TEXT: 3John Vs 2

God’s Desire is to see you live in perfect health. Jer. 33:6, if for any reason, you now fall sick against his desire, God has brought you health; ‘cos in Zion, sickness is not permitted

In Jer. 30:17, God says he will restore you with health if the enemy steals it. As a Christian, you have no business with sickness. Sickness is a foreigner and a trespass of the devil in Christendom. It is an alien to a Christian. Isaiah 33:24
E.W Kenyon taught his church regularly about health until they no longer felt sick again

3 Dimensions in this Subject:
(i)                Divine Healing: Supernatural healing of your body without explanation.
(ii)              Divine Health: Here, you don’t fall sick, but you may feel symptom, but it doesn’t break you down
(iii)             Divine Life: Here, you live the Zoë kind of life in reality that is the very life of God. Papa Hagen once said that for the past 15years, I don’t know how headache feels

Your health is a priority to God. In Exo. 15:26, the covenant of health was enacted. God healed their water and by extension their body meaning that anything that pertains to you including your career is expected to enjoy Divine health because of the covenant.

Bible says 3 million people from that place of covenant (Land of Mara) journeyed for 40years in the wilderness and none of them was feeble/sick. Ps. 105:7-13.
God ratified the covenant the covenant of Exo. 15:26 via Jesus Christ so that the non-Israelites will enjoy the benefits of the same Covenant. Is. 53:4, I Peter 2:24

Study Reveals that, Jesus was beaten with 39 stripes with a Roman Whip, not Jewish Whip, this is the Whip usually used for criminals. They wrap the whip with bones, the whip is about 4/5 feet long and the bone was wounded around the whip in each 2meters of the whip.
 Study also reveal that there are 39 classes of diseases on earth, this means each whip was meant to address each disease on earth.

So whenever you are sick, you should look at Jesus, not the sickness, ‘cos he has paid the price.

Why Must You Be Healthy:
1.      Health Prolongs Your Life.
2.      Health is Wealth
3.      To enjoy Peace of Mind
4.      To be fit for God’s service

Source Of Sickness:
1.      Satan is the Source of all ill Health: John 10:10. Acts 10:38. Every sickness is an oppression of the devil
2.      Sin: One wise man said, each time you sin, something die in you. Rom 6:23
3.      Careless Lifestyle: Unhealthy Habits, eating wrongly, worries, alcoholism, smoking etc. endangers the liver and kidney if not now, it will in the future.

Provisions For health:
1.      The Word: This is the divine prescription for sound health.                Prov.4:20-22. The word of god is medicinal. Heb 4:12
2.      The Communion: Divine Provision for sound health. Icor 11:28

     Revrend Duro Aina’s Teachings.

Rev. H.Duro Aina is the Senior Pastor of The Conqueror's Assembly, Akowonjo, Lagos. A church where the Undiluted word of God is Shared, praise and worship is non negotiable and God's presence is always Manifest with signs,wonders and diverse testimonies. With a Mandate to raise a people of substance, men with compassion for lost souls, the conquerors assembly is the right christian gathering to be. 

Attend any of the services: 2 services on Sundays, 8am-10am and 10am-12pm While on Wed(Midweek Services) is 6pm....You will be glad you did. 
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