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Life is exciting when lived with the right mentality. One such mentality needed to live a good life is the investment mindset! The opposite of such mindset is the expenditure mindset. Those who end up at their God-given dreams and destinies are those with the investment mentality.
Life turns out great tomorrow when the investment mindset is employed today! Those who live with the expenditure mindset end up frustrated and wasted in life. The future is worth preparing for because that’s where you will spend the rest of your life.


    1. IT IS WITHIN YOU: The future is not a date waiting to reveal itself someday, it is a reality trapped within you. This reality however grows day by day as you nurture it in your awareness. So life does not happen to you, it is coming from you
     2. IT COMES AT A PRICE: The future can be bought. Yes, it can be bought with the choices of today. The decisions of what to do or not to do determine what becomes of us tomorrow. The future is better bought today.
   3    IT IS WHAT YOU SEE THAT YOU SIEZE: Life works on ths principle: anything you cannot see today will never happen tomorrow! Whatever is not in your picture today can never be in your future someday. Your portion tomorrow is hidden in your vision today.

What does it mean to invest?
    a. To invest is to delay your gratification- which is to pay now and play later!
    b. To invest is to pour yourself and resources into a project or dream at hand.
    c. To invest is to refuse to be carried away by distractions that seek to steal your attention from your intention.

We cannot really talk about investing into the future without having a concrete understanding of the reality of time.
   1. Time is the great equalizer…all of us have 24hours
   2. Time cannot be saved; you either spend or invest!
   3. Time is a convertible resource; if properly invested it can yield profitable enterprises.
   4. Time is life. Ever attempted to remove your age from your life? What would you be left with? Time is life indeed…

   1.  YOUR SPIRITUAL LIFE:  Your spirit is the core of your being. Man is a Spirit who has a soul and lives in a body. With your spirit you make contact with god and the spiritual world. However, great investments need to be made into your spirit so as to maintain an unbroken communion with God and to be able to stand against the forces of evil.
a.  Feed on the word. Joshua 1:8
b. Pray always 1thess 5:17, Luke 18:1
c. Associate with Godly people. Prov 13:20, 1cor        15:33
d.  Ask for the Help of the HolySpirit always to overcome temptations. Psalms 119:9-11
e. Fellowship with other believers. Heb 10:25

     2.    YOUR ACADEMICS: After your Spiritual Life, then comes your academics on the list of your life investments. As a young person, your academic excellence is your pride. Therefore, your academics must be given utmost attention for proper investment of time, energy and focus.
    a.) Set a Goal for your Academics: In order to properly invest into your academics, you must set b.SMART goals. Goals put you under pressure and stretch you until the precious juice in you start to flow and the target set is attained. Where do you see yourself in the next One year? Three years? Or six years in your academics? What class of Grade do you want to have by then? What extra discipline must you put in to your academics, so as have such results?
   b.)  Your Peers drive Performance: The people you surround yourself with determine the events of your life. Your academic results reflect the quality of people you have around you academically. Who are the people that you read with? Who makes up your discussion group?
   c.) Go the Extra mile: The Extra Mile is the lane of life achievers. Students who achieve extraordinary feats are known to always do more than the average students. They do group discussions more and they research their subjects more.

     3.  YOUR CRAFT/ENTERPRISE: Another area that calls for investment is your enterprise. This talks about what you can do with your hands, that when well- presented can be paid for by people.
   a. Acquire lucrative Skills: A skill is learned ability that makes you perform a task so well that people will pay for your service. Money is a reward for the value you render in form of a product or service. However, you must subscribe to learning that skill.
   b. Commit to Mastery: It is not the day you start learning a skill that you become very good at it. Therefore, persistence is much needed to arrive at the realm of mastery. A realm whereby you are so good at your delivery that people cannot but pay for your skill.
  c.   Be Business Minded: Business is about rendering value to meet the needs of your customers. So as you go out to learn the skill, work with the mindset of a business person, by adding value at a cost no matter how small it is. The value of your services determines the cost you will attract from people.

   4.    YOUR FINANCIAL FORTUNE: Your financial destiny solely depends on what you do with your time and your financial seeds. Notice that wealth is attracted by who we become.
   a.  We get paid for bringing value to the market place, and the value we bring is a function of how valuable we have become.
   b.   Money always travels in the direction of value…more value, more money, Less value, less money!
   c.  Anywhere  money is wasted; it runs away from such a place. But Cheerfully flows to and resides anywhere it is treated well through savings and investments.
It is your Season to Shine, investing today is a sure way to buy the future today! See you at the Top!


10 Job Position Opened at Magodo Specialist Hospital

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Magodo Specialist Hospital Limited, Magodo GRA, Lagos State is currently seeking to employ suitably qualified and experience candidates to fill the following positions below:

1.) Experienced Medical Officer (3 Positions)
2.) Experienced Nurse with combined General Nursing and Midwifery qualifications (4 Positions)
3.) Pharmacy Technician (4 Positions)
4.) Medical Laboratory Scientist (2 Positions)
5.) Medical Laboratory Technician (4 Positions)
6.) Radiographer / Sonographer (2 Positions)
7.) Administrative Officer (2 Positions)
8.) Driver (2 Positions)
9.) Secretary/Receptionist (1 Position)
10.) X-Ray Technician (2 Positions)


  • Candidates should possess relevant qualifications in a relevant field with experience.
General Information
  • Facilities and service conditions are excellent.
Application Closing Date
9th September, 2015.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their application attaching their CV's and other relevant documents to:
No. 10, Jaiye Oyedokun Street,
Magodo GRA,
Lagos State.

PHOTO: Arik AIr Employee caught with Cocaine worth N105m in London


The headquarters of Arik Air in Ikeja, Lagos was invaded by the officials of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) on Tuesday night, after a crew member of the airline was arrested in London for allegedly being found in possession of cocaine weighing about 20 kilograms.

The Arik crew member, who was arrested by operatives of the United Kingdom Border Force, on Monday has been identified by the agency as China Egwu Udensi.

A thorough search of the airline was conducted by the agents of the NDLEA, who also searched Udensi's latest vehicle, which was a Range Rover.

Mr Adebanji Ola, the spokesman of Arik Airline confirmed that the NDLEA indeed stormed the premises of the airline.

130,000 Policemen Withdrawn from VIPs to tackle Security Challenges

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Force Headquarters, in conjunction with the Police Service Commission, PSC, is set to commence the implementation of the withdrawal of about 130,000 Police personnel attached to some VIPs in the country as directed by President Buhari so that they can be deployed to places faced with high security challenges in the country .

Consequently, “the PSC, in collaboration with the Inspector General Police, has concluded arrangements to deploy a high level monitoring team to the nation’s airports, highways and other public places to enforce the Presidential directive of immediate withdrawal of policemen from very important personalities, VIP, who are not entitled to their services”.
According to Vanguard, the Chairman of PSC, Sir Mike Okiro, confirmed this in Abuja yesterday, by saying: “The monitoring team will have the powers to stop VIPs on the highways, airports and so on, for confirmation of their status and that of the policemen attached to them.”

A statement by Ikechukwu Ani, Head of Information PSC, quotes Okiro as warning that “any erring VIP or policeman caught in such unauthorised beat, will be prosecuted.”
The PSC Chairman insisted that “the Commission and the leadership of the Nigeria Police Force will enforce the presidential directive to the letter, stressing that henceforth only authorised government officials and VIPs will be entitled to police security.
Continuing, Okiro noted Nigeria Police will now be “structured to do its primary duties.”

Buhari: Past Govt. encouraged Escalation of Oil Subsidy

President  Muhammadu Buhari, yesterday, accused past administrations of allowing the infrastruc-ture in the oil sector to collapse to enable their cronies steal by importing refined products.
The President, who made the accusation while speaking at a meeting with the Chairman and members of the Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission, RMAFC, lamented “the current situation in which Nigeria is forced to spend billions of Naira annually on alleged subsidies for petroleum products.”

A statement signed by the Senior Special Assistant to President Buhari on Media and Publicity, Mallam Garba Shehu, quoted the President as saying that “the escalation of petroleum subsidy payments over recent years was due to the deliberate neglect of the nation’s refineries, oil pipelines and other related infrastructure to allow the importation of petroleum products and corruption to thrive.”

According to the statement, the President restated his huge disappointment with the way Nigeria’s oil industry has been run since he left office as Petroleum Minister and Military Head of State, noting that he was convinced that if the development of the country’s domestic refining capacity and petroleum products distribution network had kept pace with national demand, there would not have been any need for the huge subsidies currently being paid to importers.
“They allowed the infrastructure to collapse so that their cronies can steal by bringing in refined products from overseas,” President Buhari said.
He told the chairman and members of RMAFC, who availed him of their view on the vexed issued of petroleum subsidy payments, to go “back to the drawing board,” Vanguard reports

19 Job vacancies Courtesy of PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC)

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PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC) - Our client is a leading indigenous, downstream oil and gas business with its Head Office in Port Harcourt. The company is committed to delivering the most efficient energy solutions to its clients. The organisation and its people conduct its business based on integrity, with a strong focus on innovation, stewardship, value creation for its clients and respect for the individual.

Our client recently embarked on an ambitious transformation project and would like to recruit individuals with excellent professional and academic credentials, a strong focus on results and developing value to customers in the following positions below:

1.) Executive Assistant

Deadline: 10th September, 2015
Click Here To View Details

2.) Financial Accountant

Deadline: 10th September, 2015

Click Here To View Details

3.) Head Internal Audit

Deadline: 10th September, 2015

Click Here To View Details

Head Technical Support Services (Oil and Gas Business)

Deadline: 10th September, 2015

Click Here To View Details

5.) Head, Human Capital and Administration

Deadline: 10th September, 2015

Click Here To View Details

6.) Head, Information and Communications Technology

Deadline: 10th September, 2015

Click Here To View Details

7.) Head, Risk Management 

Deadline: 10th September, 2015

Click Here To View Details

Head, Strategy and Business Development

Deadline: 10th September, 2015

Click Here To View Details

9.) Human Resource Operations Manager

Deadline: 10th September, 2015

Click Here To View Details

10.) Human Resource Talent Manager

Deadline: 10th September, 2015
Click Here To View Details

11.) LPG Business Development Manager

Deadline: 10th September, 2015
Click Here To View Details

12.) LPG Terminal Manager

Deadline: 10th September, 2015

Click Here To View Details

13.) Management Accountant

Deadline: 10th September, 2015

Click Here To View Details

Manager Business Development - Shipping

Deadline: 10th September, 2015

Click Here To View Details

15.) Manager, Supply Chain

Deadline: 10th September, 2015

Click Here To View Details

16.) Operations Manager,Security Business

Deadline: 10th September, 2015

Click Here To View Details

17.) Brand & Marketing Manager

Deadline: 7th September, 2015

Click Here To View Details

Deputy Managing Director

Deadline: 7th September, 2015

Click Here To View Details

19.) Facility Manager

Deadline: 7th September, 2015

Click Here To View Details

[MUST READ]: Sicknesses Associated with the type of Job You Do

Image result for occupational health and safety

Celebrity chef, astronaut, teacher - whatever your dream job, or even your current one, you may not have given much thought to the impact it could have on your health.
It's well-known that people whose work involves standing for long periods, such as hairdressers, nurses, teachers and surgeons, are more prone to varicose veins. But, in recent years, evidence has emerged that sitting for long periods can be bad news, too, raising the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and premature death.
But some job-related health risks are more unexpected. Last month, for example, a study in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry revealed that undertakers may be four times more likely to develop motor neurone disease - the neurological disease that Stephen Hawking has - possibly because of their exposure to formaldehyde. Here, we look at some of the other surprising ways in which different occupations can affect your well-being...

Bakers who find it hard to breathe
Around 10 per cent of adult asthma cases are thought to be as a result of their jobs. One at-risk group is bakers, who develop it from breathing in flour, explains Professor Paul Cullinan, a consultant respiratory physician at Royal Brompton Hospital in London.
'Flour contains proteins that the body recognises as foreign when inhaled - it can then set up an allergic response to those proteins,' he says.
'Bakers who develop this problem usually do so in the first year or two, and then have to give up their work.'
Less common in factories, because much of the work is done by machine, the condition is more of a problem in supermarkets that have their own bakeries.
'But I've only seen one case of someone getting bakers' asthma at home,' says Professor Cullinan. 'They had their own baking business and were making masses of bread and cakes.'
Others at risk of developing asthma for the first time through work are those who handle animals for a living, as well as hairdressers, who may develop the condition from breathing in the chemicals used in bleaching powder.

Teachers damaging their vocal cords
Teachers are particularly prone to problems with their voice, says Declan Costello, a consultant ear, nose and throat surgeon specialising in voice disorders at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.
'Teachers are probably the single biggest group that I see because of the demand of having to raise their voice over 30 children.
'The combination of talking loudly and talking often can cause a variety of things, from getting a husky voice to losing it completely, to having an ache or burning in the throat.'
A husky voice and pain in the throat may also be a sign of nodules - calluses on the vocal cords - which can develop when the voice is over-used and the vocal cords rub together too frequently, says Yabuku Karagama, a voice specialist at Manchester Royal Infirmary.
'People associate nodules with singers but, actually, teachers are more prone to them because they tend to have less training about how to use their voice correctly.
'If you do get nodules, you may need speech therapy to help you control your voice and, if the nodules don't go away after a few months, you may need an operation to remove them.'
The secret to protecting your voice is not allowing the muscles to get too tight, while still producing a reasonable volume, say Mr Costello.
'It might be about using a different pitch or relaxing the muscles in the neck, for example.'
He adds that some teachers use a clip-on microphone to amplify their voice, or carry a whistle to reduce shouting in the playground.
'It's also important to have good vocal hygiene, such as drinking water and avoiding caffeine, because it dries the mouth and throat and can cause the mucus in the voice box to become sticky - it should be soft to allow the vocal cords to vibrate properly.'

Hairdressers with painful feet
'It may be an allergic response to the chemicals or an irritant reaction,' says Dr Bav Shergill, a consultant dermatologist and spokesman for the British Association of Dermatologists.It's not just asthma that hairdressers are prone to. As a result of the various chemicals and products they come into contact with, up to 70 per cent of hairdressers suffer from skin problems, particularly contact dermatitis - inflammation of the skin that leaves it painfully red, dry and cracked.
'Washing hands a lot can strip them of natural oils, which can make them dry and chapped and more prone to irritation. And handling split ends can cause tiny cuts on the skin, which can damage the natural skin barrier, leading the body to start regarding some of these chemicals as foreign. It can also leave the hands open to infections.'
The dermatitis will usually disappear but, if the hairdresser has developed an allergy, it could still flare up whenever they come into contact with the offending chemical - such as when they get their own hair coloured or treated.
The long periods of standing up can cause problems with the feet, too, such as plantar fasciitis - a painful thickening of the band of tissue that runs underneath the sole of the foot, says Mike O'Neill, a consultant podiatrist and spokesman for the College of Podiatry.
'I've also seen cases where tiny bits of hair have become buried in hairdressers' feet - the sharp hair can cut the skin and form little abscesses, so hairdressers should check their feet towards the end of the day to get rid of any bits of hair.'

Pilots facing a high risk of cancer
The apparently glamorous life of a pilot or cabin crew may put them at significantly higher risk of skin cancer - specifically malignant melanoma, according to a study of occupational mortality, published in 2009 by the Office for National Statistics and the Health and Safety Executive.
Some researchers suggest that exposure to cosmic radiation - high-energy rays originating from outside the solar system - may be a contributing factor.
However, dermatologist Dr Bav Shergill isn't convinced. Nor does he believe that people working in the air are exposed to more intense UV radiation simply because they are higher up.
'Most of the ozone layer, which filters out some of the harmful radiation, is still higher than the planes are,' he points out.
Instead, he thinks the problem is linked to what these professionals do when they reach their destination.
'Getting intermittent hits of sun exposure that can burn or tan the skin seems to increase the risk of skin cancer later in life.''I treat a lot of cabin crew for skin cancer. They fly somewhere hot and sunny for a few days, get a lot of sun exposure very quickly, burn a bit, come home and repeat the process.
A 2005 study from Iceland found that airline pilots are three times more likely to develop nuclear sclerotic cataracts - the most common type of cataract which occur when the centre of the eye's lens becomes clouded and hardened. The exact cause of cataracts is unknown, though lifelong exposure to sunlight may increase risk.

Back pain that cripples dentists
Having to bend over patients' mouths all day can give dentists back problems, says Sammy Margo, a physiotherapist based in North London.
'I treat a lot of dentists with problems of the thoracic (or middle) spine. Although they are highly trained at maintaining the correct posture, having to do it for so many years can have a cumulative effect.
'They get pain and stiffness in the middle back and can develop thoracic kyphosis - curvature of the back that makes them look more rounded.
'And as the thoracic spine becomes stiff, the neck and lower back can compensate, leading to stiffness in those areas, too.' This can lead to arthritis over time. 

Lorry drivers who age quicker
There are anecdotal reports of lorry drivers developing Bell's Palsy - temporary weakness or paralysis of the face - as a result of wind blowing through their side window.
But there's 'no good scientific evidence' to suggest this can really be the cause, says Charles Nduka, a consultant plastic surgeon and medical adviser to Facial Palsy UK.
He explains that the condition is usually the result of a virus, which causes the facial nerve to become inflamed.
However, studies have suggested that lorry drivers may be at greater risk of sun damage on the side of their face that is next to the driver's window.
A striking image was published in the New England Journal of Medicine of a U.S. truck driver - the left-hand side of his face was deeply lined, pitted and sagging after 28 years of sun exposure, whereas the right-hand side was relatively unblemished.
Standard glass won't protect you against UVA rays, which are typically associated with skin ageing, 'so you could have skin damage sitting by an office window', adds Dr Bav Shergill.

Lifeguards with bad hearing
It's well-known that exposure to loud noises can put your hearing at risk. But it's not just those who work with power tools or play in heavy metal bands who should take care.
People who work in gymnasiums and swimming pools (such as PE teachers or lifeguards) could unwittingly be risking their hearing, too, says Gemma Twitchen, senior audiologist at the charity Action on Hearing Loss.
'Big, open spaces with lots of hard surfaces mean sound can be reflected. If you think about it, when you go to a swimming pool it's very echoey and noisy.
'If you're working in that environment all the time, there could be a risk if you're being exposed to noise above 85 decibels (the point at volume at which sound can damage hearing).' A 2006 Italian study that examined the acoustic conditions of pools and gymnasia in schools found that 80 per cent of the facilities tested did not stick to official limits on reverberation times (the length of time it takes for sound to die away).
Gemma Twitchen also recommends that all musicians, including classical musicians, wear earplugs while rehearsing and performing.
'The louder the noise you are exposed to, the sooner the damage occurs, but prolonged exposure to loud noise can also take its toll - and orchestras can be very loud.'

Sailors could be ruining their eyes
Sailors are particularly at risk of cataracts and pterygiums - growths that develop across the cornea, the clear dome at the front of the eye, says Robert Scott, a consultant ophthalmologist at BMI The Priory Hospital, who has worked as a military doctor.
'You get more exposure to ultra violet light at sea because it's reflected off the water, so it's important to wear sunglasses.'

Nurses face years of skin trouble
Around 1,000 nurses a year are thought to develop work-related contact dermatitis - their risk is seven times higher than the average for all professions, according to the Health and Safety Executive.
Frequent exposure to soaps and cleaners is largely to blame, as well as work involving wet hands. And frequent contact with latex - or to the chemicals used to harden rubber - found in protective gloves, can cause people to develop allergies, leading to an itchy, tingly rash.
As dermatologist Dr Bav Shergill explains: 'We're trying to move to non-latex gloves in the clinical environment now to prevent this happening and to stop inadvertently touching patients who are allergic to latex. But some doctors still use them, particularly when they need good sensitivity to what they are touching, and other professions who use latex gloves are still at high risk - such as cleaners and gardeners.'
Other health risks facing health professionals include addiction to drink or drugs, with one in six doctors affected at some stage, according to a Government-funded study, which some have put down to the stress of their jobs.
Health professionals and those who work in agriculture have the highest suicide rates, reported the British Journal of Psychiatry in 2008.
This 'suggests a link between occupation and access to, and knowledge of, methods of taking one's own life', the report said.
Veterinary surgeons are around twice as likely to commit suicide as other healthcare workers and four times more likely than the general population, research suggests.

-(Courtesy: Daily Mail)

Buhari Set Up 13-Member Panel to Probe Jonathan and Yaradua

According to Vanguard, President Muhammadu Buhari, yesterday, set up a 13-member panel to probe two of his predecessors, late Umaru Musa Yar’Adua and Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, on procurement of arms and ammunition for the Armed Forces.

The investigative committee’s mandate is to identify irregularities and make recommendations for streamlining the procurement process in the Armed Forces.
The committee, which was constituted by the the National Security Adviser, Major-General Babagana Monguno (retd), on the directive of the President, is headed by AVM J.O.N. Ode (retd.) while Brig-Gen. Y. I. Shalangwa is secretary.
Other members are Rear Admiral J. A. Aikhomu (retd.), Rear Admiral E. Ogbor (retd.), Brig-Gen. L. Adekagun (retd.), Brig-Gen. M. Aminu-Kano (retd.), Brig-Gen N. Rimtip (retd.), Commodore T. D. Ikoli, Air Commodore U. Mohammed (retd), Air Commodore I. Shafi’i, Col A. A. Ariyibi, GP Capt C.A. Oriaku (retd) and Mr. I. Magu (EFCC).

A statement from presidential spokesman, Mr. Femi Adesina, said “the establishment of the investigative committee is in keeping with President Buhari’s determination to stamp out corruption and irregularities in Nigeria’s public service.
“It comes against the background of the myriad of challenges that the Nigerian Armed Forces have faced in the course of ongoing counter-insurgency operations in the northeast, including the apparent deficit in military platforms with its attendant negative effects on troops’ morale.
“The committee will specifically investigate allegations of non-adherence to correct equipment procurement procedures and the exclusion of relevant logistics branches from arms procurement under past administrations, which, very often resulted in the acquisition of sub-standard and unserviceable equipment.”

This is not a  govt of probes, but of due process, law and order
Meanwhile, the Presidency has declared that Buhari’s administration is not a government of probes but of due process, law and order.
Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Mallam Garba Shehu, who spoke with Vanguard, yesterday, also stated the administration of President Buhari will not shy away from probing the government of former President Jonathan in the face of alleged fraud and corruption.
He spoke following an accusation of selective probe against Buhari by a prominent northern leader, Tanko Yakassai.
The presidential aide said there are sensitive matters arising from briefings and official engagements, which the President cannot overlook and described as laughable the allegation that Buhari has excluded other former presidents like Chief Olusegun Obasanjo because he was close to them.
He said: “Let me say that officially, nobody is under probe, even Dr. Jonathan. People should not make mistakes about the fact that what is going on are routine investigations. These are matters that the President has found on the table.
“So, there is nothing like a probe. If Jonathan will be probed, you would have heard of, may be, an administrative panel of enquiry or judicial panel of enquiry. But it hasn’t come to that. These are matters of routine engagements of due process of law and order.
“President Buhari in his campaign said his government was not going to probe into the past. We are not probing but as a responsible government, you cannot bring to the table matters such as we are dealing with and then, the President will wave them off.
“The Office of the President may be powerful but it is controlled, regulated by due process and the constitution of the country. The President cannot wave away matters that are arising from either handing-over or the routine briefings. How can anybody say he was part of the Obasanjo military regime and that’s why he’s not probing them?

Speaking further, the presidential spokesman queried why the allies of former President Jonathan would wait until now to champion the cause of probing past governments before Jonathan.
It was Jonathan’s responsibility to probe Obasanjo, Yar’Adua
He stated that it was Jonathan’s responsibility to probe the governments of Obasanjo and Yar’Adua.
“Let me tell you, if Obasanjo and Yar’Adua and all of the past governments before Jonathan needed to have been probed, why did Jonathan shy away from his responsibility? Why didn’t he probe them while he was in office? Why didn’t Tanko Yakassai ask Jonathan to probe Yar’Adua, Babangida, Obasanjo? Why do they have to wait for Buhari to come and do what he should have done?
“It is common sense. So, if he didn’t probe them, why should his people ask some other person to probe them? If they felt it was desirable to probe the past administration, as a party, why didn’t they do it themselves? Why do they have to wait for President Buhari?
“This is not a government of probes. It is a government of due process and law and order. President Buhari is dealing with the matters he has found on the table and he has no power under the constitution to wave them. If somebody had stolen Nigeria’s one billion dollars of oil, President Buhari is not authorized to wave it off under the law. He should ask questions. There is no probe going on now. People who are creating the spectre of probes in the country just want to create unnecessary fear.”

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