TEXT: I Sam. 30:1-10
“And David enquired at the Lord, saying, shall I pursue after this troop? Shall I overtake them? And he answered him, Pursue: for thou shall surely overtake them and without fail recover all.” I Sam. 30:8

As we come to the end of this year, it becomes very important to review how the journey has been so far on our list of goals and aspirations for the passing year 2015.
For so many of us, there are books waiting to be published, songs waiting to be composed and written, videos and drama series awaiting to be churned  out of our creativity bank!
While for a few others, it is the idea of starting a business that has always lingered in their minds.
For others still, it is the plan to finish the Bible or any other book of choice.
Goals stretch us as human beings, they reveal to us our inner reserves of mental capacities.
However, we need to evaluate how we have fared so far in relation to our set goals and targets for the year.

It’s time to pursue the set goals and targets yet to be achieved for the year.
Those set goals must never be allowed to gather dust forever in the land of fantasy.
The pursuit of our set goals is manifested in our desire to go after them with all our mind, strength and zeal.

When pursuit is hot then overtaking happens.
To overtake is to catch up with an object of pursuit. It is to overrun a thing when in a chase.
Overtaking leads to recovery!
What you have not pursued, you cannot overtake and what you have not overtaken you can never recover without fail.
To recover is to have your dreams turned into realities. It is to turn imaginations into manifestations.
So, there is something you have left undone all this while that needs to be pursued, overtaken and recovered without fail!


Nothing sponsors fresh results like fresh dreams. You are where you are in your life today as a result of the freshness of your dreams!
Where your dreams have not taken you is where you can never be in reality!
Your dreams determine the realities of your life; they are forerunner of your success or failure!
A wise man once noted that the dreams of today are the realities of tomorrow.
In order to successfully pursue, overtake and recover your lost grounds in 2015, you must dream afresh…New visions sponsor new vistas of achievement in life!
Dream again; see yourself still achieving your target before December 31 of this year. “Imagination is everything; it is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” Albert Einstein
See yourself bringing home a wonderful result at the end of this academic term, semester or session. What you see is what you seize eventually!

The realization of your set goals demands that you become better by knowing more.
Updating yourself is what keeps you so close to the reach of your dreams.
In order not to be outdated you must remain updated always. Life is a school; every one alive today is a student. Decide to be an active student in the school of life!

Great American business philosopher -Jim Rohn once noted that- ‘Success is what you attract by the person you become.’ Who you become is influenced by what you learn and know.
We are influenced by what we know!
What we know has a way of molding our lives.
To know more is to become more!

The value you become in life is a function of the value you add to yourself in the place of personal development.

What you are waiting to achieve maybe just a piece of information away sitting quietly in a book or in audio CD.

One major disservice anyone can do to himself in this generation is to ignore the relevant information needed to turn your dreams into realities.
The value you become in life by virtue of personal development is what determines the value that comes back to you in life.
Life is always fair at the end; it will give back to you what you have sown into it.

While it is true that you may not be able to control what happens to you, it is certain that you can control how you respond to the events of your life. However, your response is shaped by the quality of information available to you per time.  If you know more you will respond better!
It’s been well said that the largest room in the world is the room of self-improvement. 

The next step to fastrack your life is to commit to the desired results you want in your life.
The average man gets involved while the super achiever gets committed. The latter goes all the way to ensure that it is done. While the former keeps making excuses as to why it cannot be done. Commitment is giving it all you have so you can obtain all it contains.
You cannot pursue, overtake and recover all your set goals without 100% commitment on your part.

There’s something that we all have in equal proportions. There’s a treasure chest that is available to all humans alive today. It comes to everyone in measures of 24hours daily. The secret of the rich is the effective management of the allotted time for each day.
Time is one major asset in life available to all, how it is used and managed per day.                         Time well managed is a major booster to your recovery in life.

In order to effectively manage your time, you must manage your focus well. Wherever focus goes there energy is dissipated. (To Understand Focus better, Click: The Potency of Focus)
Always remember that success is what you attract by the kind of person you become.

So with a few weeks and days to go this year, you can still achieve your goals, if you can work on yourself more.

THIS IS A GUEST POST COMPILED BY Yinka Ekundayo AKA Eagle. He is a Pastor, a Motivational Speaker, Leadership and career Coach, He holds a monthly Knowledge Impactation Programme for the Youth in the Conquerors Assembly, Akowonjo. Lagos. Click His name to connect with him on facebook