NYSC: Camp Advice and rules of Engagement for New Corpers

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Below are detailed advice from the NYSC Official Twitter handle given to the new set of Corpers reseuming camping on 28th Oct. 2015:

All PCMs(Potential Corp Member) will be served food on their 1st day of camp, even WITHOUT their meal tickets. Welfare of CMs (Corp members) is our No. 1 priority
Sharp objects like knives aren't allowed. Ur food-flask shldn't be too small & shouldn't appear like you're 4-in-1

You'll only be allowed to put on mufti ONLY on visiting days(Sundays).There's no need parking all ur designer wears to camp
Do Not bring your laptops to camp nor carry heavy bags. Make sure the things you carry, you can keep an eye on them.

Smoking & taking of illegal drugs are highly Prohibited.All antisocial activities are not allowed.Be ready to obey the clarion call
When you get to the camp,be Yourself. Make good friends! Engage yourself in the camp activities. Make good use of the SAED sessions

Ensure to have your mosquito net.Come with a pair of white canvas,a plain white polo & white short nicker.Don't share toothbrush
There are mami markets in all the NYSC camps throughout d federation.Go there to buy only the stuff you need not to loiter about
You can travel in groups while coming for camp.Ask questions if u need directions. Download our NYSC mobile app 4 more info & camp locations
For the foreign trained,endeavour to come with all original copies of the documents you uploaded during the online registration.
Both locally trained & foreign,should ensure to come with university ID card. 

Bicycle & Transport allowances will be paid in camp
Of course, your 1st month allawee will b paid in camp(#19,800). Read the pamphlets you'll be given in camp to know NYSC bye laws & others
Those that will apply for relocation,do it while in camp.Your place of primary assignment will be known to you on your passing out parade day.

As u begin this new phase in your life,NYSC,you'll be called corps member,CM(s) after d swearing in ceremony,naija man will call you "OTONDO"

Channel of Communication in NYSC:Employer->LI->AI->CDS Coordinator->ZI->state secretariat(state coordinator,SC)->NYSC,NDQH(DG,NYSC).
LI,Local government Inspector;AI,Area Inspector;ZI,Zonal Inspector;CDS,Community Development Service;SC,State Coordinator;DG,DirectorGeneral

You'll be served 3 square meal a day from day one to the last day on camp.Ensure to get your meal ticket when you arrive on camp
There's Security in all d camps across d federation. Satellites are installed in the camps. Medical personnel are there 2 attend 2 u
You aren't allowed to leave the camp without an approval from the camp commander or state coordinator. Obey the camp officials.
Though you are going for camping but have FUN because it's once in a life time.Be ready for the morning parade(drilling)

Try going to camp with your own native cultural attire because there's a cultural day in which u'll need to wear your cultural attire
Ensure to learn a skill during the SAED sessions.You'll b exposed to many SAED progroms.Pick one u are interested in.Don't be jack of all trades
There's CDS & personal CDS. An outstanding Personal CDS in your community,Place of Primary Assignment can fetch you Presidential Honours Award

Those that can play drums,trumpets & other musical instruments join the Band.Others that can play football join d football team
There're platoons ranging from Platoon 1 to Platoon 10 headed by platoon officers.We've many competitions during your 3 weeks orientation camp
Competitions are done based on platoon 1 vs platoon 3,etc. Competitions include :Volleyball,Football,drama,dance,singing,debate,Miss & Mr NYSC,etc.
No dulling platoon.All platoons will be rated in terms of cooking,cultural day & every other activity.Mak ur platoon no carry last oh
Girls who are spotless,with hot legs & pretty can contest for Miss NYSC. Guys with Six packs not family pack & with good physique can go for Mr Macho

Some camps have ATM facility.Camps are fumigated.Your beds & cleaning of toilets are taken care of by NYSC. Water system is reticulated in camps
Note: First Class Graduates will be posted to universities to teach.
Someone who can command,has a loud voice,& can match well will be chosen to be the general parade commander during your orientation course
Those that can do match pass well & throw salute will b selected to b among d quarter guard & matching team.There're Man O Activities on camp
Those that can crack funny jokes & break a rib,we have an audience for you. Also those that can take quizzes,be ready to be d next Albert Einstein
You think you can anchor on a radio station?We have the OBS(Orientation Broadcasting Service) for you to join & is in charge of broadcasting all happenings on camp

Your crested vests,khaki trousers,shirts,jungle boots,canvas,2 pair each (of white polo,shorts & socks),new belts & caps are ready.
Those good at modelling,be ready.Your show dey com & dey kampe. Those that can decorate,your services will be needed.
If you are medical doctor,you'll be addressed as Corps Doctor, likewise pharmacist & others.Your services will be needed during the camp.
All medical personnel will be posted to hospitals to serve. Those good at electrical stuff,your services will be needed.
On your first day of reporting on camp,make sure you get registered.Go early on that 28th October,2015 to avoid being in a long queue.

We have both the Christian Associations & the Muslim Association right there on camp.This is a free country,you have freedom of worship.
Do u know u can really learn Hausa,Yoruba,Igbo & other languages during your service year?Read the pamphlets u'll be given on camp & u'll see
We have DJ night during your orientation course.Popular musicians in Nigeria will be invited to perform

After your registration on camp,next is your swearing in ceremony where u'll take d oath of allegiance which qualifies u as a corps member
There's camp fire night which is eve 2 ur passing out parade day(POP) & is meant 2 b unique.Soldiers & Corps members re 2 dance round d fire
On the days of swearing in and passing out parade ceremonies be in your NYSC crested vest & be well kitted(7/7).No funny dressing

Endeavour 2 promote co-existence & peace among your fellow corps members during ur stay in camp & after camp .Be the epitome of PEACE
While on camp & after,be a worthy son/daughter of your parents.Be a good ambassador of this great country of ours on & off camp.
After your morning parade(drilling),you'll be having lectures by different guest speakers & you'll all be addressed as gentlemen corps members
Read & understand the NYSC Bye-Laws to know your left from your right. Know your rights & boundaries;the Do's & Don'ts
Director-General,DG,NYSC,Brig Gen JB Olawumi.Our Digital DG has brought in new initiatives,innovations & improvements to NYSC

NYSC Motto: "Service and Humility" NYSC Anthem: "Youths Obey The Clarion Call, let us lift our nations high, Under The Sun Or In The Rain, with dedication and selflessness, Nigeria's ours, Nigeria we serve"

When you hear " Corpers wee", your response will be "waa" So; we have Wee...wee Waa...waa. Corpers wee...waa.
Now you're .We wish you God's speed & safe trip to your various camp locations and a successful service year

Please when camp starts,endeavour to tweet live happenings on your camp by using this hashtag

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