Why career Fail?

Your career is a very important aspect of your life. Most of your time as a living being would be committed to starting, growing, building and prospering with career.
Who you are; your relevance in the society, your worth in person and material possessions are all the outcomes of the quality of your career.
Your career ought not to start the day you graduate from the university. In actual fact either deliberately or unconsciously, a man's career begins to find expression and definition from as young as his days in grade school; that is primary school.
The kind of subjects you like and find interesting may begin to paint a picture of what you'll find fulfilment doing later on in life.
Also the kind of exposure you had, interactions you enjoyed, entertainment you relished and associations you maintained during your growing years play significant roles in shaping your views, perceptions, norms and ethics in dealing with life issues.
Your natural gifts, talents and endowments ought to also guide your path in your choice of career in life.
I am a strong believer and advocate of purpose. We are all created differently and designed to serve various purposes in this world. To this end I'll want to say that a career that would eventually be tagged successful is such that aligns with a man's personal purpose and mission in this life.
Though societal and upbringing dynamics often time derail many from their actual purposes in life, more of the blame should actually go to him whom after realising he's on the wrong path in career; refuses to redirect his steps and journey in the direction of his purpose and fulfilment in life.
What I'm saying is If today you find your job very boring, uninteresting and frustrating, I'm afraid the fault is entirely yours if you refuse to do something about it.

May I say also at this point that there is no job type or occupation that lacks stress and challenges? How you will know it's what you're designed for is that you'll enjoy tackling the challenges and finding solutions to the various issues. You will never be tired of working at it and bringing out the beauty in every situation.
I have a friend who is a passionate builder. Right from when he starts off on a new building project, he's excited. He's looking at the architectural designs, engineering designs, site plan and all, he's already very boisterous and passionate.
Occasionally I visit him on site and I see the way he's moving all around the site, shouting at the artisans, getting them to work and they in return acting up, giving him attitude and some of them running away for several days with money meant for buying building materials.
On several occasions he would have to fight off area boys and touts and on some occasions he would arrive on site and most of his workers will refuse to work because they want payment for a bad job they'll have to do again, at times the rains would delay the project and he may need to break and rebuild some poorly done parts of the structure, and all day long, he's on his feet, in the sun, in the rain; many times forgetting he's not had any food to eat till late afternoon.

Despite all these issues and challenges, my friend cannot do any other thing than building. He loves it, he's passionate about it and I see the fulfilment and pleasure at the end of the day when he eventually places his for sale sign board on these beautiful buildings.
Not everyone can actually enjoy this type of occupation or find pleasure doing it. Personally I can't, I'm not an outdoor person, I don't enjoy the sun on my face or the rains on my back, I can't chase or yell at artisans or stand in a location all day long. I'm definitely not cut out for that kind of work.
But I can stand and talk for five to six hours non-stop and won't be tired, this my friend on the other hand can't talk for fifteen minutes straight. We are different in make-up, purpose and fulfilment.
Today many of us are failing in career simply because we have planted ourselves in professions and work types we really don't enjoy and don't find fulfilling. We are in that job because we were probably desperate for employment or attracted by the remuneration. Hence when the attended stress and challenges of the profession starts manifesting, we can't handle it or deal with it without getting upset.
Little wonder many young people today are suffering from high blood pressure due to high stress level. Many become worried, threatened and afraid each time there is a challenge on the job because they lack the natural will to take these issues in their stride and enjoy dealing with it. They force themselves to deal with it hence, getting dismayed about it every now and again.

Travelling this career journey devoid of purpose and passion will only lead to frustration and failure.
What you don't enjoy you don't give your best. What you're not interested in, you can't get creative with. What you're not passionate about, you don't want to expand your scope of knowledge in, and when you're laid back or poor in performance, you're not entitled to rapid promotion, relevance and wealth.
I think it's critical you honestly ask yourself this important question this morning, take a look at your career journey again, are you failing or succeeding at it? Your career prospects; are they looking better today than yesterday? Are you progressive, retrogressive or stagnant on this journey?
How old are you? How far have you come? How far do you still want to go?
Can I ask some critical questions this morning?
Why exactly are you working where you're working today? Do you have a better reason than salary and survival?
Secondly are you genuinely interested and in love with your job? Do you love what you do?
Thirdly do you have a plan; a career path, a predefined route to your destination, are you on the mark, getting set to go, on your own lane or your career race it yet to start after so many years. In fact where exactly is this employment taking you to?
Five years from today, ten years from today, do you have a clear mental picture of where you'll be and what you'll be doing?

What exactly is your personal focus? What is your career future looking like? What is that future that you're focused squarely on that will help deal with distractions on this journey?
Who do you want to be in another 10 years? What would you be called, how would you be addressed and what will be your professional title?
What societal need or opportunity would your career preference be addressing in another 10 years, what aspect of human existence would you take ownership of and join in the drive to great success?
Think about all these. Is somebody's mind again starting to wander in search of excuses and whom to blame for this present condition and lack of hope for an exciting, fulfilling career future?
When exactly do you want to begin to take responsibility for yourself, your career and your future?
Don't let your career fail; the consequence would be entirely yours to bear. Please think about this and do something today.
(Credit: Muyiwa Afolabi)


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