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Nothing Like total Restriction on Account Without BVN explains CBN


Contrary to the claims by Deposit Money Banks (DMB) that there would be total restriction on accounts without Bank Verification Number (BVN) after the deadline today, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has given more details on the implication of not having a BVN, clarifying that account holders can still have access to cash transactions while the e-banking transactions would be restricted.

The BVN launched on February 14, 2014 is a unique identifier for each bank customer across the financial industry, making it possible to build and track customer financial history and activity.

The Apex bank has said there would be no extension of deadline and that enough time has been given to customers to enroll for the BVN.

There had been claims that 62 million bank accounts may face restriction for failure to register. Reacting to this, Ibrahim Muazu, director, corporate communications department, CBN, said this was an exaggeration. He noted that many individuals and corporates do have more than one account and some in two deposit money banks, for example current, savings, domiciliary among others.

“Holders and a person requires only one BVN linked to all his accounts in any number of banks”, he said in chat with BusinessDay.

“Without BVN, you still have access to your cash but services/facilities (internet/mobile banking, loans etc) will have some restrictions”, Muazu said further.

Currently, only about 14 million out of about 76 million bank accounts have so far complied.

Today, as usual with Nigerians noted for last minute Rush, crowds throng banking premises all over the nation in order to register for their BVN

5 Price to Pay if you are in a Leadership position

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Leadership that doesn’t produce pain is either in a short season of unusual blessing or it isn’t really making a difference. When leaders in any field take the risk of moving individuals and organizations from one stage to another from stagnation to effectiveness or from success to significance, they inevitably encounter confusion, passivity, and outright resistance from those they’re trying to lead. Those are the pain and price a leader would pay. Leadership comes with a cost, whether this costs are worth it or not is debatable, but first lets see the price or cost you must be willing to pay as a leader:

1 – There is a Financial Cost – Books cost money.  Conferences cost money.  Putting yourself in a position to be stretched and grown cost money.  AND one of the qualities that I’ve always noticed in leaders who were “getting it done” is that they were personally willing to pay a financial price.  

2 – There Is An Emotional Cost – According to Perry Noble, Leading in the church is one of the most emotionally draining things you will EVER do.  You will discover that you can go from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows with one email or phone call.  Your heart and motives will be called into question.  Critics who don’t know you (nor do they want to know you) will malign, misrepresent and attack you.  On most days you will feel overwhelmed and unworthy of your calling…and all of this requires that we be willing to pay the price emotionally.

3 – There is a Physical Cost – Laziness and leadership do NOT go hand in hand.  It takes blood, sweat and tears in order to be developed to your fullest leadership potential…which means you get out of bed early and go to work and sometimes retire late to bed!  And yes, REST is essential to stay healthy

4 – There is a Spiritual Cost – The more influential you become as a leader the greater the intensity of spiritual attack on your life.
In Acts 19, the bible records a demon literally having a conversation with seven guys…he tells them he knows Jesus and has heard about Paul, probably because he was causing such a disturbance, but then tells the guys he hadn’t even heard about them!!!  Like it or not…the enemy doesn’t pursue everyone with the same intensity.
You will experience spiritual warfare.  You will encounter temptation on a level that is greater than anything you could imagine.  You have to be willing to fight the fight and pay the price if you want to be a Succesful leader.

5 – There is a Personal Cost – All of the things listed above comes around to this…there Is a personal cost when it comes to leadership.  You will need to develop yourself and build your capacity beyond that of your followers, this could be tasking, but will eventually pay off.

FINAL WORD: No Pain, No Gain.......Shalom!

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10 trendy Interview Formats Employers Uses this days

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Interviews come in all shapes formats and sizes: Sometimes you're with one interviewer, while at other times you're with five. You could even be asked to do lunch, solve a problem, or invited to a Skype interview.
It is however important to learn the types of interview employers use this days, so as to be well prepared in the event you are faced with one. Come with me:

1. The Traditional Interview

This is the scenario you'll face most often: You sit down with a solo interviewer and answer a series of questions designed to help him/her figure out if you're a great candidate for the job.

2. The Phone Interview

Asked for a phone interview? A call is typically a first-round screening to see if you're a fit to come in for a full interview, so nailing it is key. You'll want to prepare just as you would for an in-person interview, with some key adjustments for the phone format.

3. The Skype Interview

Skype video interviews take the phone-screening interview to the next level, and they're becoming a regular part of the job application process for many companies this days even in Nigeria. From choosing the right on-screen look to making sure all of your tech systems are a go, you'll want to be 100% ready for your TV debut.

4. The Case Interview

The case interview is a more specialized format in which you're given a business problem (“How can XYZ Co. double its growth?”) or a puzzle (“How many tennis balls fit in a 747?”) to solve. While case interviews were once exclusively the domain of aspiring consultants, they’re now popping up everywhere from tech companies to NGOs.

5. The Puzzle Interview

Google and other highly competitive companies have been known to ask "puzzle" questions, like, “How many people are using Facebook in Lagos ?” Seems random, but your interview wants to determine how quickly you can think on your feet, how you’ll approach a difficult situation, and how you can make progress in the face of a challenge. Here, having the knowledge of the population of the Youth in Lagos could be a Hint in answering such question.

6. The Lunch Interview

Has your potential employer suggested an interview over a meal? That's a good sign—it usually means she wants to learn a little more about you and how you act outside of the office. So you must learn how to highlight your strengths and accomplishments while trying to maneuver a mouthful of chicken Pie.

7. The Group Interview

Group interviews aren't common, but you might find them for sales roles, internships, or other positions in which the company is hiring multiple people for the same job. How do you catch the hiring manager's eye when you're part of the group? It takes a little trick and a few smart tactics.

8. The Apprentice Interview

In some industries—writing, engineering, or even sales—you may be asked to complete an actual job task as part of the interview. Basically, your interviewers don't want you to tell them you can do the job, they want to see it. Don't panic: If you go in prepared, this is your chance to shine.

9. The Firing Squad

If you'll be reporting to several people or working with a team, it's not uncommon to meet with multiple interviewers—all at the same time. Sounds nice, because you only have to answer those tough questions once, but it can also be tricky to make a strong connection with each decision maker.

10. The Career Fair Interview

If you're attending career fairs as part of your job hunt, get ready for impromptu interviews, where you'll only have 10 or 15 minutes to sell yourself to the recruiter for a chance to come in for a full interview. 
Wish you all the Best!

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Naij.com has uncovered Details of the robbery which occurred in the early hours of today at Ogolonto area of Ikorodu, Lagos state.

A lady reportedly led the gang to the banks and stayed outside while the operation lasted.
The leader of the gang was said to have sat down in front of the bank bragging, and no police officer was able to confront her. She reportedly tied charm around her neck.

Sources at the Zenith bank disclosed that there were about 15 armed robbers whose ages should not be more than 20-years.
The bank’s safe as reported was broken with the use of dynamite and the staffs were made to lie on the floor while the robbery continued

The young robbers were reported to have burnt three of their vehicles in front of Origin Gardens, a recreational place not far from the scene of the incident, and escaped via the ferry service operated beside the Garden.

How A Lady Led Robbers To Attack Banks In Ikorodu Today

How A Lady Led Robbers To Attack Banks In Ikorodu Today

How A Lady Led Robbers To Attack Banks In Ikorodu Today
 Photo Credit: Naij.com
A witness at the scene of the robbery said:“I could not dare stare them in the face. I just lay on the floor as they instructed and waited there until they left. I have never seen anything like that before.”
One of the owners of the garden (name withheld), whose car was burnt alongside the three jeeps, described the incident as a really shocking one.
“Nobody is ready to talk to you right now because we are all in shock. My car was burnt and I could not face the people. Don’t ask me how they escaped, why didn’t you come here when the robbery was going on?”  she blasted

At the First bank robbery scene, the suspects used a device to open the computerised door to gain entrance to the banking hall.
Monies were carted away but no staff of the bank was killed.
Only one person was reportedly shot in the leg and has been taken to Ikorodu General Hospital for treatment.
Meanwhile, the armored tank which the policemen used to stage a pursuit of the robbers was pelted with bullets that almost penetrated the bullet-proof vehicle.
The state’s Commissioner of Police (CP), Kayode Aderanti, who was at the escape route, told reporters that the police would investigate the matter to know how the robbers carried out their operation successfully.

When he asked why none of his men could confront the robbers during the two-hour period that the incident lasted despite the fact that a police station was opposite the bank, he said: “we shall look into the matter and investigate thoroughly to know what happened.”
As at the time of filing this report, no fewer than 20 police vans were patrolling the area to check if the robbers were going to return and ensure safety of lives and properties.

Efforts to get Mr. Kenneth Nwosu, the police spokesperson proved futile as calls put across to him were not answered.

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3 Vacancy Opened at Ahmed Zakari & Co (Chartered Accountants)

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Ahmed Zakari & Company (Chartered Accountants) - From its origins in 1993, Ahmed Zakari and Co. (Chartered Accountants) have expanded and developed into one of Nigeria's fastest growing indigenous professional services firm, providing auditing, taxation, business consulting practices, Islamic finance and other financial advisory services.

Ahmed Zakari & Company (Chartered Accountants) has been able to tailor its services to the needs of its clients. The overriding aim is to make the maximum contribution to the success of each and every client. In keeping with this aim and due to our growth, we are looking for highly dynamic, innovative and top-flight professionals to fill the under listed vacancy in our Advisory, Tax and Audit & Assurance practice in our Lagos, Kano and Abuja offices:

Job Title: Personal Assistant

 Abuja, Kano and Lagos


  • Assistants should be less than 30 years old and possess minimum of two years relevant working experience in a reputable professional services firm.
  • Candidates should possess excellent academic pedigree and are ready to be challenged, to team up with others and take responsibility for their personal growth.
  • Candidates with progression in accredited relevant professional qualifying examinations and knowledge of IFRS will be at an added advantage.
Application Closing Date
7th July, 2015.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their applications, CV's and a scanned passport photograph to: careers@ahmedzakari.com

Note: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Past Minister Under Jonathan Says Buhari's Claim of Empty Treasury is Untrue

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The immediate past Minister/Deputy Chairman, National Planning Commission (NPC), Dr. Abubakar Sulaiman has faulted President Buhari's claim that the immediate past government left behind an empty treasury.

Pres. Buhari had in a media parley with state House correspondents on Monday June 22nd claimed that his administration met 'virtually an empty treasury'. In a statement released yesterday June 23rd, Dr Suleiman said the Good luck administration left behind $30 billion in the national treasury.
He argued that saying the past government did not leave behind any money implies that revenue generating agencies of the government seized to work before and after the Goodluck administration ended on May 29th .

“Government can’t tell us that there is no Excess Crude Account (ECA), Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF) or are we saying the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIR) and related agencies had not in the last one month been generating revenue? Until they are able to prove they had no receipts from these government agencies in the last one month before Nigerians can now buy into Mr. President’s claims of an empty treasury. Money made by government is meant to be spent, and this the immediate past administration did responsibly. 

Every government operates on deficit even in the so-called western world, including the US which today remains one of the largest debtor nations in the world. Is it not on record that President Obama inherited $3 trillion debt, a collapsed banking sector and mortgage industry, yet he never raised any alarm. None of these has happened in Nigeria under Jonathan. Under Jonathan, Nigeria became the largest Africa economy and 26th in the world amidst deadly security challenges and dwindling international prices of oil. In spite of all these, the Federal Government never owed salary. 

Upon inception of Jonathan’s administration, it is on record that the price of oil at the global stage was over $100 per barrel and at the close of the administration, it dropped to $46. Yet, there wasn’t collapse of government and federal civil servants were paid as at when due. It will be misleading, therefore, for our respected President Muhammadu Buhari and indeed the ruling APC to claim to have met an empty treasury. Aspiration to governance is a call to meeting and confronting challenges headlong. So, we urge the APC-led government to hit the ground running as promised Nigerians by confronting the challenges. We are not in doubt of the capability of Mr. President to do it. He should, therefore, get to business, put in place structures and personnel to redeem the pledges made to Nigerians.”.

Buhari Assure Nigerian's of recovering Billions of Dollars in Three Months

Ait news reports that President Muhammadu Buhari Today in Abuja assured State Governors that the days of impunity, lack of accountability, and fiscal recklessness in the management of national resources are  over in Nigeria.
Speaking at a meeting with the Governors in the Presidential Villa, President Buhari  also vowed that funds stolen  by government officials who abused their offices in the recent past will  be recovered and systemic leakages stopped.
"There are financial and administrative instructions in every government parastatal and agency. But all these were thrown to the dogs in the past. Honestly, our problems are great, but we will do our best to surmount them.
"The next three months may be hard, but billions of dollars can be recovered, and we will do our best, " the President told the governors.
Expressing surprise that the governors had tolerated the atrocities allegedly committed with the Excess Crude Account since 2011, President Buhari promised to tackle the issue decisively.
The President declared that the payment of national revenue into any  account other than  the Federation Account was an   abuse of the constitution, adding that what he had heard  was going on in many agencies and corporations, particularly the NNPC, was clearly illegal.
On the refund of monies spent on federal projects by state governments, President  Buhari assured the governors that the Federal Government will pay, but insisted that due process must be followed.
The President promised special assistance for the three North Eastern states badly affected by the Boko Haram insurgency.
He also said that  a comprehensive statement on the economic and financial situation inherited by his administration will be made to the nation within the next four weeks.
"We will try and put the system back into the right position. What happened in the 2nd Republic has apparently happened again, and even worse, but we will restore sanity to the system," President Buhari assured the Governors.
On an immediate lifeline for states that owe salaries running into many months, President Buhari said that a committee headed by the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, will look at the Excess Crude Account and see what can be shared immediately.

The governors, led by Chairman of the Governors Forum, Abdulaziz Yari of Zamfara State, had presented a wish list to the President that  included:
Ø Obedience of extant Supreme Court ruling that all monies go into the Consolidated Federation Account;
Ø An order from the President that all revenue generating agencies must pay into the Consolidated Federation Account;
Ø Review of the Revenue Allocation Formula;
Ø Refund of the monies expended by states on federal projects;
Ø A special consideration for the three states of the North East under Boko Haram infestation;
Ø  Full details of the amounts that accrued into the Excess Crude Account from 2011, and how the money miraculously shrank without official sharing.

High Court dismissed a N750m Libel suit against Onyeka Onwenu

National Parrot reports today that a Lagos State High Court sitting at the Tafawa Balewa Square has dismissed a N750m libel suit filed by the Chairman, Board of Copyright Society of Nigeria, Chief Tony Okoroji, against a popular Nigerian musician, Mrs. Onyeka Onwenu.
Okoroji had approached the court claiming that Onwenu was responsible for an article in the Vanguard Newspapers of October 14, 2011 which Okoroji considered to be a deliberate attempt to malign or defame him.
In the said publication which Okoroji described as “unjustified, unwarranted, malicious, wicked, reckless and libellous”, it was claimed that he diverted N3m donated by the Cross Rivers State Government towards the final burial of the late Nigerian musician, Essien Igbokwe.
The said article had been published after Onwenu sent an e-mail to members of the late Igbokwe burial committee, accusing Okoroji of diverting N3m donation into his private bank account.
Both Okoroji and Onwenu served on the committee for the final burial of Igbokwe.
Okoroji, in the suit, asked for an order directing Onwenu to pay him N750m as general damages and to tender a full page “unreserved apology to be published in every edition of The Vanguard, The Guardian and www.vanguardngr.com for seven consecutive days.”
But Onwenu, through her lawyer, Mr. Fred Agbaje, in response to Okoroji’s claims, argued that Okoroji failed to link Onwenu to the said Vanguard Newspapers publication.
Agbaje, who pointed out that the e-mail sent by Onwenu was to members of the late Igbokwe’s burial committee and not to Vanguard Newspapers, maintained that Onwenu “was duty-bound to comment on issues affecting the well-being and smooth-running of the committee, and this she did by complaining to the claimant and other members of the committee.”
The trial judge, Justice I.O. Kasali, in her judgment, said though she had no doubt that “the words complained of, in their ordinary meaning, and also with reference to the circumstances in which they were written, were libellous of the claimant”, but Okoroji failed to show the evidence that the words had negatively altered a third person’s perception of him.
The judge held, “For words to be defamatory of a party, the said words must have lowered that party in the estimation of right-thinking members of the public and there must be evidence of this from a person whose views of that person have been so adversely affected.
“In the absence of any evidence of what CW2, CW3 and CW4 think about the claimant upon reading the publication, which has affected the good name, reputation and estimation in which the claimant stands in the society of their fellow citizens, it cannot therefore be said that the claimant has been defamed.
“After a careful consideration of all the materials before me, I have come to the conclusion that the claimant has not been able to establish that the e-mail alleged to have been sent to members of the of the committee by the defendant defamed him.”


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Reports from Channelstv, reveals that the Senate in Nigeria has set up an ad-hoc committee to reappraise the structure of the National Assembly budget by making it more open and ensure that the parliament’s budget is in line with economic realities.
The Senate President, Bukola Saraki, announced the plan on Tuesday at the resumption of plenary after a two-week recess.
It was the beginning of an era for the lawmakers, as the Senators exchanged pleasantries at the commencement of plenaries, after election of principal officers.
But beneath the surface of the warm welcome was an aura of division among lawmakers of the ruling All Progressives Congress.
The dust is yet to settle over the emergence of Senator Bukola Saraki and Senator Ike Ekweremadu as Senate and Deputy Senate President.
Nevertheless, legislative business has to go on.
At the resumption of plenary, the Senate President addressed an issue which had been making headlines across Nigeria. The allowances of the federal lawmakers had raised eyebrows in many quarters.
Senator Saraki said setting up the committee was in response to media reports of the last few days on the allowances of lawmakers.
The Eight Senate is resuming at a time of continuing fall in oil price and associated reduction in revenue that is taking its toll on the economy of the states.
Workers in the states have become scapegoats in the face of dwindling revenue, as many state governments are owing workers several months’ salary.
The Senate President wants the Senate to rise to address the problem, announcing the immediate composition of the 18-man committee, comprising of three Senators from each geopolitical zone.
They are to immediately draw up a legislative agenda for the Eight Senate within a week to give the Senate focus and cohesion in pursuing its targets.


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Pastor Sam Adeyemi, lucidly explains in one of his teachings that Jesus gave us the “marking scheme” or what God will use to assess our achievements in life in Matthew 25: 31-40. 

Thus, When we stand before God on the last day, many people will realize that they met God on several occasions but did not recognize Him.  They will discover they missed great opportunities to serve God, love Him and minister to Him, as they ignored those in need around them. Every human being is an extension of God and grasping this truth gives us an understanding of why God loves mankind so much. God has invested a lot in the creation of man and He is not about to lose His investment (Genesis 1: 27; 2:7). Anyone who loves God must also love his brother.

Practically speaking, if you want to serve God, serve man. Do whatever you want to do for God, to the needy, hungry and naked person around you (1 John 4: 20-21). Jesus taught us to pray “let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. The earth was designed to be a replica of heaven. We have the Spirit of God in our hearts, we need to function in a way that we forbid, on earth, anything that is not permitted in heaven.Whatever God does not deserve, man does not deserve it. Once we realize this, then our work is cut out for us as we immediately recognize that people are living below their God-given potentials. 

Hunger and nakedness are an abuse of human dignity and should not be permitted in any shape or form. In Acts 2, the believers were very passionate about eradicating lack in their midst. They sold their lands and houses and gave sacrificially to prevent others from sinking below particular levels of dignity. 

Christians should become the best servants or people who offer the best quality of service in any society. when we realize that whatever we do to any human being, we have done to God. This understanding can revolutionize our communities and the whole nation. As long as we have compassion, God’s wisdom and power will flow like it did in Jesus’ ministry.

Many of us do shoddy work because we think that the people we are serving do not deserve the best. We feel that only the rich and powerful deserve our respect and good quality.while those at the lower levels in the society deserve inferior treatment or no respect at all. God does not show partiality. Every human being (spouse, child, parent, boss, employee) deserves our respect (Colossians 3: 22-25 TM). 

Do not neutralize your prayers by being unkind to others or doing mediocre work or delivering poor service to people. 
From today, without exception, give everyone your best quality and serve with excellence!

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