent sellers try to avoid this route by accepting partial cash installment payments to cover up their tracks. Don’t do it.
8. Never ever listen to a land seller’s opinions about the title of land they possess without you verifying it:
A lot of previous land purchasers are very guilty of this commandment and have become terrible victims in the aftermath of this issue. They listen to these land sellers who lie to them that the land has Government approved papers such a Gazette or C of O etc but they do not have any shred of evidence. They lie that certain big shots have bought lands there and they are all deriving title from that government document legalizing their ownership of the land but there is none available that you can inspect physically. Because people are ignorant they believe them.
How would you take the word of an illiterate over an educated professional? It makes no sense. Their only business with you is to show you the land, prove ownership and show you their documents. Any other thing that comes out of their mouth to sway you to buy is just plain lies so don’t fall for their tricks. If you’re in doubt, engage Omonile Lawyer to get to the bottom of these stories. I might be saving you from throwing away your life saving to a Land fraudster.
9. Make sure you put all your Landed Transaction Details in Writing:
All your Land Transactions must be documented to save your self from unwarranted headache tomorrow. There are so many documents you need to make sure the title of that land is properly transferred to you such as a deed of assignment, contract of sale, letter of allocation, affidavits, purchase receipt, deed of gifts, letters of administration, survey plan etc. Not having some of these documents is Akin to just assuming you own a land but when you are ready to take possession of the land you now realize someone else has taken over your land and has done his documents to claim ownership over you. Please always consult a property lawyer experienced in real estate to guide you on the documents you need to prove ownership of that land.
Another very common mistake most purchasers are culpable of. They pay for lands but there is no proof of the deed of assignment or contract of sale between the buyer and the seller. Absolute madness!!!! Some will say they haven’t received the receipt but they are waiting for the owner to come back so he would take them to meet the family he bought it from. Many I know don’t even have a survey plan. How do you prove ownership? How can you trace the owner?
Some people tell me that it’s not a problem because they know where the person lives so he cannot run. Ok, what if he dies? How do you prove to his family or community that you bought the land validly from him? What if another person lays claim to that same land, how do you prove ownership? The 3 basic things a Buyer must have when they pay for a land is a Receipt, Deed of Assignment and a Survey Plan. Without these 3 things you have a very slim chance of proving ownership if anything goes wrong in future.
10. Thou Shalt take possession of the land you bought immediately:
Please take possession of your land immediately you buy or within a reasonable time after you buy the land so as to ward off land speculators or Fraudsters prowling around to steal unguarded lands. 
As soon as you buy it, try to take possession of it by constructing a small fence around it. You don’t have to do 9 coaches, just 2 or 3 is enough to demarcate your land so that any prospective buyer of the land knows that it has already being bought and should stay clear of it. Pour gravel or sand there, do a well on the site and visit if frequently. Hire a mai guard to come on the land to watch over it till you have money to build something tangible.
Don’t just leave it fallow and expect it to wait there for you when you are ready. Somebody else would end up encroaching on your land and steal it.                  -(Courtesy: Omonilelawyer)