The app from

D:\WORK\Даша тексти\Jiji.APP\pics - 2\37.png is a great solution for people who know how to manage their time and money. The service
consists of thousands of classifieds, and every five minutes a new offer appears. The service is
actively developing and improving. The number of its users grows as fast the number of adverts.
Due to the large assortment and convenient interface, the website is gradually replacing the
traditional old fashioned market.

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If it is even possible to offer more, Jiji managed to do it. The specially designed app based on the
website and developed specifically for its users is the best thing that could happen to online
shopping fans. First of all, it is really convenient. You can start shopping whenever or wherever you
want. Hundreds of thousands of offers are always in your pocket. Also, it is really simple to use.
The app is as well structured as the website. Moreover, the assortment and opportunities remain the
same. They are pressed into Android size, but don’t get smaller. And as a bonus: the interface is
smart and bright, which makes using Jiji really pleasant.

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 In the end, let’s remind that the website deals only with real people. It means that you can contact
them anytime to get some additional information, ask about what you are interested in, and finally
appoint a meeting. And don’t forget to bargain – it is still a market, though really modern