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Emir of Kano Intervene in the 13yrs Urobo Girl forcefully Abducted and Married Off

Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido, has intervened on the case of Ese Rita Orur, the 13-year-old Urobo girl that was forcefully abducted and married off to one Yinusa, who eloped with her to Kano.
In a series of tweets, former Minister of Education, Oby Ezekwesili said Emir Sanusi has vowed to take steps to ensure that the girl returns to her parents in Bayelsa. Ese was allegedly abducted in August 2015. 
See tweets below:

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According to reports from a source, Ese Oruru has regained her freedom. She was rescued from her abductor, Yinusa, who kidnapped her from her mother's shop in Bayelsa in August 2015, forced her to change her religion and married her. Ese is currently in police custody‎.

Graduate Employment at Jumia Nigeria .

Jumia is the largest e-commerce mall in Africa with over 100,000 unique visitors a day,
buying everything from Fashion to Phones. Founded in 2012 in Nigeria, Jumia's mission
is to revolutionize the concept of shopping by providing customers with the best online
shopping experience.

Jumia is part of Africa Internet Group, a leading global incubator of start-ups specialized
in e-commerce. Africa Internet Group is Africa's leading internet firm, with already over
3,000 employees in over 20 African countries and huge successes such as Jumia.com,
Kaymu.com, Hellofood.com, Lamudi.com, Carmudi.com and Jovago.com. It is led by
top talented leaders offering a great mix of local and international talents and is backed
by MTN, Millicom, AXA and Rocket Internet.
Africa is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, offering excellent
opportunities in a vibrant and booming environment. Its economic growth has enabled
innovative businesses to flourish and this is where Africa Internet Group steps in.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:
Job Title: Marketing Project Manager
Location: Nigeria
Job type: Full time
Department: Marketing

Job Descriptions
As Project Manager, you will work with the Marketing and Communications team.
The role offers excellent opportunities to develop and utilize skills in stakeholder
management, project management new business and strategy development, customer
relationships management and communications.

Key Responsibilities
Manage multiple marketing projects simultaneously to ensure timely, accurate and on
budget completion.
Maintain a fast-paced work style, multi-tasking and sustaining a high-level of
communication. Must be enthusiastic about marketing, interactive, and events and stay
current on trends, challenges and opportunities in the e-commerce space in Nigeria.
Oversee execution of marketing projects that may include activities across different
marketing channels offline, online, onsite, ads campaigns, events and various other
marketing projects.

Proactively facilitate discussions and meetings, including recurring status meetings as
well as campaign kick-off meetings and issue resolution meetings
Keep stakeholders informed of changes, problems, and progress on assigned projects
(via status reports, issue tracking tools and change/scope management mechanisms.)
Strategic thinker who can make effective decisions in order to solve problems.
Helps to support and cultivate relationships with external vendors, internal clients:
vendor managers, fashion style team, design team and outside suppliers.
Strong listener that can communicate well with all levels of the organization while
displaying a dynamic, thoughtful and customer service focused personality.
Process-driven work style that maintains project workflow, seeks information, approvals,
and resources needed to maintain time, budget and content requirements.
Ability to self-manage and interact successfully with individuals and teams across
functions with the flexibility to adapt to changing objectives as needed.
Analyze campaign data and create action plans for new assignments.
Review, edit and proofread all assigned projects for accuracy and detail.
Behaviors and Competencies
Energy Level: Excels in a fast-paced environment with strict deadlines.
Assertiveness: Very comfortable making decisions without procrastination.
Sociability: Interacts well with others and places value on teamwork and collaboration.
Manageability: Follows established guidelines, accepts feedback and direction.
Attitude: Keeps a positive attitude about change, conflict, and challenging relationships.
Decisiveness: Does not waver or back down once a decision is made.
Independence: Comfortable working with limited supervision.

Requirements & Qualification
To be successful in this role you will have:
A background in Business Development, Customer Operations, Project Management,
Marketing or Public Relations
Excellent relationship building, account management and interpersonal skills
Experience developing relevant new initiatives, products and/or projects
Strong organizational, research, reporting and analytical skills

Application Closing Date
Not Specified.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply online

Confession: I Served Rev. King Naked for 7Years; Court Affirms His Death Sentence

Miss Susan Chizoba, a former maid of the general overseer of the Christ Praying Assembly (CPA), Rev. Emeka King, has revealed how she served the pastor as a maid for seven years, stark naked.

 Explaining how her parents took her to Reverend King’s home in 2000 believing it to be a Christian home, Miss Chizoba said: “When I came to live with the accused (Rev. King), he told me that I would be his permanent maid and that I would agree not to marry. He said anytime I wanted to serve him I must be stark naked which I did. No pant, no bra, I would be completely nude before him and I did this not once, not twice, but for several years. 

He also ordered me not to tell any member of my family where I was living. He gave me a ring which I always put on to indicate that I am his permanent maid and all this he made me to put into writing. I am a member of the Lord’s army and we bully people, putting fear into them and molesting them. “Rev. King is a very violent person, he would beat us mercilessly and as a result we always have wounds on our bodies. He called himself god, the owner of the universe and could do anything. We know this is not so but out of fear we could not challenge him. 

On the 22nd July 2006 the day of the fire incident, a sister named Kelechi came to call me from the boys quarter of the Rev. King’s house where we were staying that the accused wanted to see me. “When I got to him he did not even allow me to kneel down as we usually did when talking to him before he started beating me with stick, rod and anything he could find. I started crying, shouting and begging him not to kill me. It was then I noticed others who were there; Cosy, Chiejile, Jessica, Ann, Vivian and Kelechi. He accused me that I lied to him that Chiejile did not sleep with me whereas Chiejile had confessed to him that he slept with me. But Chiejile never did he only said that so that the accused (Rev. King) will not kill him. “He said he would kill all of us. He then asked Kelechi to go and bring fuel and matches but when she brought it he told her that the petrol was not enough and that she should go and bring more which was brought in a very large plastic container. He then marched us out of the room saying he did not want to burn his rug and chair. While we were outside his room but within the church compound Kelechi poured petrol on us on his orders and he struck the first match which did not catch fire. “When he struck the second match we were all engulfed in fire but I did not know how I managed to escape from there and I ran back to our apartment. 

When I noticed that Ann had been taken to the hospital, I ran out in my night gown and I never came back to the church. I came out of the place by the grace of God, I am free now, I am no longer under the spell of the accused person,” Miss Chizoba said.

Miss Chizoba said this in 2006 while testifying against the controversially violent pastor before an Ikeja high court. 
At the time Rev. King was on trial for the murder of one of his members, Miss Ann Uzor and attempting to murder five others by pouring petrol on them and setting them ablaze. Rev. Emeka Ezeugo King had his death sentence upheld by the Supreme Court on Friday, February 26, 2016.
- (Courtesy:Naij.com)

Pat Utomi: Nigeria is Failing to Learn from 1983-1985 Financial Crises

Bothered by Nigeria’s current economic crises, former Presidential Candidate of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) and co-founder of the Pan-African University, Prof Pat Utomi, yesterday, decried that the nation was currently failing to learn from its 1983-85 financial crisis, blaming it on what he described as the knowing-doing gap of the Nigerian people.
Utomi who took to his Facebook page to express his concern for the country’s dwindling economy, said: “When anxieties with the state of the economy rose, as Oil prices went South in 2015, I was struck by how we went from worry to panic and how many actions failed to recognize similar experience from our recent history and more than enough knowledge on what happened before and what was trending in the global environment. That such knowledge was untapped caused me to begin to rethink many things.
“How does Nigeria always manage to lose institutional memory, and what is responsible for the Knowing-Doing gap that seems to prevent us from properly handling routine problems without generating crisis of earthshaking proportions.
“Surely we do not need Harvard Business School Professors Jeffrey Pfeffer and Robert I Sutton to see that there is a huge Knowing – Doing gap in the policy arena in Nigeria.
“Pfeffer and Sutton had in year 2000 wondered how come so many firms show significant gaps between what they know and what they actually do. You can see this applies to governments the moment you go to the many talk shops of Nigeria and from there cast a glance at the policy action arena
“When at one of these events recently someone reminded me of another one a few months before when it seemed a vow to defend the Naira was being taken. He reminded me that I had said pressure on the Naira, with a significant dollar earnings dip, was not the end of the world but that a floating “managed” exchange rate mechanism Bismark Rewane had talked about was appropriate response and also that in addition a clear game plan on how the financing from declining Oil receipts, could be bridged to tide over a temporary challenge by quick borrowing of dollars to shore up supply with other measures to block leakages could boost confidence
“I suggested teams of people credible in economic and financial circles, head off to critical global capitals to show where we were going. I was convinced that would have stimulated confidence in Nigeria at a time the gap between the nominal exchange rate and our purchasing power parity line was no more than six Naira, as Bismark Rewane pointed out.
“Had the teams out there telling the world about the new thrust of policy and growth potential in which decline in contribution of dollars from a sector contributing to a small portion of GDP was causing tightness, investment flows will make up for Foreign exchange supply lost, just as a little borrowing could bridge the financing gap and stave of currency speculations.”
The renowned economist added that “It seems to me that instead of focusing on a clear strategy of short, medium and long term perspective plan anchored diversification of the base of the economy and the tactics to hold off raiders of the currency by inspiring confidence based on plans for the future, we slipped into this spurious discussion of symptom called devaluation of the Naira.
“I never could understand why knowledge from 1983-85, in Nigeria, and the Asian financial crisis, failed to inform the passions spewing out or the subject from people with access to people who could better inform them.
“How about our national institutions that went through similar experiences with external shocks and managing access to Foreign Exchange in the before past. Why did they behave they had learnt nothing before.
“One of the truly enduring explanations of how Nigeria went into de-industrialization from the 1980s, even before becoming fully industrialized is a comparison of Nominal exchange rate divergence from purchasing power parity.
“A review will show that the regions of the world where nominal exchange rates and the Purchasing Power Parity line were a close fit had more growth and prosperity. Between Africa, Latin America and Asia in the 1980 and 1970s South East Asia was that zone.
“What I found even more paradoxical was that those who favour state centrals to drive development and therefore should embrace some of the postulates of the South Korean Economist at Oxford Ja Joo Chang are signing off on the European Union ECOWAS Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA). This is quite curious.
“Lets hope enlightenment descends upon us all,” he said. - (Courtesy: today.ng)

Fayose: Buhari is Making Effort to Islamize Nigeria

Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose Governor Nyesom on Saturday accused President Muhammadu Buhari of mapping ways towards making Nigeria an Islamic nation. 

Fayose made the allegations while delivering a speech at the inter–denominational thanksgiving held in Port-Harcourt to celebrate the victory of the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike after the supreme court ruling.

 Governor Fayose, who referred to himself as Peter, the rock who cannot be harmed by anyone, announced to the crowd that he had a secret to reveal. He asked those present if he should reveal the big secret about the Buhari led, APC government. After the crowd yelled that he should reveal it, Fayose said: “They have started subtle moves to make Nigeria an Islamic nation, but God will stop them. 
This was done in 1984, it failed, it would fail again.” To underline an earlier boast that he could not be intimidated by the ruling party, Fayose further stated: “I am not far away, I am in Ekiti. I am Ayo Fayose, Peter the rock, if you hit me you will be in trouble. If I hit you, you will be in trouble.” To substantiate his claim about the President’s plan to make Nigeria an Islamic nation, Fayose said: “Why did five of them go to Saudi Arabia to wait for our man there (referring to President Buhari and state governors), if they don’t have agenda. “The agenda is coming small small, but we will resist it. Nigeria is a free nation where we proclaim the name of Jesus Christ freely, and we believe in Allah for those who are muslims. This nation will not be taken for an Islamic nation,” Fayose said.

 As a closing remark, the Ekiti State governor went on to declare and “decree” the return of a PDP-led government in 2019. -(Source)

BREAKING: NFF Reappoints Samson Siasia and Others as Super Eagles Coach.

Nigeria has re-appointed Samson Siasia as Head Coach of the Senior National Football Team, Super Eagles according to news report coming from Channels tv.
He will work with respected tactician Salisu Yusuf, FIFA U-17 World Cup winner, Emmanuel Amuneke and Alloy Agu for the upcoming 2017 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers against Egypt.
According to the NFF website, the combination was recommended by the NFF Technical and Development Committee following Sunday Oliseh’s resignation on Twitter in the early hours of Friday.
Siasia served as Super Eagles’ Head Coach between December 2010 and October 2011, before his contract was terminated following the team’s failure to qualify for the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations.
Amuneke led the Nigeria U-17 boys to a fifth FIFA World Cup title in Chile in 2015 and was hailed for his excellent comportment and maturity, as well as the tremendous skills of his players.
Salisu Yusuf and Alloy Agu were in the immediate past crew led by Oliseh and will serve as the bridge with the new team as Nigeria gets set for a potentially explosive double date with the Pharaohs in March.
Chairman of the NFF Technical and Development Committee, Chris Green told thenff.com: “The new crew has the mandate to reach out to the very best Nigerian players anywhere. The matches against Egypt would not be picnics and we need our very best for those contests.”
The NFF has also revealed that former coach, Sunday Oliseh was this week paid the sum of N20 million, being salaries for three months (December 2015, January 2016 and February 2016) and half-year rent for July-December 2015.
He was signed on in July 2015.

Sunday Oliseh Quits as Super Eagles coach; Read his Resignation Letter

Ex-Nigeria super eagles captain Sunday Oliseh resign as coach of the national team.
After his sudden resignation as the head coach of super eagles, Oliseh further disclosed the real reason why he resigned from his post adding that the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) tried to hire two-time AFCON winning coach Herve Renard for the team.
Speaking after his resignation, Oliseh said:
“They had their motives and what I did was in the best interest of the country. “While I was coach of the team they tried ‎Renard who turned them down citing three major reasons.
“When I sought their aid to effectively carry out my duties I was ignored and instead of helping me get the players to give their best and placing them in a very good condition at an advantage to the team play, they had plans to derail the progress of the team’s chances. “The most important objective is for the Super Eagles of Nigeria to qualify to the next AFCON and the World Cup 2018,” he concluded.
Sunday Oliseh’s Resignation Letter:
Dear General Secretary of NFF,
Object: Letter of Resignation.
Due to incessant violations of our signed agreement (Contract) I am hereby informing you to terminate our working collaboration signed in July 2015.
The most important objective is for the Super Eagles of Nigeria to qualify for the next AFCON and the World Cup 2018. Since so little help is being rendered me in getting the players to give their best and very vital conditions and advantages to the team play are also being sacrificed coupled with non redress of the aforementioned despite my several e-mails and others, seeking your aid to effectively carry out my duties were ignored.
These unconducive working conditions that my coaching crew and myself have to live with, your contractual violations and the interest of the nation necessitates that I tender my resignation and recourse to the termination of our working agreement.
Many thanks for the opportunity to serve my fatherland.
Sunday Oliseh,
Chief Coach Super Eagles of Nigeria

Senate institutes a Probe into the Activities of DSTV

The Senate has instituted a probe into the activities of DSTV owned by the South African based Multichoice Africa, in Nigeria.
At the plenary session yesterday February 24th, the Senators expressed dissatisfaction over the services of the company when Senator Isah Hamma Misau (APC, Bauchi Central) sponsored a motion tagged, ” Unwholesome practices of Multichoice Nigeria (DSTV).
Misau while moving the motion, accused Multichoice of dominating the Nigerian satellite television market, thereby enabling it to engage in negative and unhealthy practices:-
Senates Fault DSTV Over:-
1. Arbitrary increase in subscription charges.
2. Refusal to adopt pay ‘as-you-use’ model applicable in other countries.
3. Poor service delivery and absence of toll free lines for customers complaints.
The Senators then mandated the Senate Committees on Information and Trade & Investment to institute a public hearing on the matter and consider summoning the top officials of the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) and Consumer Protection Council (CPC) over the issue.
Senate President Bukola Saraki said they will continue to safeguard the interest of Nigerian consumers. The two committees were given four weeks to carry out their investigations and report back to the house.
- (Courtesy: Buruj)

#SMWLagos - Day4- Issues Facing The Church & How Technology Can Help(Join in)

Matters Arising: Issues Facing The Church & How Technology Can Help

 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

 Hosted by The Elevation Church

 The Elevation Church

Matters Arising is targeted at Christian leaders and influencers and aims at equipping them to face issues confronting the 21st century church. With a multi-format styling, the event intends to address varying issues like sexuality, social awareness, politics, reputation management, advocacy, the youth and how these factors affect the church and vice versa. A highlight of the event will be the presentation of the first ever ‘State of the Church Report’ which is currently being prepared by Alder Consulting, one of the leading consulting firms in the country. Participants can expect to leave informed and empowered to go and make positive differences to their communities through their various ministries.


The Elevation Church

3 Remi Olowude Way
Lekki, Lagos
Map data ©2016 Google

Naira Appreciates: Ifeanyi Ubah Says He can Crash The Dollar

Reports from Vanguard is saying that the Managing Director, MD, of Capital Oil and Gas, Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah, yesterday, followed up his claim to a magic wand that would bring the Naira to an exchange rate of N200==$1  within 30 days, with fresh claims that he knew those behind the current foreign exchange crisis facing the nation and was ready to name them publicly.
He told journalists, in Abuja, that all he wanted from President Muhammadu Buhari , to achieve the goal, was to be appointed a consultant on Financial Stability, without pay.
According to him, he had a four-point strategy to achieve the extra-ordinary feat but that he would not make them public unless appointed a consultant by the Federal Government.
His words: “What do we do to bring the exchange rate to N200=$1? I have four cardinal points but I will not release them. I am a man brimming with confidence and ideas which is why I would dare to make such an audacious wager.
“Since my appearance and statement  on Sunday  night on Channels TV, Dollar has crashed from N400 to $1 to N370 to $1. Is this not enough evidence that this freefall of the Naira is artificial and could be better managed, with honesty and ingenuity?
“Do we have what it takes? It is not about being a professor in school but doesn’t know the chemistry of how a business plays.I know the people who are causing this problem and I can name them. I am fearless.
“I don’t want to be a Minister of Finance.I don’t want to be Governor of CBN. I don’t want any appointment from the federal government. All I want is to be a consultant on financial stability and it will be free of charge.”
The Capital Oil MD reiterated that he was ready to stake his entire business empire worth more than N500 billion on the proposal.
According to him, he would be prepared to work with other good spirited, knowledgeable business operators and financial experts, as well as, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC to achieve the goal.
Given the opportunity, it would not be the first time that he would rescue the nation’s economy from the edge of collapse, as he claimed to have brought life to the economy at ex-President Jonathan Goodluck’s administration at the peak of the fuel crises in country.

The Law Of Perseverance

When George Stephenson, the inventor of railway frame was asked about the secret of his success, he simply answered, ‘do as I have done; persevere’.

His Success was never solely a matter of inventive genius because he labored for 15years without success before he was eventually able to produce the locomotive which aided ease of transportation globally.

Persecution will always outlast persecution. Big shots are only little shot that keep shooting. If you are someone who begins a venture and abandon it halfway to start up another one, you may soon become a jack of all trade and master of none.

Great achievements and success is not a matter of luck, it is men who persevere to the end who eventually becomes a success story.

Failure to achieve our ambition is sometimes a sign of weaknesses or instability in character and attitude. Therefore, you’ve got to develop stamina, perseverance and determination so that you can wade off the storm and press on till you reach your goal. Remember, Winners never quit, quitters never win. By Perseverance, the Snail got to the Ark. See you at the Top! Shalom


Have you seen "Common Sense Revolution", the new epistle of  Ben Murray-Bruce, the apostle of Common Sense and General Overseer of #BuyMadeInNigeria Ministry? The book was actually printed and published in the US. Yes, US, as in United States of AMERICA

What happened to His #PatroniseNigeria mantra? Have University Press Plc, Longman, Literamed Publication, Kachifo Limited, Evans Publishers Limited, Cassava Republic Press et al Relocated to Ghana?

Problem with Nigeria is, we have many commentators, but few players or better put, few performers. Truly, talk is cheap. Do as i say, don't do as i do attitude wont help Naija o. 

I think Buhari Should even understand that this corruption thing stem from our mentality, yea, it is corruption when we live deceitfully especially as a public figure. So what is the way forward?

For me, the Media especially the electronic, must at this period be more ferocious in propagating all these mantra and more. Example, let us start resounding the following: #MadeinNigeria, #Change, #KickCorruption, #NewNaijaMind, #Stand4dtruthNaija, #GodBlessNigeria etc, Let all the TV and Radio stations in conjunction with the NOA bombard us with jingles for the next one year, educating the public on the need for a truly, changed Nigeria in all areas and in every little thing we do.

Let the Pastors and Moslem scholars rise up to complement the Media by teaching their followers constantly for the next one year why they must be upright for Naija

The School teacher must also carry on this crusade in their various classroom and perhaps integrate an integrity course into their curriculum if possible

And most importantly, this Revolution must start from the family, All parents must regularly impact their wards with this new ideology. Remember, If the foundation be destroyed....

Until we change our mindset as a people, corruption may not end,   it will only mean we are cutting the stem instead of the root of a tree we want to fell.... #NaijaMustChange,  #GodBlessNaija
I rest my Case

If you believe in the above recommendations, comment and share until all Nigerians see it

Meet First UNILAG student Who Is graduating with CGPA of 5.00

Ayodele Daniel  Dada, from the Department of Psychology, University of Lagos has emerged the best graduating student in the 2014/2015 sessions with a cumulative GPA of 5.00, according to a Vanguard Report. 

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Rahamon Bello disclosed this on Wednesday during ‎a pre-convocation press conference held at the institution’s Senate Chamber, and has described the 5.00 CGPA as a perfect score.  

He said that this means  Ayodele scored As in all courses he took in the programme. According to him, a total of 10,907 students will graduate with  degrees and diplomas ‎during the convocation slated for 1st to 3rd of March, 2016.  In the breakdown, he noted that 5472 students will be awarded with first degree certificates, while 5435 will receive postgraduate degrees. He said: “Out of the first degree graduating students, a total of 178 passed in the first class division, while 1,617 passed in the second class upper division. “Also, 2,496 are in second class lower degree, 884 in third class, 274 in unclassified degrees in Medical Sciences and Pharmacy, just as 50 students had pass degree. 

Besides , the University will graduate a total of 71 students with the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees in various disciplines.” According to the Vice Chancellor, Faculty of Engineering tops with the highest number of first class degrees, having 41 first class graduating students.