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This Site Started on 2nd Sept. 2014 as a platform dedicated for Personal, Leadership and career Development. Click HERE for full Details

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Web management, Graphic Design, Content creation, Brand management, H.R Support, Seminar facilitation.

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Our core Values are encapsulated by this acronym, "'EIID' which means Excellence, Integrity, impact and Diligence.


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Too many people over-complicate things in life. This can lead to paralysis by analysis. 

To be more productive, feel better about the decisions you make, and have a happier and more pleasant disposition, KEEP IT SIMPLE! 

Simply put, this implies, simplifying things so that even a stupid person can do it or understand it.

Ever thought about the reasons behind the need for templates? Template for web building,  template for graphics design, Accounting software and invoice generation, assembly plants etc are just efforts to keep work flow simple and easily adaptable for all and sundry. 

Are you an entrepreneur? What mechanism are you putting in place to ensure your employees function effectively and efficiently whether you are around or not? 
Remember,  a good leader is one that can birth another leader in his/her industry. 

See you at the Top! 

Yours' inspirationally, 

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Do you have your Pvc? Are you going to vote?

Barely 40hours before the 2019 Presidential election and many Nigerians are still indecisive of who to vote.

Some ask their friend who they are voting for and thus, use their friends choice as validation for their voting decision.

Are you also caught up in this web also?
Are u still sitting on the fence?

Perhaps you haven't followed this candidates enough to help you ascertain who your ideal president should be and you honestly want to perform your civic duty

Let me help you Dear.

I bring to you four Topical issues that four notable Presidential candidates have commented directly or indirectly about, courtesy of @Civicmonitor

This Topics are: Job Creation, Power/Electricity, Restructuring, NNPC & Refineries.
The Candidates are: Kingsley Moghalu of the YPP, Muhammadu Buhari of the APC, Omoyele Sowore of the AAC and Atiku Abubakar of the PDP

Worthy of mention is a reminder that at present we have more than four Presidential candidates gunning for the highly coveted Aso Rock Seat, but we have limited our discussion to this four, because of how their political activities and campaigns have heated up the polity and the overall response and comments so far made by Nigerians about this candidates.

Peradventure you aren't still satisfied with this four candidates, please by all means do a research on the others and see who is fit to earn your vote.

Attached herewith are the posters showing what this four candidates are saying...


Yours' inspirationally,

#inec #pvc #2019PresidentialElection

Money is a Weapon: What Many Christians Do not Know

A devastating trend in the generation of Nigerian youths we breed today is the get rich syndrome

Heinous and obscene crimes are being perpetuated daily,  for just one major reason: Money

Money isn't evil, but the means of getting money by many this days is in itself evil

Money is a weapon..... of war, of healing, deliverance, transformation, and even Salvation etc

Cos of Poverty many dreams have been stalled, many sick people have died,  not because there is a witch behind the sickness, but lack of money. Many sinners would easily change their ways sometimes, if they are economically empowered.

Do you know that the earthly Centre of dominion on earth is the economy? Satan uses economy to keep people from God.
That is why the greatest attack in your life will come through your finances.
Infact, Satan prefers a church walking in signs and wonder than a church walking in abundance.... Cos if you are healed, you are healed for yourself, but if you have resources,  it can be spread to affect others, that is what Satan is against majorly

Therefore, it is expedient that you should  have resources that enables you to speak at the gate. Whoever owns d resources makes the rule. The borrower is always a servant to the lender
Resources and economic power gives you influence and can make you contribute and effect positive change in your community

Do you know that there are certain levels of Revelation you cannot have until you are prosperous?.... Out of everyone in Egypt, it was the king the Lord revealed the famine to come to, not because he was born again,  but because he was the one that has the capacity to create help....
God bypassed Joseph that has a gift(dreaming of dreams) and showed Pharaoh the dream,  not because he is born again, but because he has substance and can effect help

With the foregoing therefore, Seek to be empowered economically albeit through noble means, because it is a weapon and a tool for you to effect positive change.
Money shouldn't be a tool to victimize and oppress your fellow like the way many do.

Finally, if money is used rightly as a weapon for positive change as discussed above, our Nation wouldn't be where it is today. Dare to make a Difference!

God bless Nigeria!

Yours' inspirationally,


After wondering why there was so much religion in Nigeria, yet lacklustre governance, a mentor of mine,  @Subomiplumptre,  eventually quipped, 'Religion is not required for good governance'

The above statement may be startling for an average Nigerian and capable of generating debate,  but you see,  that will only reaffirm how much we as a Nation has held ideologies that has failed us hitherto.

Shockingly, there are many nations of the world that are not religious, yet display enviable governance. These nations probably understand that God has not called us to a mere 'religious' life having no effect, rather he desires of us to serve him in SPIRIT and in TRUTH.

If an European makes a promise to you and tells you,  I give you my word,  be assured of him fulfilling his promis; atleast 80% of them are bound by their words.
But come to Nigeria,  especially in Lagos,  where I write this from, no one trust the next door neighbor, verbal promises are never taken seriously,  but we are more religious than the Europeans. There are more church attendants in Nigeria than any where in the world,  there are more church buildings in Nigeria than most of this developed nations,  yet,  we are bereft of the impact that we gullibly expect from this church presence and religious activities.

To worsen the whole thing, the Church is yet to demonstrate good example of principles of good governance. The African Church leaders have often been told by secular leaders to clean the huge backlog of injustices, corruption, leadership struggles, poor succession plans, tribalism, mismanagement of resources etc, before they dare to speak against the issues in politics and governance.

Finally,  it is expedient to note that the dimension of good governance includes: spiritual, political, economical, environmental, cultural and social. The Church must ensure that the secular institution recognize the spiritual dimension of governance as without it, we labour in vain.

MY PRAYER STILL REMAIN: Oh God of Creation, guide our leaders right, Direct our noble cause.... so we all can build a nation where PEACE and JUSTICE Shall reign

Yours' inspirationally,
#tundegoldinspire #FridayMotivation



Not all business plans are about putting quality first. Some business plans are focused on growing market share, some are focused on low pricing, and many are about finding a niche in the marketplace and just surviving. But this one, putting quality first, seems like a good strategy in a world where things can be made faster and faster every day.

No amount of advertising will help you if you’re selling a lousy product. Go for quality. Quality means you’ll be happy with what you’re selling and your customers will be happy with what they get. Quality means your customers will talk about it, and that's a marketing tool that can't be substituted. The Swiss Wristwatch have are reputed for quality and known all over the world, and without any promotion or advert, the product sell itself. 

Invest in quality in all you do. If you offer service, Offer quality service, if you are a retailer, Sell quality products, and in the long run, you would be glad you did. 
Yours inspirationally, 


I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying a million times: “Underpromise and overdeliver.” While in theory it sounds great to say to a customer, “I don’t want to overpromise and then underdeliver; I want to overdeliver on what we promise you,” in practice that never inspires me. Yes, I understand the concept, but I don’t believe it is in my best interest to underpromise, underpitch, or under-anything.

Don’t start out a relationship with a customer based on a lie.
Underpromising is a form of deception. You’re not going to get the business by doing that, and it causes the quality of your offering and your service to suffer. If you have a great product and a great offering, and your company takes care of those who use your product, service, or idea, then you are obligated to showcase your offering’s quality, take care of customers so that their experience exceeds the promises you made, and continuously repeat so your clients recommend you to others.

That's the game changer.
Yours inspirationally,

Your Ministry and Your Career: The Altercations.

Your Ministry and Your Career: The Altercations. . 

Matthew worked for the Roman Internal
Revenue Service
Luke was a physician.
Paul was a lawyer
Peter was in the fishing industry
Priscilla and Aquila were in the hospitality business. 
These were their chosen careers, not their ministries. 

Sola sorinolu, succinctly quipped,  'It is erroneous to equate ministry with one's chosen career. You choose your career. You are chosen for the ministry. Your career is defined by your profession for which you are trained. Training may be necessary for ministry, but it does not equal ministry. 

Ministry is received in Christ and in Christ alone. Hence, Paul admonition to Archippus: "...Take heed to the ministry which you have received in the Lord, that you may fulfil it" Col.4:17. 
So what is your ministry? 

Your ministry is what you are involved in that engenders the teaching and preaching of the Gospel. It leads to salvation for the unsaved. Your ministry is that which brings spiritual growth and maturity to the saved. And every Christian has a ministry! Pursue your career. But ensure that you do all to fulfil your ministry. 

Your ultimate fulfilment will be based on how faithful you have been to your ministry. And not on whether you succeed at your career!'


Yours inspirationally, 


Most business owners and other entrepreneurs know that customer service is important, but they may not realize just how important. Building your business's reputation starts with customer service and ends with an amazing product or service. 

Here are 3 Lessons to learn in Customer Service:

1. Stand by your word: 
When you promise a customer great results, you better deliver. Customers rely on you to provide the results you have promised, particularly when you are supposed to be the expert in a given area. You want your customers to be able to trust you. So, when you tell them that you will have the project done by a certain date or that it can be done a certain way, be sure that you have given your customer realistic expectations. Along the same lines, be sure that if anything changes in your estimation, you communicate that to your client as soon as possible. Explain why this happened and what kind of impact this will have on the project as a whole. Ultimately, you want the customer to be completely satisfied so that your trustworthy reputation can grow (and you can get referrals).

2.Remain professional in every circumstance:
Regardless of your business model, your customers expect to be met with professionalism. Running your own business can be crazy, hectic, and downright stressful, but that is never an excuse to become unprofessional with a client. Your customer has very little sympathy for your other projects and obligations. To them, they are the only obligation that matters, and most customers want to be treated that way. You must make every effort to meet this expectation.

3. Take ownership of your mistakes:
Most customers realize that everyone is human, and everyone makes mistakes. While we want to avoid mistakes as much as possible, the truth is that eventually something will go wrong. When that happens, don't make excuses, make improvements. Own your mistakes. Admit that it happened, apologize when you are wrong, and take steps to correct the oversight. Explain to your customer what you plan to do to address the mistake. 

These tips may seem simple, but if followed faithfully would bring positive result.

See you at the top! 

BUSINESS TIP 02: Sell The Problem

As Ben Feldman rightly puts it, "Don’t sell life insurance. Sell what life insurance can do.” When you offer to solve a problem or fill a void, you are speaking the customers language. It’s the best way to get their attention. 

Try to imagine yourself in your customer’s shoes. In fact, if it’s shoes you’re offering, sell comfort and performance to customers tired of footwear that falls apart and leaves blisters. 
If you’re selling beverages, sell the feeling of renewal after a long day. 
When you do this, you involuntarily communicate concern and love for them. They see value instead of cost and they are then moved to buy your service or product. 

So henceforth, quit pushing products in the face of your customers, if you can't explain the benefits they stand to get, you would not only be losing sales but also your brand reputation would diminish. It's that serious. 

To your Success... Yours inspirationally, 
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First of all,  it is expedient to keep your private life private and your public life public. 
The chief reasons for this thought is simply because of security and safety reasons. Many lifes , homes, emotions and career etc have been battered and destroyed when they made their private life public. 
So what part of your life should you keep private:

1. Your Love Life: This includes your relationship i.e your spouse and kids. Putting up every picture of your wife and her details on Social media can spell doom. Flaunting your kids on Social media especially with their school uniform on, is not a safe decision in the Era of kidnapping and obscene crimes. 

2. Your Income: Do you need a prophet to tell you how dangerous or the risk this could portend? If you ask those that have been robbed in their homes or offices before,  you will discover that 60% of robbery was due to information leak. So guide financial info about you jealously 

3. Your Next move: We live in a competitive world. Ideas not yet developed shouldn't be shared,  else,  someone else will be making money from an idea you shared with them in which they acted on before you did. 
In any invention,  the first mover theory/strategy usually suffice. So be careful what you share with people. 

Do you Know anything else that should be kept private in your life?  SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS IN THE COMMENT FIELD BELOW. 

Yours inspirationally, 


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