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Your Ministry and Your Career: The Altercations.

Your Ministry and Your Career: The Altercations. . 

Matthew worked for the Roman Internal
Revenue Service
Luke was a physician.
Paul was a lawyer
Peter was in the fishing industry
Priscilla and Aquila were in the hospitality business. 
These were their chosen careers, not their ministries. 

Sola sorinolu, succinctly quipped,  'It is erroneous to equate ministry with one's chosen career. You choose your career. You are chosen for the ministry. Your career is defined by your profession for which you are trained. Training may be necessary for ministry, but it does not equal ministry. 

Ministry is received in Christ and in Christ alone. Hence, Paul admonition to Archippus: "...Take heed to the ministry which you have received in the Lord, that you may fulfil it" Col.4:17. 
So what is your ministry? 

Your ministry is what you are involved in that engenders the teaching and preaching of the Gospel. It leads to salvation for the unsaved. Your ministry is that which brings spiritual growth and maturity to the saved. And every Christian has a ministry! Pursue your career. But ensure that you do all to fulfil your ministry. 

Your ultimate fulfilment will be based on how faithful you have been to your ministry. And not on whether you succeed at your career!'


Yours inspirationally, 


Most business owners and other entrepreneurs know that customer service is important, but they may not realize just how important. Building your business's reputation starts with customer service and ends with an amazing product or service. 

Here are 3 Lessons to learn in Customer Service:

1. Stand by your word: 
When you promise a customer great results, you better deliver. Customers rely on you to provide the results you have promised, particularly when you are supposed to be the expert in a given area. You want your customers to be able to trust you. So, when you tell them that you will have the project done by a certain date or that it can be done a certain way, be sure that you have given your customer realistic expectations. Along the same lines, be sure that if anything changes in your estimation, you communicate that to your client as soon as possible. Explain why this happened and what kind of impact this will have on the project as a whole. Ultimately, you want the customer to be completely satisfied so that your trustworthy reputation can grow (and you can get referrals).

2.Remain professional in every circumstance:
Regardless of your business model, your customers expect to be met with professionalism. Running your own business can be crazy, hectic, and downright stressful, but that is never an excuse to become unprofessional with a client. Your customer has very little sympathy for your other projects and obligations. To them, they are the only obligation that matters, and most customers want to be treated that way. You must make every effort to meet this expectation.

3. Take ownership of your mistakes:
Most customers realize that everyone is human, and everyone makes mistakes. While we want to avoid mistakes as much as possible, the truth is that eventually something will go wrong. When that happens, don't make excuses, make improvements. Own your mistakes. Admit that it happened, apologize when you are wrong, and take steps to correct the oversight. Explain to your customer what you plan to do to address the mistake. 

These tips may seem simple, but if followed faithfully would bring positive result.

See you at the top! 

BUSINESS TIP 02: Sell The Problem

As Ben Feldman rightly puts it, "Don’t sell life insurance. Sell what life insurance can do.” When you offer to solve a problem or fill a void, you are speaking the customers language. It’s the best way to get their attention. 

Try to imagine yourself in your customer’s shoes. In fact, if it’s shoes you’re offering, sell comfort and performance to customers tired of footwear that falls apart and leaves blisters. 
If you’re selling beverages, sell the feeling of renewal after a long day. 
When you do this, you involuntarily communicate concern and love for them. They see value instead of cost and they are then moved to buy your service or product. 

So henceforth, quit pushing products in the face of your customers, if you can't explain the benefits they stand to get, you would not only be losing sales but also your brand reputation would diminish. It's that serious. 

To your Success... Yours inspirationally, 
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First of all,  it is expedient to keep your private life private and your public life public. 
The chief reasons for this thought is simply because of security and safety reasons. Many lifes , homes, emotions and career etc have been battered and destroyed when they made their private life public. 
So what part of your life should you keep private:

1. Your Love Life: This includes your relationship i.e your spouse and kids. Putting up every picture of your wife and her details on Social media can spell doom. Flaunting your kids on Social media especially with their school uniform on, is not a safe decision in the Era of kidnapping and obscene crimes. 

2. Your Income: Do you need a prophet to tell you how dangerous or the risk this could portend? If you ask those that have been robbed in their homes or offices before,  you will discover that 60% of robbery was due to information leak. So guide financial info about you jealously 

3. Your Next move: We live in a competitive world. Ideas not yet developed shouldn't be shared,  else,  someone else will be making money from an idea you shared with them in which they acted on before you did. 
In any invention,  the first mover theory/strategy usually suffice. So be careful what you share with people. 

Do you Know anything else that should be kept private in your life?  SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS IN THE COMMENT FIELD BELOW. 

Yours inspirationally, 

8 Ways of Building your Professional Network

Establishing a strong professional network can benefit your business several ways, from receiving feedback by bouncing ideas off successful entrepreneurs and business owners to opening doors that were once closed — building your professional network should be something you are always working on.
You have undoubtedly heard the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” right? I’m such a firm believer in building business connections and relationships
The right connections can open doors with some amazing opportunities behind them, so here are eight tips to help you grow your professional network.
1. Make your presence noticeable.
You have to make sure people know what you are doing and what you have in the works — otherwise nobody will ever know. Keep in touch with your professional contacts via email, social media and face-to-face meetings.
When you maintain contact you remain on their radar, which can result in them name-dropping you to their contacts. A simple, “Oh, I actually know somebody you should contact” can occur simply because you kept your presence noticeable.
2. Attend networking events — online & offline.
Every industry has conferences and trade shows that provide great networking opportunities. There are also local meet-ups and local organizations that hold regular events that are great for building your network.
Many people forget that there are also plenty of networking opportunities online. LinkedIn groups are great and Twitter chats are becoming very popular these days. I personally love Twitter chats because they allow a huge group of people to participate regardless of their location.
3. Hang out at the same places the people you want to connect with hang out.
This applies to both online and offline — as mentioned above, LikedIn groups and Twitter chats are great places to connect. If you want to connect with a certain group online then participate and introduce yourself.
Offline this could be a particular lunch spot or a happy hour bar after work. Frequent the places that the people you want to connect with can be found at. Be friendly and social and you will make new connections.
4. Don’t always take — give as well.
When networking don’t always make it about you — make sure to share you knowledge and expertise and offer to help when you see an opportunity. Helping other people will often come back to you tenfold. Helping someone is going to give them extra incentive to return the favor.
Being a connector will also help your long-term networking — connecting two people you know who will benefit from knowing each other strengthens your network. The key takeaway: don’t be selfish and think of how you can help everyone you come in contact with.
5. Be a good listener.
When out networking don’t always try to dominate the conversation by talking about yourself - instead, listen to other people talk. First, people naturally love to talk about themselves, so if you can show that you are genuinely interested in what they have to say it will help to build that connection.
Also, by listening you can identify specific challenges someone may be having — and if you can help in any way or offer a suggestion it will help to strengthen the relationship.
6. Never be afraid to ask.
This one is short and sweet — if you want something you can’t be afraid to ask for it.
Want an introduction? Ask for it.
Want a meeting? Ask for it.
Want advice or feedback? Ask for it.
7. Always think about long-term relationships.
Making a connection and exchanging business cards is a foot in the door, but it’s long-term relationships that lead to business deals. Concentrate on forming long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial for both sides. Make a conscious effort to establish a two-way street for all of your professional connections.
8. Follow up with everyone you connect with.
Make sure that you follow up with every connection you make. If you come home with a few business cards make sure to take a few minutes the next morning and send an email letting the person know it was a pleasure to meet them. This is also a great time to let them know they should reach out to you in the event that you can ever help them in any way.
Also, if you promise to do something — do it. There is nothing worse than not following through with something you told someone you would do.
-(Credit: Huffpost

BUSINESS TIPS 01: Everyone is not your Customer.


BUSINESS TIPS 01: Everyone is not your Customer :

Don't just reach out to everyone,  make sure you are targeting to those people who really need your product or service. This would only amount to waste of resources, time and energy.
The best strategy is to focus all your marketing campaign to only those who have the potential of becoming customers.

Lead generation is Bae in Marketing,  but how do you generate leads that will convert to real sales?
. . .
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First of all,  this topic is one I normally wouldn't want to discuss,  cos of its sensitivity and the controversy it can generate.

In some advanced nation,  people's sexuality and sexual orientation are seen as their personal rights and choice that should be respected.

But in Nigeria,  where i come from,  the only sexuality and sexual orientation culturally permissible is  that you are STRAIGHT.  Gay/Lesbians often practice their sexuality Discreetly.

However,  due to influences,  we see some kids of around 10yrs, exhibit sexual tendencies that are foreign to our culture and parents are at cross road on what to do.

Usually,  the first thing is for most Nigerian parents expectedly to take such child to a pastor for deliverance session. Painfully, such parent is going about it the wrong way because of ignorance.

First of all, such boy needs to be interrogated. He wasn’t born gay, he might have been abused by a gaudy person and his first perception of sex was with a male and it became his reality. While I was in the boarding school,  a friend wrote,' I woke up one night to see a guy on top of me sexually harassing me. I was naive and young, I felt so dirty though I didn’t know what that was. If I wasn’t strong I would have turned out gay because when that happened, I’ve never had sex with a girl. This is how people are influenced at a young age'.

Therefore, such boy should be questioned, then, he needs a psychologist or a therapist because he is still young and his psyche can still easily be altered. Parents shouldn’t take such child to a pastor,  though, it’s not a bad idea, however,  such case is not a spiritual problem.

Issues like this are formed habits and you don’t pray out of habits. The same way you ‘behaved’ into it, you ‘behave’ out of it. It’s a behavioral thing.
This marked difference is what Nigerian parents need to know while parenting.

Yours inspirationally'

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Hitherto, Religion has been the weakest point of Nigerians, both for the right and the wrong reasons.

When a fraudster wants to defraud, he comes in the name of religion;
when a beggar on the street seeks for alms, he comes in the name of religion; When a terrorist seeks accomplice for his destructive agenda, he comes in the name of religion; also, when some Politicians and political parties are campaigning and Canvassing for votes from electorates, they (both the electorates and the candidates)  uses religion as the game changer or a yardstick to determine who fits the elective position; and the Chief of all the mischief in this narrative is that some of the Religious leader themselves,  uses it as a tool to enrich themselves from gullible members.

If we are the most populous black nation in the world, would we also be the most populous black nation in heaven or paradise?

This question begs answer from you and I as God would not judge us based on our religious activities but rather on our uprightness.



Yours inspirationally,

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Today is 30th of July, 2018 and the month is just about to be ended in few hours to come. 

As I sat down in my office during my break hour,  I began to reminisce on the happenings of this year hitherto. 

In a swift,  we are beginning the 8th month out of 12 months? Hmmmm,  how time flies. Just like yesterday,  I had greeted people around me, 'Happy New Year,'  the memories and the euphoria of the new year celebration was still fresh as I glory in this thoughts, and unconsciously,  smile crossed my face intermittently. 

And as I wondered away in this thought, one scripture from the Holy book jolted me back to life and inspired this write up: 
'So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.'(Psalm 90:12, KJV) 

Essentially this scripture is a prayer that God would instruct us to estimate our days aright: their number; the rapidity with which they pass away; the liability to be cut down; the certainty that they must soon come to an end; their bearing on the future state of being etc

How much wisdom are you applying when numbering your days on earth? You get older each seconds. How much of purpose are you fulfilling by each passing seconds? Do you sit down once a while to appraise yourself and then reinvent? What are the achievements you've recorded in this first Seven(7) months? What target did you set in the beginning of the year? How much of it did you achieve? What steps are you taking to meet the deficiencies? How are you dealing with common weaknesses like procrastination, pride,  anger, lack of self control etc. What targets have you set for the remaining months in the year? 

These and many more similar questions are required to be answered by you,  if you want to be fair to you. 

Yours inspirationally, 

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