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NYSC DG Visits Family Of Murdered Corper During Rivers Election

According to Channels tv News, the Director General of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has paid a visit to the family of the NYSC member believed to have been shot dead by unknown gunmen in Ahoada West Local Government Area Rivers State during the rerun elections in the state.
Brigadier General Johnson Olawunmi was at his hometown in Ila Local Government Area of Delta State accompanied by the state coordinator and a few serving corps members.
It was a sad atmosphere as the family of late Chukwudumebi received the DG and his train and with lots of regrets the family poured out their hearts on the demise of their loved one.
Addressing the relatives, the NYSC DG, Brigadier General Johnson Olawunmi said that Chukwudumebi Okonta’s death is a great loss, not only to his immediate family, but also to the NYSC and the entire nation.
He promised that investigations were on to unravel the mystery behind the death.
The NYSC boss promised to work with relevant agencies to ensure that the perpetrators of the heinous act are fished out and made to face the full wrath of the law.
The Corps member, Chukwudumebi Okonta was an orphan and also the eighth of nine children.

2016 Budget: Full List of Budget and Allocated Revenue for Nigeria States.

The Full List of the budgets of Nigeria states for the year 2016 are stated below

1. Abia State - 96.7 billion
2. Adamawa State - 100.89 billion
3. Akwa Ibom State - 426 billion
4. Anambra State - 101.4 billion
5. Bauchi State - 102 billion
6. Bayelsa State - 150.6billion
7. Benue State - 133.4 billion
8. Borno State - 155 billion
9. Cross River State - 350 billion
10. Delta State - 266 billion
11. Ebonyi State - 101.1 billion
12. Edo State - 111.5 billion
13. Ekiti State - 67 billion 
14. Enugu State - 85.1 billion
15. Gombe State - 76.5 billion
16. Imo State - 141.2 billion 
17. Jigawa State - 137.2 billion
18. Kaduna State - 171.7 billion 
19. Kano State - 275 billion
20. Katsina State - 110 billion
21. Kebbi State - 107 billion 
22. Kogi State - 75 billion 
23. Kwara State - 116.2 billion
24. Lagos State - 662.5 billion 
25. Nasarawa State - 77.9 billion 
26. Niger State - 74.7 billion 
27. Ogun state - 200 billion 
28. Ondo State - 118.9 billion
29. Osun state - 150.7 billion
30. Oyo State - 165.5 billion
31. Plateau State - 154 billion 
32. Rivers State - 370 billion
33. Sokoto State - 112.5 billion
34. Taraba State - 68.8 billion 
35. Yobe State - 80.6 billion
36. Zamfara State - 92.8 billion


Lagos state - 662.5 billion
Akwa Ibom state - 426 billion
Rivers state - 370 billion
Cross River state 350 billion
Kano state - 275 billion 
Delta state - 266 billion


Ekiti state - 67 billion least
Taraba state - 68.8 billion 
Niger state - 74.7 billion
Kogi state - 75 billion
Nasarawa state - 77.9 billion
Yobe state - 80.6 billion


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REVEALED - How to Enjoy Lagos Traffic

Lagos and traffic cannot be separated especially as the state marches towards becoming a mega city, Vanguard expressed. Ironically, each time the traffic recedes, you will discover the cause of the gridlock to be as strange as a commercial driver picking passengers on the road or two people parked in the middle of the road shouting at the top of their voices for no major reason. 
This is the story of Lagos’ traffic… and these notorious roadblocks do not appear to be going away anytime soon. 

However, while others groan, you can actually flip the coin and enjoy this situation!, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares tips on how you can achieve this.  

Take Pleasure in comical scenes:
There are so many hilarious things that happen on Lagos roads that you cannot help but laughing. You have the conductor shouting at his passengers to board his bus with their change, a tout forcefully collecting money from the commercial buses which sometimes leads to a fight, and two people trying to outwit one another in a shouting match.  There are so many witty dramas that happen in traffic. 

Drive alongside a lady: 
Women have a special effect on men that even best scientists are yet to decipher. So, when you are leaving for home, go with either your wife or your girlfriend. Both of you will keep yourselves company. It is even better if you have a crowd in your car. You exchange banters, talk about office issues and deal with any traffic problems. This can be fun. 

Turn the music up
Music is the food of the soul. When driving, wind up, play your favourite music and sing along. This will help you manage the depression that comes with driving in traffic. Do not forget to  concentrate on the road!

4 New Vacancies at Unicef International

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) - In September 2014 UNICEF began implementing a joint programme with UN Women on Women, Peace and Security (WPS) funded by the European Union (EU). The programme will support the Nigerian Government (Federal level), three Northern Nigerian States namely Adamawa, Gombe and Plateau and selected Local Government Areas (LGAs) to strengthen women’s leadership, advance gender equality and improve protection for women and children in conflict settings.

UNICEF is responsible for implementation of Component 2 of the programme, namely ‘to increase access to reporting mechanisms and protective services for girls and women affected by human rights abuses, including gender based violence, in 3 states of northern Nigeria”. This will entail enhancing avenues for reporting of child rights violation and Gender Based Violence in Plateau and Gombe States, strengthening access to and quality of services for children and women who have experienced violence (including gender based violence (GBV), abuse, neglect and exploitation and strengthening the information management system for collecting data on violations.

We are recruiting to fill the following vacant positions:

1.) Administrative Assistant (Security)

Deadline: 1st April, 2016.

Click Here To View Details

2.) Immunization Specialist

Deadline: 7th April, 2016.

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Operations Research Specialist (WASH)

Deadline: 30th March, 2016.

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4.) Health Officer 

Deadline: 7th April, 2016.

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Super Eagles: Player Ratings after Nigeria Drew With Egypt

The Super Eagle was denied 3 point today after Mohammed Salah of Egypt, pushed in a goal in the dying minutes of the game to draw level with Nigeria's ADEBOYE AMOSU of Completes Sports rated the Super Eagles after their 1-1 draw with Egypt in Kaduna…
 Carl Ikeme 6/10
The Wolves goalkeeper made a brilliant save to deny Koka in the 18th minute. He was not at fault for the Pharaohs' equalising goal.
Stanley Amuzie 4/10
The left-back struggled to cope with the pace of Mohamed Salah and was the weakest link in Nigeria's defence.
Did well to curtail the Egyptian  attackers until that unfortunate late minute strike by  Mohamed Salah.
The Celtic defender did his defensive job well, though he was bit sloppy at times. He improved like the rest of the team in the second half.
An average performance from the right-back. He was a constant threat on the right side for Nigeria, but his final delivery was most times awful.
Played in an unfamiliar holding midfield role and put up a good showing in his debut appearance for the Super Eagles. He scored his side's only goal in the game.
A subdued performance from the Manchester City youngster in what was his first start for the Super Eagles. Had a hand in Nigeria's only goal in the game though.
Improved like the rest of the team after break and gave an  above average performance in his first game as captain of the side.
Started the game brightly, but fizzled out afterwards. He was duly replaced by Victor Moses in the second half.
The Belgium-based winger  was Nigeria's most potent attacking threat in the game. Contender for man of the match.
The Watford forward was far from his best in the game. He missed a good chance to put his side ahead a minute before the break and was denied by the opposing goalkeeper in the second half.
Took the place of Kelechi Iheanacho. He was lively when he came on and will surely push for a starting berth in the return fixture.
The pacy winger had a goal bound effort cleared off the line few minutes after replacing Ahmed Musa and troubled the Pharaohs's defence for the entire period he spent on the pitch.
The youngster proved his class after coming  on late in the game. He is surely one for the future.

The 5 Kinds Of Couples

Drawing from over four decades of research data, Dr. John Gottman has been able to categorize couples into five types: Conflict-Avoiding, Validating, Volatile, Hostile, and Hostile-Detached. Do you know what type you are?
1. Conflict Avoiders       
Conflict avoiders minimize persuasion attempts and instead emphasize their areas of common ground. They avoid conflict, avoid expressing what they need from one another, and congratulate their relationship for being generally happy. An important aspect about conflict-avoiding couples is in the balance between independence and interdependence. They have clear boundaries, and are separate people with separate interests.
This is not to denigrate the quality of the areas where they meet and depend on one another. They can be quite connected and caring in those areas of overlap where they are interdependent. While they are minimally emotionally expressive, they maintain a ratio of positive-to-negative affect around 5 to 1. 
2. Volatile Couples
Almost the exact opposite of conflict avoiders, volatile couples are intensely emotional. During a conflict discussion, they begin persuasion immediately and they stick to it throughout the discussion. Their debating is characterized by a lot of laughter, shared amusement, and humor. They seem to love to debate and argue, but they are not disrespectful and insulting. Their positive-to-negative ratio? 5 to 1.
There is a lot of negative affect expressed, including anger and feelings of insecurity, but no contempt. They haven no clear boundaries around their individual worlds, and there is enormous overlap. While they have to argue a great deal about their roles, they emphasize connection and honesty in their communication.
3. Validating Couples
The interaction of these couples is characterized by ease and calm. They are somewhat expressive, but mostly neutral. In many ways they seem to be intermediate between avoiders and the volatile couples. They put a lot of emphasis on supporting and understanding their partner’s point of view, and are often empathetic about their partner’s feelings.
They will confront their differences, but only on some topics, and not on others. They can become highly competitive on some issues, which can turn into a power struggle. Then they usually calm down and compromise. During conflict, validators are only mildly emotionally expressive. Once again, the ratio of positive-to-negative affect for validators averaged around 5 to 1.
4. Hostile Couples
Hostile couples are like validators, except there are high levels of defensiveness on the part of both partners. In Dr. Gottman’s lab, the husband was usually the validator and the wife was the avoider. That was based on influence function shapes, which he explains in the book.
There was also a lot of criticism, “you always” and “you never” statements, and whining. During conflict, each partner reiterated his or her own perspective. No support or understanding was offered for either person’s point of view. There was lots of contempt. All Four Horsemen were present.
5. Hostile-Detached Couples       
These couples are like two armies engaged in a mutually frustrating and lonely standoff. They snipe at one another during conflict, although the air is one of emotional detachment and resignation. In Dr. Gottman’s lab, usually there was a validator husband with a volatile wife. Escalating conflict will occur between two validators, but then one of them will back down. But will the volatile let the validator withdraw? Absolutely not.
So, why does the hostile-detached couple eventually divorce? Why doesn’t the hostile couple? Could it be that the answer has to do with the second phase of love, the establishment of trust phase? The love equations have an explanation: Hostile couples (validator-avoider) regulate their negativity, while hostile-detached (validator-volatile) couples do not.

Starting Your Business While Keeping Your Paid Job - Vital Lessons

Muyiwa Afolabi in one of his article, remarked, "Keeping your paid job while starting a business has its advantages. Aside from the steady income and free coffee,reliable full-time work helps you flesh out your résumé and portfolio and extend your professional network. Even better,working for someone else gives you a front-row view of the best (and worst) ways to run a company,from managing time and money to handling customers and employees.
These are lessons learned from some successful entrepreneurs who founded companies while holding down a 9-to-5 job.


Holding down a day job means having only so many waking hours to devote to your side venture.That's why validating that your idea will work and that people will pay for it should be priority No. 1.
“Don't try to build a Porsche when you just need to build the wireframe and test whether the car will ever drive.”


Wrangling your schedule won't necessarily be easier after you leave your 9-to-5.Between the shoestring budget,lean staff and avalanche of action items,deciding which tasks to tackle each day at your start-up can get overwhelming. 
To stay the course, rely on a chart on your desk,a carryover from your previous job,showing the day's top goals.To prevent yourself from going down the rabbit hole of fixing little things and building new features.This means that less-pressing tasks take a back seat.That should be on your to-do list because you need to keep your head down and focus on the stuff that's going to move the company forward.


There has to be a specific method and process.
The best way to delegate is to create processes and systems.Then have a consistent method, whereby,no matter who's handling a task,it's going to be done the same way.


If you need to change what you're doing,change it in the prototype stage,instead of in the final stage,when you're up a creek and can't really backtrack.


Limit the amount of personal credit used to float the company during lean times.
Also rely on business's peaks to sustain the valleys.Learning those patterns of your business is really important.You can expect slimmer times.


Making workers feel valued has always been a primary concern.Being treated and compensated well and receiving great benefits is important for staff loyalty and high retention level.


Have a major focus on treating everyone like a guest in your home rather than just somebody off the street that you're doing a favour.
This means showing up on time,addressing customers by name,answering questions and checking whether customers need anything else before wrapping up jobs. 
People judge you by what they can relate to.These traits will earn your company referrals and repeat customers.That's how the business can grow.
Having the discipline to go the distance when no one's watching is part of the job.Just like with the pre-flight inspection, the client may never realize that you did a lot of these things but it will make a difference in the long run.That's what distinguishes you from other people who do what you do."

Music: Let Your Glory Fall By Dare David (Free Download)

US based gospel artist/music producer Dare David releases two new singles titled, Victory and Let your Glory Fall.
LET YOUR GLORY FALL: This song should be the anthem of our world today. A desperate hearts cry for more of God’s glory and presence. It carries a sweet rhythm, gentle words and a soothing slow-paced beat .This is the song for our generation today. We trust that this songs will not just make you feel good but also bless you indeed.
                             Download the Song HERE

Plans in Motion to Publish List of Recovered Funds - Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has disclosed that plans are in motion to publish a list of funds recovered from corrupt politicians and public servants.

The President stated this at the the National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting of the All Progressives Congress (APC) held at its headquarters in Abuja.

Also present at the meeting are Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, Governors and other party leaders.

Speaking on the violence which marred the rerun legislative elections in Rivers State on Saturday, March 19, 2016, Buhari described it as shameful and disappointing.

He said the problem of election violence would be addressed in future elections.

This the second time the APC NEC meeting is holding since Buhari became the President. -(Source:Gist and job:)

Commission Unveils Portal for the 10,000 Police Recruitment Exercise

The Police Service Commission (PSC) has warned that there would be no short-cut into the Nigeria Police Force in the recruitment of 10,000 personnel as they kick-off its recruitment today.
It can be recalled that President Muhammadu Buhari, had in 2015, approved the recruitment of 10,000 policemen at the National Security Summit in Abuja.
In a statement released on Wednesday by Ikechukwu Ani, Head, Press and Public Relations of the Police Service Commission (PSC) in Abuja, the commission has warned that there would be no short-cut into the Nigeria Police Force in the recruitment of 10,000 personnel.
The spokesperson told journalists in Abuja today that Mike Okiro, Chairman of the commission, gave the warning while unveiling a portal for the exercise in Abuja.
The statement said that the portal would be opened to the public on April 1, 2016 to herald the commencement of the exercise.
"The process leading to the recruitment of 10,000 Policemen as directed by President Muhammadu Buhari at the National Security Summit in Abuja last year, has commenced," the statement said, adding that the unveiling of the portal was in actualisation of the presidential directive on the recruitment of the 10,000 Policemen.
The statement also noted that the exercise was remarkable because there had not been recruitment into the Nigeria Police Force for more than five years, adding that thousands of policemen who died in the course of service, dismissed or retired, had not been replaced since the last five years.
The statement stressed that the recruitment would strengthen and re-energise the force to tackle more security challenges facing the country, adding that the exercise could not begin last year because the funding was not captured in the 2015 budget.
The statement urged interested applicants to access the portal through the commission’s website: or that of the Nigeria Police
It said that no fee would be charged for the processing of the forms which would be filled on-line. "We are not charging money. It is free, absolutely free," it said.
The statement said that the exercise would be in three entry points of Constable,Cadet Inspector and Cadet ASP, while there would also be recruitment into the Specialist cadre.
The applicants for Police Constables are expected to possess five credits including Mathematics and English Language at Senior School Certificate Examination in not more than two sittings.
While that for Cadet Inspectors, in addition to having the requirements of Police Constables, candidates would be expected to have an Ordinary National Diploma (OND), Advanced Level (A level), National Certificate in Education (NCE) or their equivalents.
The statement said Candidates for Cadet ASP must possess a University degree or a Higher National Diploma (HND).


Graduate Employment Opportunities at Damco International

Damco is one of the world's leading third party logistics providers specialising in customised freight forwarding and supply chain solutions. The company has 11,000+ employees in more than 300 offices around the world and a global presence in about 100 countries. In 2013, Damco had a net turnover of USD 3.2 billion, managed 2.8 million TEU of ocean freight and supply chain management volumes and air freighted more than 225,000 tonnes. Damco is part of the Maersk Group.

We are recruiting to fill the position of:

Job Title: Damco Graduate - Business Development Executive

Ref.: DC-100403
Location: Lagos

Job Descriptions

  • Are you a result-driven, internationally minded graduate that is ready to be challenged in a high-pace environment? If the answer is yes, and you can see yourself growing in the global logistics and supply chain industry, then keep reading! The Damco International Graduate Programme can be the start of a great career in a truly global organization with boundless opportunities fo International Graduate Programmer the right candidate.
  • Damco is part of the A.P. Moller - Maersk Group, a values-driven Fortune, 500 company and worldwide conglomerate, operating in some 130 countries with a workforce of some 120,000 employees.
  • As part of the Damco International Graduate Programme, Damco Nigeria is currently hiring talented and highly motivated individuals in the role of Business Development Executive.
  • The broad objective of programme is to accelerate your development towards becoming a logistics professional, with the potential for a stellar career within our company.
  • As a graduate candidate you will be part of our two year international graduate programme if successful.
Key Responsibilities
  • Directly manage and sell to a specific portfolio of customers within the Premier Sales Methodology
  • Suggest appropriate target accounts that can be included in his/her Portfolio, which will be ultimately approved by the direct report
  • Consistently look for new accounts that can be included into the portfolio but understand the need to have a consistent and focused approach
  • As Premier Sales workshops are rolled out and new lanes added ensure to have focus on this lanes and that selected portfolio accounts are geared towards these lanes
  • Understand and fully follow and engage in the Premier Sales Methodology
  • Act as the single and main contact for all accounts assigned to the portfolio, in respect to commercial activities
  • Build and maintain relationships with as many key contacts/decision makers as possible inside customers organization and enhance a long-lasting business partnerships
  • Include key DAMCO personnel into the relationship to ensure that relationships run as deep as possible into both organizations
  • Understand and translate the local needs of the Customers and share and engage within the DAMCO organization
  • Promote DAMCO in the market place
  • Be the “voice” of the customer identifying issues and addressing them throughout the organization in a proactive manner
  • Must understand CRM and SMART reporting and ensure that they use these tools in accordance to company guidelines
  • Must personally update all information into the CRM as required by the company
  • Constantly update their own skills and knowledge with the trade lanes in the Premier Sales rollouts
Who we are looking for:

  • Recent university graduates with above-average degrees in any stream
  • Limited but some work experience (max 2 years professional experience)
  • Mature, professional personality with excellent communication skills
  • Absolute fluency in English (additional/local languages a plus)
  • Natural networker and collaborator
  • Global mindset, social and intercultural competency
  • Previous international experience is an advantage
We Offer
  • Professional roles from day one
  • Participation in four global modules in different parts of the world
  • Guided and structured on the job learning
  • Opportunity to work on global projects with teams spread across the world
  • Learning from experiences of seasoned professionals through buddying
Application Closing Date
31st March, 2016.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply online

15 Vacancies Opened at Russel Smith Group of Company

RusselSmith Group is a company created to service the needs of the global Oil and Gas exploration and production industry utilizing Rope Access Technology as primary means of access.

A career at RusselSmith offers you growth and a chance to make a difference. Throughout our history, we have continued to help our employees realize their dreams, whilst creating opportunities for them to fulfill their personal and professional potential.

We are recruiting to fill the following vacant positions below:

1.) API 510/570 Inspector

Click Here To View Details

2.) Chartek Certified Painter

Click Here To View Details

Graduate Creative Designer
Click Here To View Details

Compressor Operator

Click Here To View Details

5.) Marketing Specialist

Click Here To View Details

6.) Painting & Coating Technician

Click Here To View Details

7.) Rope Access/NDT Technician

Click Here To View Details

8.) Graduate Facilities Officer

Click Here To View Details

Commercial Coordinator

Click Here To View Details

10.) Graduate Account Officer

Click Here To View Details

11.) IT Administrator

Click Here To View Details

12.) Graduate Talent & Performance Management Officer

Click Here To View Details

*ALSO READ: Graduate Employment Opportunities at Damco Int'l         

13.) Rewards Specialist
Click Here To View Details

14.) Training & Recruitment Officer

Click Here To View Details

15.) Finance Analyst
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Application Closing Date
Not Specified

2016 Passed Budget: The Full Breakdown

The National Assembly, yesterday, passed a N6.06 trillion 2016 budget into
law, following a motion by the Chairman, Joint Committee on Appropriations, Senator Danjuma Goje, seconded by Senator Andy Uba, thus reducing the President's
proposal by N17 billion.

While the President proposed a budget of N6.07 trillion, the
National Assembly slashed it to N6.06trillion. The 2016 budget had been trailed by
allegations of padding which delayed its passage.The highlight is as
follows: N351bn for statutory transfers, N1.4trn for debt service,
N2.6trn for recurrent expenditure, and N1.5trn as capital expenditure.
The N17 billion reduction in the aggregate expenditure of the budget
was taken from overhead votes component of the N2.65 trillion recurrent expenditure of the budget which has now been reduced to N2.646 trillion.
N2.2trillion fiscal deficit was retained. Also retained, were the parameters of $38 per
barrel oil price bench mark for the budget, 2.2million barrels of oil production per
day, exchange rate of N197 to a US dollar and deficit GDP of 2.14 per cent.

Meanwhile, the Presidency said that the Executive was adequately involved in the
resolution of controversy that arose from the budget before it was actually passed,
just as it hailed the National Assembly for the passage.
In the approved budget, the National Assembly ensured that only the N500billion
Intervention fund was allowed to scale through untouched as other components in
the budget were cut because it bordered on giving relief to the poor. President
Muhammadu Buhari had on Tuesday, December 22, 2015, presented before a Joint
Session of the National Assembly, a total budget estimate of N6, 077,680,000,000.
Of the total sum presented by Buhari, N351,270,000,000 is for statutory transfers,
N1, 475,320,000,000 is for Debt Service, N2,648,600,000,000 is for recurrent(non-
debt), while N1,845,540,000,000, inclusive of N157,150,000,000 Capital expenditure
in Statutory Transfers and N86,000,000,000 as interest on Capitalised Loans, is for
contribution to the Development Fund for Capital Expenditure for the year ending 31st
day of December, 2016.

The National Assembly which observed that the budget was not presented in time,
however, urged the federal government to submit the budget subsequently in strict
compliance with the Fiscal Policy Act.
From the N351.370 billion approved for statutory transfers, National Assembly gets N115 billion; Universal Basic Education gets N77.110 billion; National Judicial Council
gets N70 billion; the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, gets N45 billion; Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, gets N41.050 billion; Public
Complaints Commission gets N2 billion, while National Human Rights Commission gets N1.210 billion.

Also captured in the budget are: N14,690,036,516 for Group life insurance for all
MDAs, including DSS/insurance sensitive assets/corpers; N1 billion for armed forces
enhanced retirement benefits of Commodores and above; N2.795 billion for severance benefits of Delta Steel company/Pension pay-off; N2,544,110,811 for military retirees NHIS; N36 million for Administration and monitoring of OHSCF Group
Life; N200 million for Pension verification and administration; N2.3 billion for entitlements of former Presidents/Heads of State and Vice Presidents/Chief of General Staff and N1.5 billion for public service reforms (including payment of severance benefits of civil servants).

Out of N1,475,320,000,000 approved for Debt service, the sum of
N1,307,400,000,000 is for Domestic Debts; N54.480 billion for Foreign Debts while
N113.440 billion is for Sinking fund to retire maturing Loans.
From the N1,898,444,450,116 approved for Recurrent (non-debt expenditure),
Interior gets highest allocation of N451,942,552,070; Education gets
N367,734,727,223; Defence gets N312,213,355,618; Health, N221,412,548,087;
Youth & Sports Development, N72,297,326,595; Petroleum Resources,
N54,336,926,923; Foreign Affairs, N39,440,096,249; Information & Culture,
N38,729,446,483; Works, Power & Housing, N422, 964,928,495; Agriculture,
N29,632,584,416; while Science & Technology gets N25,554,038,310.
Presidency gets N21,676,277,888; NSA - N56,791,291,063; SGF -
N45,890,745,817; Head of Civil Service of the Federation - N6,270,657,023; Justice
- N17,389,782,636; Environment - N14,515,408,468; Transportation -
N13,667,122,591; Water Resources - N7,219,056,441; Solid Minerals -
N9,402,106,704; Industry, Trade & Investment - N10,410,294,458; Finance -
N9,994,990,976; National Planning - N7,737,100,536; AGF - N2,480,584,708;
Labour & Employment - N7,735,604,366; Niger Delta - N1,261,723,837; ICPC -
N5,029,989,359; Communication & Technology - N9,885,909,120; ICRC -
N838,569,623; FRC - N320,198,366; Special Duties SGF - N65,604,713; while
Women Affairs gets N1,216,723,837.
According to the report on capital votes for Ministries, Departments and Agencies
(MDAs), Federal Ministry of Works, Power and Housing gets the lion share of
N422,964,928,495, followed by Transportation with N188,674,679,674; Defence,
N130,864,439,542; Interior, N61,713,279,496; Agriculture, N46,173,963,859; Water
Resources, N46,081,121,423; Education, N35,433,487,466; National Security
Adviser, N32,084,085,624 and FCTA, N29,297,122,872.
The sum of N28,650,342,987 for Health; N27,006,179,073 for Science and
Technology; N23,004,199,702 for Presidency; N20,319,288,049 for Secretary to the
Government of the Federation; N19,440,328,551 for Niger Delta; N7,332,623,257 for
Solid Minerals Development; N5,542,655,626 for Labour and Employment;
N6,304,900,570 for Petroleum Resources; N5,992,735,230 for Communication
Technology; N4,957,964,638 for Environment while N2,322,144,778 for Budget and
National Planning.
The sum of N3,497,043,000 for Youth & Sports Development; N1,429,176,735 for
office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation; N2,293,528,977 for Women
Affairs; N897,736,744 for Justice; N123,044,650 for Fiscal Responsibility
Commission; N169,871,885 for National Salaries, Incomes and Wages Commission;
N35.730 million for Infrastructure Concessionary Regulatory Commission;
N317,509,819 for Auditor General of the Federation while N667,842,500 for Finance.
From the N1,173,407,694,354 approved for Executive (Federal Executive bodies),
Code of Conduct gets N4,889,127,358; Code of Conduct Tribunal gets
N1,055,560,066; Federal Character Commission gets N984,780,230; Federal Civil
Service Commission gets N16,841,017; National Population Commission gets
N4,411,606,590; Police Service Commission gets N269,628,000 while Revenue
Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission gets N19,883,417.
Also provided for in the budget are: N300 billion for special intervention (recurrent);
N20 billion for amnesty programme, N8 billion for Lafiya Dole; N4 billion for IPPIS
capturing; N1 billion for service wide training of budget/planning officers on GIFMIS
budget preparation system as well as monitoring and evaluation of all projects
nationwide; N2 billion for payment of outsourced services; N2.5 billion for provision
of security equipment for selected public buildings; N4 billion for Employees
Compensation Fund; N500 million for election logistics support; N12 billion for
Pilgrims support services; N12 billion for contingency; N3,599,600,000 for margin
for increases in costs and recurrent adjustment costs; N8.5 billion for external
financial obligations; N3.5 billion for assessed contribution to African Union and
others; N6 billion for contribution to international organizations including WAEC
international; N33,597,400,000 for public service wage adjustment for MDAs (Inc!
using arrears of promotion and salary increases); N3 billion for outstanding payments
to health professionals; N13 billion for operations - internal for armed forces;
N10.255 billion for Improved remuneration package for Nigerian Police including
2014 and 2015 shortfalls and N400 million for 35th annual general meeting and
symposium of Shelter-Afrique in Nigeria in June 2016.

Presenting the report at the plenary for consideration, Chairman, Senate Committee
on Appropriation, Senator Danjuma Goje, who noted that the budget was filled with
controversy, said there were many lapses in the budget, adding that if the senate
had insisted on clearing the lapses, the committee would not have been able to
meet up with the deadline of submission. The Senate said its approval of the 2016
fiscal document was due to its satisfaction that the country would benefit if it was
passed into law.
He said: “This budget is full of controversy and we did not want to have more
controversy or else it wouldn't have been presented today and the National Assembly
would be blamed. The people would not understand it because people are even
saying that we are playing politics."
“This budget exercise was a follow-up negotiation, going forward and back. When
the budget was presented as attested by many committees, there were strategies
discovered that couldn’t close the personnel cost in various committees and these
were highlighted by various committees and the total amount involved was presented
to the executive during the course of our interaction with the budget office.
“We presented that these are the shortfalls from personnel and other overhead cost
which we believe should be taken care of. So, because this budget is full of
controversies, we didn’t want to add more controversy and if we added more
controversy, the report wouldn’t have been submitted today and the National
Assembly would be blamed for delaying this budget . That is why we did everything
possible to ensure that we beat the deadline in bringing it today.
“Nigerians may not understand this thing, they will say the National Assembly is
playing politics with this budget and there is no politics in this budget. So, we do our
best everything possible to ensure that we present our budget as implement able
and suitable to Nigerians.

The National Assembly advised that there should be proper consultation between
the budget office and the ministries, departments and agencies and requested the
federal government to diversify its revenue base, and to shore up capital expenditure
and reduce recurrent expenditure. In his contribution before the passage of the
bill, Deputy Senate President,Uche Ekweremadu who noted that he was conscious
for the fact that it had earlier gone pass the second reading and “so this is not open
to debate, said, “ I will just like to make a very quick
comment, so let me start by commending the chairman of the appropriation
committee and its members as well as the chairmen of the various committees of
the Senate for the very outstanding work they have done to get bthis budget up to
this level which is now ready for passage today.
“I am a bit worried about the observation contained on page five, paragraph 5, it
says “the 2016 appropriation bill contained a number of omissions particularly in the
area of personnel cost though the appropriation committees have filled some of the
gaps and there are many outstanding cases which could raise serious concerns in
the course of the year.
“The executive presented what we consider to be a proposal and so the ultimate
responsibility for this budget rest on all members of the National Assembly. It may
be a mistake on the part of the executive and I think it ends at the point they
presented the budget.
“If anything happens after that and we passed the budget we cannot blame them any
longer. I therefore I will like to know what this outstanding cases are because it
appears that they are in relation to personnel cost, it could not be a good
commentary on this Senate or the National Assembly but down the line during the
year, we could discover that some of the people we are representing have not being
paid because we have refused, failed or neglected to appropriate for them their due
salaries and emoluments that could not be correct, or that would not be right.
“I will therefore be asking the chairman if they can oblige us those areas that are still
outstanding especially as concerned personnel cost so that we can take the
advantage of this consideration now to filling this gaps so that every citizens of
Nigeria as entitled to his pay would receive the pay appropriately and you cannot say
that he will not receive it because we failed to do our job and we cannot blame the
executive because we now have opportunities to address this problem.”
In his contribution, Senate Minority Leader, Senator Godswill Akpabio said, ‘’I want to
congratulate the chairman of the committee my dear brother, senator Goje and all
the members and the other sub-committees members and chairmen for a job well
done most especially for the observations contained in this paper on the
inconsistencies, the delays and shoddy jobs done on the budget by the different
Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and I know as a result of the fact that
this is the first major budget of the current administration this to not to quantify of
the change, this is rightly to be just mere mistakes and disconnect because a
situation where ministries and MDAs to go and deny and even went up to the extent of denying their own budget before the appropriation committee is not good for our country.                              -(Source: Vanguard)